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So I am royally pissed about something that dawned on me lastnight. Well not so much pissed off as I am annoyed. This will definitely be aa touchy subject, but it is my site and i will gladly say what I want here. If you would like to respond, please make quote and use the forums for a discussion. You can start a new thread, and if you would liek to quote anything or re-post anything in your blog or site, please just send a hotlink back to this page. Anyways, onto my bitch for the day.

So I was out having cocktails lastnight and ran into one of my neighbors who was out cheating on his boyfriend of 5 years again. Well not really cheating as much as sleeping around, but they do have an opened relationship. Now that has never bugged me before in my life until he kept saying how much he loves his boyfriend in a different conversation, but then all he talks about is hooking up with hot guys. This bugs me on multiple levels. Not soo much as the fact you sleep with other people, but that soem of these people say they want to get married, yet the only way to get a marriage law passed is by at least following along with the current thought process in america. The thought is that if you love eachother and want ot get married, you should only be sleeping with your partner, not your partner and anyone online and in a bar. The same people that are in open relationships and asking for marriage are the same people destroying any chance we have.

I am all for open relationships, at least I was until last night. Here is what my new thought process is.

1. If you say you have a boyfriend and are in love, then in my opinion, you shouldn't need to sleep with other people and that shouldn't be what keeps you togther. Sure we all like variety in our lives, but if you are getting married, the occasional threesome isn't out of the picture, but you shouldn't be out there hooking it up every other night. You should be with the one you "love".

2. As I said above, marriage in America should be rewarded to two people who want to spend their lives together, not because you are male and female or a same sex couple. On the same note, if you cannot be happy sleeping with that same person and only that person for the rest of your life, you should not be deemed in love or at least for marriage. You are more like a set of best friends who love eachother and because you are just friends, even though you have sex, you are still able to sleep around. If you need to sleep with other people or have the desire to, you do not truely love your partner...ummm,,,,best friend or roomate with benefits, and you should not make a mockery of relationships by pretending you are together. You are together as friends who are in love, but you are not in love enough with the person to only sleep with them and cherish them only for the rest of your life. You do not deserve the title boyfriend, girlfriend and you especially do not deserve husband or wife. This goes for straight couples too. I truely believe the better term is friends who have strong emotions for eachother, but the emotions and love are not strong enough to bond you to eachother for life. I am in no way saying you do not love eachother, I am just saying the love isn't enough to bond you together monogomously for life which also means you shouldn't make a mockery of marriage which is two people who are happy with eachothers company and form a bond of love which will not be infiltrated by another.

3. Unlike the people in open relationships. I have come to terms with the fact that I am not ready for monogomy just yet, or at least I have not met the person who I only dream about in bed and can make me want to only want them for the rest of my life. Since I realize that, I would not say that I have a boyfriend and I will not pretend to. Yes I am dating someone now, but I will not ruin the term boyfriend or make a mockery of it by saying he is mine while I still want to have relations with others. I consider him someone I am dating and someone I care about. But in no way is this a boyfriend. In the future he might become one, but for now he is not.

I have about a million and one more reasons why I think open relationships are one of the major reasons the USA will not give us marriage, but for the sake of server space, I will leave it as this short article. If you would like to hear more, as I said, ask away in my forums at Gay Wedding Gear Forums. The USA stereotypes homosexual relationships as being permiscuous and that is a huge reason that they use to prevent us from getting married. If gay couples who are in open relationships would finally quit sleeping around and publicly saying they are a couple, we might be able to break this stereotype, but until then they are truely hurting couples who are truely in love and cannot get married because these couples cannot keep their hormones under control. In short, stop being a whore or stop saying your in a relationship. You are best friends with benefits, or you are monogomous and truely in love.

BTW on a quick note, the two people that started me on this rant have now been broken up for about 5 months. Looks like I was right that it couldn't last like that.

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