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I have always felt a special tingle when it comes to water. For some reason water seems to be an aphrodisiac of choice for me. I don't know if it is the refreshing feeling which satisfies a thirst or replenishes your body when you have overheated or the clean feeling you get when you leave a bath. Water always seems to have a magical effect on any moment. When you watch romatic movies or think of passion, you often here the thunder or beauty of a waterfall, the strength of a whirlpool or the beauty of a lagoon or beach, even just the relaxation of laying in a soothing hot spring. Some of the most romantic moments or perfect evenings almost always involve water or a body of water.

Think about your partner and you walking along the coast with the waves at your feet, or kissing in the crashing of the waves, how about staring off into the sea, or even the the bubbles from a bottle of mineral water tickling your nose. Anyways to prove my point about water being a turn on and envoking feeling of love and lust, the only real attraction to Niagara Falls is a huge water fall and all of the activities involve the water. It also just so happens to be one of the places with the highest proposal rates in the world, especially when people are passing under the falls on the Maid of The Mist Tours which are unbelievably magical; I strongly reccomend them.

Not that I have gotten us off of the subject of water and onto boats, try to picture a yacht, or even a small boat with just a cabin inside. This fantasy is a mix of different experiences I have had involving vacations, cruises and men which all had boats. Some fo the events took place on a steamboat, but hey I am sticking with the yacht just because I don't feel like writing about four seperate nights.

In 2002 I had gone to spain to study abroad. While I was there I found it very cheap to fly to different cities on a certain European airline. I got to visit Ibiza, Mallorca, Italy, Germany and most important, the french riviera where my fantasy honeymoon night on a yacht takes place. Although I had an incredible time, this is one night I would never mind having to repeat.

I was wondering the streets of Monaco (Monte Carlo) in a pair of white capris and a tight black shirt with a zipper that ran from the cross section of my neck and the pressure point on the top of my shoulder down to about an inch above my nipple. As I was wandering, I sort of felt like I was in some sort of 1920s movie with all of the white lighted archways crossing over me. I was lucky to have my camera on me because i had visited the aquarium and when I left and discovered the arch corssed roads, I was able to show what I was feeling and the surreal emotions which are envoked by the old charm of France mixed witha modern flare.

I hadn't eaten a thing all day and it was getting close to 4 pm. I came across a little cafe so I sat down and had the most amazing lunch of a traditional french sandwhich and of course some chocolates, petifores and french hand crafted cream pastries. If the dessert wasn't enough to get me going, like most sweet foods do, the waiter who was wearing tight pants and no underwear happened to spill my bottle of mineral water onto my white capris. He apologized repeatedly in french and began to pat my lap dry. He obviously was not thinking about it at the time and was just reacting, but his hand reaching across my chest and down onto my lap patting my inner thighs had begun arousing me. If fact it turned out that he wasn't much better off.

Although he was very attractive and his pants now left nothing to the imagination with his throbbing manliness, I decided it would be best to kindly pay the check and excuse myself without any coffee. Hey my blood and pulse were already pumping, why did I need another stimulant. As I excused myself, he apologized again and although I wanted to just reach out and kiss him, I slowly turned and walked away wishing I could have kissed his thick succulent lips or caressed his tan finely shaped body.

Since I decided to behave and left my dream server behind, I figured i had enough excitement up high and atop of Monaco so why not explore the harbor. Before I made my way down the roads and hillside, I browsed through the rose garden on the montain side. As I was walking and taking in the aromas of the various species of flora, I noticed an older man about 40 or 45 following me. Like any american college boy, I tried to loose him and just mind my own business. Well I am lying, I did ust ignore him but when I realized he was following me, I gave him a sincere wink and when he approached me I asked if he spoke english. In an italian accent in a romantic tone he simply replied with a yes and called me some italian term of indearment. The accent was incredible and so was his voice and as he waited for me to respond and maybe ask him how he was or introduce myself, I did the only thing a typical gay college jock boy would do. I simply said "Who the F*&K do you think you are, why the hell are you flattering yourself with the slightest notion you have a chance at getting this, ohh and by the way, back off or the edge of the cliff is going to get a bit closer than I am sure you would prefer to have in your comfort zone. Needless to say, he was a bit in shock, but hey I was in no mood to care. I just turned around and walked away. He didn't follow.

I finally ot to the harbor and as I was looking at the yachts I turned around and guess who somehow found me. Ok this is about an hour later and I do not know if he followed or if we just happened to be in the same area, but this time I figured US bitch didn;t work, why not try being civil. I turned around and said Hi, I'm _ _ _ _ _ and he held my hand and introduced himself in return. I apologized for the way I had acted back in the flower gardens and oddly enough, he was the one who said no need to apologize, he felt bad for having followed me and then asked me if he could take me to dinner. I never said yes or no, but we did end up going to a small bar off of the marina. The two of us enjoyed some cocktails and we had one of the most wonderful conversations about absolutely nothing. To cut a long story short, his accent and his charm overcame me, or was it the wine and the scenery, and he convinced me to go for a walk. We began walking down the piers and I wondered where we were going. I got a bit frightened because of the way I had acted towards him origionally, the fact I was a little inbriated and because I was in a strange country with a strange man and walking alongside the sea. Needless to say it wasn;t the safest of situations but the feeling of insecurity and surpise overwhelmed me. When we got halfway down the second pier, he asked me again if I would join him for dinner.

I looked at him puzzled because there was no restaraunt near by and we were surrounded by large yachts in the harbor. I said of course I would. While we were at the bar, he excused himself and made a call on his mobile, I never knew what he said because I am guessing it was in italian, but when I accepted his dinner invitation this second time he unlocked the door to the yacht in front of us and we stepped into the cabin.

As I looked around, there was a large screen tv, a bar, some leather furniture and beautiful glass art decor everywhere. He walked behind the bar and offered me a drink. I kindly declined and I guess he was a bit insulted and although this question was sligthly innapropriate, I had to say, should we be on this ship? He laughed and said of course, I own it. Money doesn't impress me in the least, but his accent and charm had a certain power and with the combination of his ship and his manliness I was putty in his arms. He took my hand and led me in front of him. He walked me up a flight of stairs and to the upper deck where there was a table with a chilled bottle of tatinger champagne and two chairs. There was a silver platter with a top and handle like you see in hello dolly or some very high class retsaraunt to hide the presentation of a proper meal. To the side of the table, there was a fancy serving cart with strawberries, fresh pound cake and other foods to dip into a fondue which had been heating.

Like a true european gentleman, he pulled out my chair for me and as I said down, he put his hand on my shoulder and thanked me for joining him. Before he took his seat across from me, he popped the bottle of Tattinger and poured us each a glass and toasted the night. Talk about a true romancer, I never though I would meet a sexy hot romatic italian gay man with a million dollar yacht in Monaco, but hey here I was and he was waiting on me. Before we drank, he took his seat across from me and we tapped our glasses and took a sip of the dry champagne. It was truely decadent.

My italian cassanova then lifted the silver cover from the serving platter and through the steam sat two large lobsters fully cooked with butter sauce on the side and two bowls or a creamy crab soup. This meal was an unbelievable rush for my tastebuds and by the time we had finished I did not know how the night could get better.

When we finished the rich chocolate fondue, he took out a silk hankercheif and slowly put it over my eyes. As I sat teir blind to the world with only the sound of people celebrating on their ships, I could feel his warm breathe rubbing against my neck while the cold mist from the sea chilled my legs and torso. He slowly guided me out of my seat and held me tight into his chest.

Even though I could not see, I let him lead me off of the deck and into his ship. We did not go downstairs again, but we remained on that same level. We were standing in a room and he asked me to stand still for a moment. I could sense that the room was dark, but I didn't care. If he were to kill me, I died happy as I could be, I just ate an incredible dinner with an attractive man on a million dollar yacht in Monaco. There really was no reason to be upset if things turned out bad.

About 30 seconds had passed and I heard the door we walked through shut. He walked by me and it soudned like he had gone into another room off to the right side of me. about a minute later, the lights came on, but barely and he approached me from behind. He made me promise to keep my eyes closed as he tied my hands behind my back with another silk piece of cloth. I did as I was told and he slowly removed the cover over my eyes.

He passed by me and told me to open my eyes. As they slid opened and egan adjusting to the light in the surroundings, there were candles lit around a rectangular bed. The sheets were a dark red and were complimented by orange and red tipped rose petals. My italian dream was laying in the middle with a mound of hungarian goose down pillows behind him in a satin robe showing his chest and everything up to his thighs. We stood there as if it were an eternity staring at eachother and like telepathy, he called to me in the silence and I wet to the edge of the bed. He stood up kissing me from my stomach to my chest through my tight shirt and mad his way to my lips.

He began working his mouth over to one side of my neck and as I trembled in nervous aingst, his left hand unzippered my shirt.

As he peeled my shirt off his other hand slowly begain untying my capris. I was working loose the rob to feel him underneath and he grabbed me, twirled me around and threw me into his bed. The fabric had to be at least 1000 count and as I fell, he mounted me like a beast and pinned my arms above my head. With his one massive hand he held my wrists together and with the other he pinched my left nipple and licked me from my neck to my chin and nibbled my ear until I quivered. Somehow he had taken his hands from my wrists without me knowing and grabbed a long velvet rope which he used to hold me down to his bed.

For the next 3 hours, he did everything to please me that he could. I was tied down and had to submit to the pleasures of the candle wax he dripped onto my stomach. The feather he used to send chills through my inner thighs and his throbbing masculinity piercing me with passion and grace. Every sense seemed to be stimulated and although everything felt amazing and my mind was gone, the only thing I can remember from this night of enchantment is rocking of his ship, and the sounds of the sea and the movement of the water beneath us.

After all was said and done. I laid on my side breathless, and he held me in his arms. I felt him doze off into a dream and as he fell deeper into his sleep, I slowly released myself from his arms. Climbed out of his bed, put on my clothes and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. Who knows, maybe this gay romp in the night could have ended in me meeting the man of my dreams and us living as the happy gay couple who had their honeymoon on their first date, but I figured, I am better off having a night I will remember for the rest of my life.

If you are looking for a truely romantic and inforgettable way to spend your honeymoon with your lover whether you are a gay couple, straight couple or two people eloping for your honeymoon, A boat or Yacht on the sea has so many possibilities for creating truely romantic and unforgettable fantasy nights. Fantasies like these can easily become realities, and if you ever need help creating your own fanatsy for your lover, I am happy to lend a hand. I have ahd my fill and love to share my experience and create a fantasy special to and for you on your special night.

I have a few links below here to some shops where you can find some of the things which I had gotten to have during this night. Please click the links and search for what will create a truely remarkable fantasy for your gay or straight honeymoon or dream night. Remember fantasies can come true, I have had at least ten of mine!

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