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I am seriously frustrated right now. I know this isn't a normal posting on here, but at the same time I need to vent it out. I don't get why companies sit there and waste their talents.

Now, I don't mean to brag, but I am seriously the sh*t when it comes to marketing and strategy. I get paid a nice salary to be at work and they are seriously not utilizing me in a way that would make them a ton of money. I am on the executive team and I love it, however at the same time, the downside of finally making it to the executive level is that you still do not get to have your say. Sure, I get a lot of freedoms and I have more than earned where I am at, but at the same time I am watching the company I work for make some huge errors. For example, instead of letting a Marketer help with site conversions, they ask the creative team which is one of the reasons why some of the sites are not converting in the first place.

Creatives and Designers try to make things pretty and flow together. They don't take monetizing a website into consideration and they don't like to have things out of place. This is why you need a real Marketer on the project. A Marketer will look at the site and ask questions like why can I not immediately see a call to action, why is there no continuity for colors and patterns to make sure the end user can associate orange with shopping and red with a sale, etc... The Graphic Designer will make the site a piece of art while the Marketer will jump in and make sure that your call to action stands out by not making the site always flow. You need to have the call to action pop by making the eye feel uncomfortable and also throwing the design off just enough so that your eye will catch the message and the call to action. Without a collaboration, or a Marketing mind, it is nothing but artwork and the consumer may not act in the way you would ideally like them too.

The next thing is within the hiring process. I have seen soo many companies do this. The one I work for now is the exact same, even though they said they aren't. They hire a person or a Manager or someone in a Leadership role and do not introduce them to the people they will interact with on a daily basis. They do not have them meet with Peers and employees and this in turn tends to make a team less comfortable because you are not getting the input from the team to see if they feel they can all work together. If people are stuck with each other 8 hours a day, they need to be able to function as a team and by not letting them meet each other, you are taking a big risk by putting personalities that do not mesh together and can not only cause HR issues, but you can also cause a higher employee turnover rate. I don't get why companies don't take the whole team into consideration.

Now, the reason I am writing this is because I have noticed a huge trend in my current company. There are people like me who have made companies millions of dollars and we thrive on brain challenges and strategy. They have us doing things that don't challenge us and we watch as they hand out assignments to people not qualified to work on projects get them and as we try to comment on what will go wrong, we are told to stay out of it. I know everyone deserves a chance, but sometimes outside input can really help. Recently I have watched numerous projects fail and I am watching right now as the company is about to start falling apart. Everything I have predicted is happening and all the mistakes I said would happen if a then b are happening and I am slowly watching what could have been great start to fail. I wish they would just listen to me as that is why they hired me, but unfortunately I have the wrong person gunning for me ever since she found out I am gay and unfortunately she is beginning to take the company out because of her own personal biases. I hate watching this company fail, but at the same time, I know that at least I voiced my opinion and I tried to do the right thing to defend and protect a company that is screwing me and if they don't want to listen, then unfortunately they will have to fail. Sometimes I just wish they would site back and realize the talent they have, me, my co-workers and some very fantastic programmers who they ignore and put on back burners. I just want to know why companies are sometimes so blind and why they would allow themselves to waste their internal talent and let themselves fail without even considering the answers are already there within. Wasted talent in the workplace is one of the worst things a company can do for itself. You are paying for your employees and by wasting their talents, you are not only hurting yourself, but you are wasting and loosing some of your most valuable assets. If you own a business or are a leader, please read this article and understand that you should never take your internal talent for granted and never waste your employees knowledge and assets.

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