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  So I was thinking a lot about how soo many companies are claiming to be green or eco-friendly, when in reality I do not think they actually are. They just have a very good marketing spin which makes us think that they are good companies for the environment. One company for example is

Now before I say anything bad about Zipcar, I actually like this company a lot and think they provide a fantastic service. I am just saying they are not a green or eco-friendly company due to a few things. If you live in a major city and do not have a car, this is an ideal solution for you, if you do not like public transportation.

Now onto my thoughts. So the purpose behind Zipcar in my opinion is to provide people who do not have cars a way to rent a car on an hourly basis and for short periods of time in a very inexpensive and easy manner. you can go online at their website and register yourself, then book a car online when you need one and return it on time when you're done. Zipcar places many cars all over the cities they are in making you close to a vehicle almost anywhere you are. This is a fabulous service if you ever need to shop and buy more than you can carry, or if you might want to take a day trip and not deal with Budget or Avis. Zipcar provides convenience, affordability and having a car all in one simple easy package. The problem is that almost all of the people I know who use Zipcars are not actual car owners themselves.

Although they now have access to a vehicle, they are no longer walking or sharing a ride with a friend or taking public transportation. By them now having access to a vehicle, Zipcar has now added a vehicle to the road and not encouraged people to use public transportation. This is horrible for the environment in that the bus the person may have been on is still going to run and still use the same amount of gas. Now since there is one less person on the bus because that person is driving a Zipcar, you have added another vehicle which will be tearing up the road and using another tank of gas. Now multiply that by all the zipcars on the road and all the gas these cars are using due to people always renting them for the hour and never giving them a break. Zipcar is actually damaging our environment, our roads and our air by putting more cars on the road and taking away from people walking to the store and taking public transportation.

Now, Zipcar may have eco friendly cars on the road and may be purchasing more of these for their fleet, but I also see them renting out trucks and SUVs. Since when are those eco-friendly vehicles? To their defense, I see hybrids listed, but to be an eco friendly company, they should ditch the gas guzzlers and the heavy polluters, or at least the heavy vehicles which tear up our roads and only run or at least make the majority of their fleets eco-friendly. then they could be a green company. I mean, just because their logo is green does not mean they are.

Another thing I would like to point out is their grass roots marketing. I actually went to interview at years ago and they had asked if I would go to the Dupont Circle area and plaster it with paper flyers. They wanted us to hand them out to people, put them in stores, basically use as much paper as possible to get the word out about Zipcar. That was so not for me so I declined. The point of this is that they are using a ton of paper. Who cares if it is recycled. If Zipcar wants to be eco-friendly, they need to ditch all the paper crap and start advertising more eco friendly with TV, Radio and Online. It can be just as effective, but it may cost more. To the cost point, if Zipcar wanted to actually be eco-friendly, who cares about the slight increase in cost when it is the environment at stake.

Now I am not a conservationist by any means. Although this article may make me sound like some deranged hippy protesting a fantastic service offered, I am really only bitching about false marketing and fake perspectives. Zipcar has done a great job at making everyone believe they are a "green" company, however, when you really look at them and take it apart, you quickly discover they are quite the opposite.

As I said before, I love Zipcars service, they are innovative, aggressive and provide a great service to City People. DC is very fortunate to have them and I am happy they are there, I just get pissed off that people think they are saving the environment, etc... because those people fell for some bullcrap marketing spin.

I am happy to announce the Gay Wedding Gear Online Shopping Mall is now officially open for business. I am adding more stores and coupons on a weekly basis so check back often.

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.