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So I am chatting on this site right now while I am writing this and having a vanilla absoltue vodka and diet coke (gotta watch the calories somehow) and I just realized how odd it is that in such a self centered gay community like Washington D.C. where people will walk up to you on the street and make sure you know that you need to go home and change your shoes or shirt before you step foot outside of your house, they will walk up, grab your ass in a bar and say "let's leave and go F*&k" and are just agressive and mean as all hell. Then, for some reason when they are in these chat rooms and on hookup sites, they all of the sudden become shy and embarrased pieces of crap.

Now we all know that the muscle studs and people who are in the gym each day are the most insecure and what they are attracted to most is confidence. From experience, I do not have near the perfect body, but I get hit on by tons of hot in shape men because I frankly could care less what anyone else would think, the thing is, I don;t care in a chat room either. As these guys strut through the bars they act like the cat's meow, but behind the safety of a computer, they all of the sudden get shy. This also goes for the trolls and repulsive bar trash with the egos as large as their body odor and horribly unfashionable outfits. Anyways, onto the point of the rant and rave.

You people have all the confidence in the world when youa re in public, but when it comes to the damn internet, why do you send a f*cking wink or a smile or just check the person's profile 10 seperate times without sending a message? I mean for real. What is the worst that could happen, the person does not respond. So what, you are in a god damn chat room or on a hookup site. NO Big Deal. Then again, maybe it is a big deal.

In person you are built like an adonis and have a smile that would kill, but online you are only as believeable as your personality. Maybe your personality is what your afraid of. Do you have nothing better to offer than a hot body and a fashionable outfit? Hrmm, yes this is a turnoff to most, but if your on a site that is specifically for sex, does it matter? Yes if you cannot convince the person you are who you are in your pic, and convince the potential mate that the pic is current and not from your highschool wrestling team days. Yes breeder men, we were sparing with you and playing tops and bottoms before you knew what that meant. Besides having the lack of true personality or social skills when the potential hookup cannot see your beautiful face and body, what do you have. Maybe that is why you only send a wink with no words.

Could it be that you cannot spell or write? If that was the case, then how the hell are you online? I really don;t think that could be the excuse. I mean, who really wants to share that they are a whore with someone by telling them who to message and what they want to do. Actually let me scrap that, that could just be fun hahahaha.... but seriously, if you got on and got the profile together, you should in theory be able to write a quick hello message instead of just sending a wink.

Now I love me some porn just as much as the next. And yes your body is the important thing if we are going to meet for sex,but the face matters to many of us as well. I have seen some hot ass bodies with torn up faces and seriously, even if the head is burried in a pillow, you still become unf*uckable. Now body will matter depending on your tastes and preferences, some like fat and hairy, some like slender and shaven, either way, the face is what can make or break it. I wish more people would start posting their faces, and chances are you will get more messages and respionses if you do. On another note, the reason you may not be showing your face is because your married or becasue you are closeted. All I have to say to that is who the F*uck do you tink you are playing with your wife or kids or families health and safety like this. Also if your in the closet, this is a perfect way to be outed. Sleep with the wrong guy ro girl and you are bound to run into one who will be drunk one night and point you out in a crowd. I have seen it done many times. Before I go off for an hour about how ridiculous it is to sleep around on your wife without her knowing. If you cannot tell the person you are with you are gay or bi, then why are you with them. This is a new day and things are more accepted. If yoru family or friends will not accept you for being gay or bi, then find new ones. It is not that hard and many of us have had to do it. If your not man or woman enough to tell your loved one that you need the other sex as well, endangering their life while you cheat, do you really love that person? Suppose you come down with something and you pass it into your kids if they get cut and you drop blood or something onto it, do you really love your wife/husband/kids enough to let them know what you have been doing. I mean come on, gay sex and straight sex are both fun, but if you have someone who trusts you, you should be honest with them and if you are doing something that could put them in danger, let them know. AIDS does not discriminate people. And if you are cheating, please use a condom. Seriously, even if you dont care about protecting yourself, protect the people you are cheating on. Just as an FYI, although I think it is wrong to sleep around on your wife, I have had me some hot as sex with "straight" men some who were partnered and although it was enjoyable, I still kind of feel bad for the wives. Accept that bitch in my building, I can only hope she reads this and finds out her man is queer. Honey, you already know and that is why you called me a faggot in front of my friend, but maybe its because your boifriend/husband gives better oral ;-), hehehe, sorry had to vent that one out LOL!

Now the next reason you do not show a face pic and just send a wink. Are you scared that your pic doesn;t represent you. Well honey, think about this, if you show up not looking like your pic, you are not going to be getting laid. Well unless the person is a complete tramp. What is the point of lying with your pictures or sending old outdated ones, if your honest, the other person will not be dissapointed and everything will work as planned. Come on people, let's start using real life current pics. With all our cell phone having digi cams, we can easily take new pics each week or month, etc....

Anyways, I could carry on about this, but it is bed time, the voddy hit a bit earlier than expected. In short:
A c*ck shot is hot, but without a face, you are just a d*ck, and I want the whole package baby
You can wink all you want, but to get the goods, you are gonna have to show me the money
If you don;t have the balls to be showing your face, are you really that much of a man or a person anyways?
If you can say let's f*ck in a bar, you should be able to do it online as well
If you want to meet for coffee say so, if you want some ass, just ask, but don't play these stupid back and forth games
If your looking to get laid, don't ask me how I am doing, ask me how hung I am. Lets face it, if I am looking for the same, then I don;t care what your interests are, I want to know if I can tie your ass up and make you cry out in joy!
Please do not wink or just unlock a pic, send your face and state your purpose. Say hello, how are you, great profile, what are you upto and looking for? That sentence alone should cover most of the ground and put you on the same page.
If you want something go for it, dont beat around the bush or it may get away

Anyways, I am off to bed, if I run into you online, and you think I'm hot say so, if you see someone you want to get to know, let them know, and if your into being banged by 100 strangers all lined up in a public restroom, send me the invite and I will show up with bells on LOL. j/k.

Regardless of anything, use a condom, tell your loved ones and be a real man or woman and write the person a message. Don't be a lamo and just wink or unlock a pic. I mean for real, we all might like to play with them, but noone wants to be talking to a d*ck!

Please feel free to copy or paste a section or small portion of this article on your site/blog/etc.... but please send a link back to this site's homepage or link back to this article. You are also free to comment on this opinion in my forums which you can find on the left.

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