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Something that absolutely pisses me off is when people yell, support the little guy, grow your local community, keep us employed, avoid Starbucks. Why Starbucks? Just because they serve a tasty cup of coffee and charge a bit more does not make them bad, it just means they serve a good product and can charge a higher price point for it. If you want to compete, find a way to improve your own. Furthermore, if you want to talk about Starbucks causing unemployment because they put one or two small local coffee shops out of business, let's actually look at the big picture.

Take Eastern Pennsylvania for example. You have a small local coffee shop in the Town of West Chester which attracts a crowd of hippies and high school sudents. Their prices are comparable to Starbucks and their coffee is alright but not quite the same quality. They also allow smoking on the inside and they have a fun mega touch game. You'll also find something throughout the shop behind the counter.

They have bumper stickers and signs which take the Starbucks logo and turn it into trash, they destroy the brand image and they ask you to not shop there. Although I strongly support local businesses as you can see by the advertisements on, I think this is ridiculous. It has actually caused me to stop going to this shop all together.

Although this environment may be appealing to many, this is not somewhere I want to be. Starbucks provides me with a clean and smoke free environment with a perfectly brewed and blended Iced Vanilla Latte each morning. Their staff is friendly and no matter where I go, this same experience is replicated. I have never had a bad cup of coffee at Starbucks and I can expect it to come out perfect each time.

Because Starbucks has now gained me as a customer by having a better product and service, it may appear that the little guy has been hurt. This is anything but the truth. In fact, I am helping the little guy by shopping at Starbucks and I am helping my local economy by keeping Starbucks in business.

Starbucks takes pride in roasting their beans locally and they even post where the beans we are drinking are roasted. We'll use West Chester as an example again since I was just up there.

The sign said your beans were freshly roasted in York PA. If I didn't buy my Latte at starbucks in West Chester, and other people stopped buying there, all of the sudden there would be less demand and the people in York Pennsylvania would now be out a job. Haven't Pennsylvanians been hit hard enough. The Steel Mills in Pittsburgh were closed down, US Airways abandoned the State with their Headquarters, Heck, Philadelphia was the nations capital in the beginning of this great country. Now you want to also take away a Starbucks bean roasting plant which employees even more people than that little local shop. Not only that, but that bean plant serves Coffee Beans to many of the local Starbucks. When talking about a couple people at the local shop loosing their jobs, think about how many there are of them compared to how many local people Starbucks employs as well as the insurance companies Starbucks pays for benefits for these local employees and more. By not supporting your local Starbucks, you are actually causing hundreds (if not thousands) of people to loose their jobs instead of just 3 or 4 who may temporarily be unemployed from a local coffee shop.

One thing I would also like to mention is that these organic beans that the local shop promotes and serves are actually Mexican and roasted in Mexico. How does this help the little guy in your town? How does having it roasted in another country help the USA? It doesn't. At least Starbucks roasts their beans locally and keeps our local economies strong. I for one applaud them for their dedication to keeping our local economies booming with jobs and coffee.

I could keep going about how Starbucks creates more local jobs than the little coffee shops full of hippies, but I think you get my point.

In short, Starbucks even packages their coffee locally to West Chester, they have numerous local shops employing hundreds and they roast everything here in the USA. They have done nothing but help to keep our local economies growing strong and because a couple of bitchy hippies cannot compete and serve sub-par cups of coffee is no reason to avoid Starbucks. If you want to sit in a dirty smoke filled room, be my guest. I'll be at the clean coffee house which serves a fine cup of coffee and provides me with an atmosphere that is healthy and clean.