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So last year we had about 8 fires in my apartment building from people being careless. I for one am super OCD about checking the oven and the stove, making sure things are unplugged and trying to be careful not to cause any damage. Unfortunately, in my best friend's building, there are also plenty of careless people as well. My friend's upstairs neighbor somehow left a faucet or sink clogged and the water running which in turn flooded not only their apartment, but my friend's as well. The thing is, my friend didn't have renters or homeowners insurance, but because the flood happened because of the neighbor's negligence, she figured she would be ok because the neighbor probably has renter's insurance.

Sadly enough, the neighbor apparently didn't plan ahead and search for a policy in case an accident or emergency happened. Well it turns out my friend had a good couple thousand dollars in things ruined and since the neighbor and my friend both lacked renters insurance, the neighbor had to cover it out of pocket if my friend takes her to court. Well, on a good note, my friend had already ordered new furniture online, luckily that was what got damaged, so she was nice and didn't sue her neighbor, however she did let her know how much of a screwed up thing it is to do and scared the hell out of the neighbor letting them think they were getting sued for thousands of dollars because they did not want to spend on a simple renters insurance policy to cover herself in case of an emergency or a careless mistake like she had happen.

Anyways, onto the fires in my building. After the second fire had happened in the laundry room because nobody emptied out the lint from the dryer, the smell carried all the way up 12 floors and across the building making my clothes stink for a week. I then realized, well now I have to go buy new things to wear to work because I don't want to smell like burnt cloth. I also had thought why the hell should I have to pay because one of my neighbors is a jerk and does something careless or like two of the other fires, has a kitchen fire which was an accident. Well that is when I realized it was time to look and see if I still had renters insurance. I realized I had let my policy end about two years earlier and how dumb that was. The thing is, I live in Washington DC which is pretty expensive and I was thinking that insurance was going to be way high. But when I used the instant insurance quotes form you can find on this page, I found a policy which covers me for fires, flooding, smoke damage on my clothing and possessions, as well as disaster insurance etc... for only about $150 a year. This gives me over $37,000 in coverage in case someone would steal from me, if my apartment would catch fire, if my neighbor floods the building etc...

I think that it is only fair to yourself and to your neighbors to spend the $150 to cover yourself in case of an emergency. I mean think about the possibilities of your space heater catching on fire or some accident, you can cover your own assets as well as anyone else whose property you may have damaged. By spending the little amount of money on renters insurance that it takes, you can have the piece of mind that if something does happen you will not have to worry about paying not only thousands of dollars to replace your things, but your renters insurance will cover the damage done to your neighbors as well. It seriously is a good feeling and the low yearly cost of the renters insurance is certainly worth the spend in case you ever need to use it. You read about fires and floods all the time in newspapers and hear about it regularly on the news. Emergencies in the home happen all the time and people seriously need to cover themselves. My friend's neighbor was lucky she was sued for damaging other people's goods, but the building did evict her after she couldn't pay off the damage to the building because she didn't have insurance and because she couldn't afford the payments to fix the damage done.

Seriously, it is extremely important to get renters insurance and it is super cheap and you can easily get instant quotes. The instant renters insurance quote company I trust is hometown quotes and that is one of the reasons I have included them on this page. Not only did I use them to get instant quotes for my renters insurance, but I also used them for car insurance and I am sure I will use them again when I go for my homeowners insurance in a couple years.

Regardless of anything, renters insurance is super important to have and soo inexpensive. Fill out the form from this page and see how cheap it really is. It'll take you maybe 5 minutes and then you will get instant quotes from multiple insurance companies and the best thing is that Hometown Quotes will not spam you and neither will any insurance agency. You just simply fill out the form and then get the quotes. Anyways, I hope you take my advice on this one and get yourself some insurance, I know I'd be pissed if I had to pay thousands of dollars because someone ruined my stuff, wouldn't you?

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