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Ode to ABC, Put Desperate Housewives Back on TV!

Dear ABC TV, You have made me sad, for you see. Sundays nights were always the most important to me, and now you have taken away, Lynette, Susan, Gabby and Brie.

Why ohhh why did you do this to me? I have nothing against shows like Ugly Betty, but nothing compares to characters like Edie.

March was all re-runs which turned out to be no fun. We love to be shocked and watch Brie with her guns.

Susan the klutz finally landed a brit with a cute butt. Gabby made friends with another neighbor boy, too bad he is crazier than the psychos he employs’.

Lynette quit her job, for Tom, the manly slob. His pizza looks great, but until the new shows come on I can’t wait. Sweeps are in May, but come on, we need to see the hottie Andrew whose gay!

What happened to his boy toy, ohh ya and his roommate the hottie lawn boy! You got rid of them too, what a shame, ohh well boo hoo, but please all I am asking from you is a new episode, I believe one is due.

My Desperate Housewives have the most interesting lives, but what we need in the end is you to be our friend. Please give us new shows, at least one episode. Something suspenseful or fun, hell get Carolyn back from the dead with her gun!

Although I like watching Dancing with the Stars, I’m getting emotional Scars. Please come and help me, or I will feel like the patients in Grey’s Anatomy. Brothers and Sisters is great, but what we really want is to know Danielle’s new baby’s fate.

Although sweeps are in May, come on and give us some Desperate foreplay! Now that I have stated my claim, please bring them back and no one will complain.

My Sunday nights are now free; please bring the girls back to me. For now I need to hit the road, ohh wait your site says this Sunday has a new episode. Please now ignore this plea and thank you for returning your #1 show back to me!

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My 21st, again birthday, not a bitch, but a good time in a forgotten place.

Making him my Bitch!

The Top Ten Reasons To Have Kids, Well Besides Love and a Family

Stop winking and start writing on the hookup and meeting sites! A torso is not a whole person people!

Child Molesters and Murderers can adopt a baby, but gays cannot???

How to Make a Proper Sales Call

Binge Drinking, why the hell does it seem like a good idea? Ouch!

Open Relationships are Preventing Marriage

Virginia Apology

State of The Movement HRC Panel

Don't Ask Don't Tell, Get off my arse and go to hell

Ode to ABC!

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