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So I was leaving step class and it dawned on me, how flawless would it be to get married on a schooner. Yes here is where I would normally make the jokes about butt pirates and walking the plank, but seriously, think about all the seamen in attendance, and the guests hahaha....ok now I'll be serious and we'll do a wedding on a schooner.

Soooo....what got me thinking about how cool getting married on a schooner would be was that I am planning my next vacation and I am really tempted to do another cruise. Now tons of people get married on cruise ships and it is like, whoppdy doo, this is done with a ton of strangers and people about 2 years away from the grave. You get an announcement at every event you go to and you are the star of the ship with tons of strangers walking up to you congratulating you while your just trying to enjoy your first few days of marriage with your new husband or wife. While I was thinking of the last cruise I went on and the couple that got married, I thought, how impersonal. This is why I thought schooner for a wedding!

Now a schooner is like a pirate ship. They can be rented very reasonably for a carribean cruise and you can fit your whole family and all your friends aboard and take everyone on a vacation while keeping the captains guestcabin (usually a huge multiroom suite) for you and your partner. I have also seen the suites with a balcony and tons of privacy. They almost all come with a private butler and maid to help get you whatever you need at any hour of the day or night. In short, you will have privacy, the sea, your family and friends, no strangers to bug you and pretend like they are old friends who go on for hours about their own damn wedding killing yours, and a very well trained and respectfull service staff to wait on you hand and foot.

Another benefit of going on a schooner for your gay wedding or straight wedding is that you can choose where you sail to. Suppose you couldn't decide on Rhodes, Mikonos, Crete or other islands for your honeymoon. Now you can take multiple islands for the price of one and have some serious romance across different cultures and see a new sunrise and sunset of your choice every morning and evening with your loved one. Think about how romantic it would be to wake up watching the sun rise in Palma Mallorca in Spain then watching it set from a top the castle in Ibiza while you see the worlds best party and family vacation island come to life below you.

Ok finny point time. I get sea sick as all hell. I don't really puke even though i get naseaus, however I am lucky. Now people like to drink at weddings and you always have the asshole who overdoes it and ends up in the bathroom getting rid of the $40-$80 dinner you just bought them. Well, now that person won't look so dumb considering multiple people will be hanging out on the railings relieving themselves saving the resident drunk or drunks from embarrasement the next day. Then again, most people would bring a motion sickness pill to ship so that person will still look like a drunk. Also, if for some reason you do not have one of these in your friend repotoire, I am always available for parties and bar mitzvahs too,,,hahaha. =0).

Anyways, Pirates of the carribean showed many ships just like schooners, how many of you thought about being trapped on that ship with those sexy actors like Jhonny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Now imagine getting to actually be there in that boat living your pirate and wedding fantasy with the person you love.

Now, think being stuck on a boat while your not on an island might get boring for you and your guests? Think again, there are tons of things to do while your in a schooner, dumb things like Bingo and Shuffle board, but also nightclubs, piano bars, karaoke, you can stop the ship and go snorkeling, parasailing, and a hell of a lot more. Plus, think of how many of your friends and family are going to remember your wedding more so than theirs and everyone elses. Don't you want to set the actual standard for weddings in your group? I know I sure as hell do!

Anyways, there are tons more reasons that you might want to get married on a schooner, but I will leave those to your imagination. I know some of the fantasies I have on them, but hey, that will be saved for the honeymoon and honeymoon fantasy section of this website. You should check it out before you go. There are some pretty hot stories and some great ideas for how to romance your partner on your honeymoon. Enjoy!

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