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While looking at aol's homepage and virtually all other news pages and sites today, I saw something that caught my attention immediatly. Virginia Apologizes was the jist of the headline. I thought to myself, wow VA has decided to apologize for something. This is really a first, which minority group gets the credit or which large organization did they piss off and apologize too. Well it turned out to be an apology for slavery.

I think it is great that VA passed legislation to apologize for slavery, however, don't you think there are alot more important things to be worrying about law wise? I am in no way shape or form supporting slavery, being a gay minority jew, and jews having been enslaved since pre biblical times to after the end of black slavery in the us which we were tortured even worse in the Holocaust, I am 100% opposed to all forms of slavery. I am fortunate to be young enough to have never had to deal with being a slave, well accept in role playing "sorry had to at least make one joke", but gay rights, equal rights for unmarried straight couples, childrens rights for kids with only one parent, unemployment etc..... don't you think those should be on the slate as being more important than a way to look like your not such an evil state. Or hey, maybe they just wanted a publicity stunt.

Now although VA's government has passed the apology legislation and I think that is very nice, what are they actually going to do about preventing the hate crimes not just against gays, but against black people? This red, right winged state is definitely not friendly to anything which isn't a straight white couple with a woman in the kitchen and the christian, catholic or protestant man at work and church. I am excluding NOVA and parts of the major cities because those are the only sections which happen to have a good view of the real world, happen to be the money makers in VA, happen to have higher education, and just so happen to be liberals and democrats. It is the inbred country folk of VA that make up the majority of the population which is uneducated and just happen to be right wing. I actually went on a date with a GAY GUY who VOTED FOR THE BAN!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?

When we got to talking, he said "in a thick VA country accent, "well, that is what my ma and pap told me is right so I did it." I aksed did you forget you are gay and have just harmed yourself? He said, "well if ma and pap say it is gonna be good for me and jesus, then it is good for me" So I guess him dropping out of highschool etc,..... must have been good for him as well. Those damn hill billes screwed it up again. I am not saying that country folk are not educated, it just so happens that the ones who I have met which are uneducated and in VA and are gay seem to enjoy self harm because the parents and or grandparents say it is correct. They vote the way their parents say to and pretty much do all that other stuff. He also said he wont die from smoking because his pap said that all the hubub about smoking is just liberal hippy crap. Needless to say I was polite and when he called me the next day, whoops noone was ever home to answer my cell phone ever again. What a YUTZ!

Now the next thing which is sooo wrong about VA passing this and making a huge deal out of it is that the moron gay rights groups are going to go around singing and dancing victory, victory, see we got close in the marriage ban and now they are apologizing! Wahoo!!! MY ASS! It is no such victory for gays, just black americans whose families were here during the time of slavery and were enslaved in VA. This means nothing and has no correlation with the closeness of the VA anti gay marriage vote. The anti gay marriage vote only was as close as it was because they involved heterosexuals into the mix. If it was purely gay, trust me it would never have been as close. Also if the major groups like the idiots at HRC would get their feet out of their asses and try to educate the public like they pretend to do or at least oretend to say they do, then maybe they could have bought some ad space to let Virginians know that it is going to effect straight couples who are not married, who are not yet married or who do not plan on getting married. It would effect their kids, their partners and boyfriend or girlfriend. If they would have actually worked on it with the people, it probably would have passed and THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE VICTORY! Educating the people is what we need to do instead of focusing all efforts on the government and capitol hill.

It is extremely important to work the senators and hill people, but they seem to forget about the american public which is the make it or break it final say on gay marriage law! Please please please HRC and the rest of you, rethink and please realize you are not doing things in the new era, you are still stuck pre internet days and you are now failing.

Because I feel better now with this post, I am now opening a rants and rave section of this web-site. I will try and keep it focused around gay marriage and gay issues, but I cannot promise. I will also try and find a script or something to let you all respond. Hrmmm maybe a forum could be the way to go.

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