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So I was on my way to work today when I started to remember some of the funnier moments I've had while in the workforce. It is amazing when people don't really understand what you are asking or what you mean. Especially when you have two words that mean the same thing. Now, it can turn out bad if it is something important, sometimes you purposely choose words so that your boss will think something different and sometimes you just get really dumb people who take everything literally and do dumb things which they think are correct (even though normal people would have known better). Anyways, along the lines of two words that mean the same thing, I was really stressed one day with a ton of things to do and we all have things that calm us down or relax us. Sometimes my stress comes because I have to be creative and certain things help me with this. Oddly enough, filing is one of those things.

So, I'm in my office and at this point in my career I had to share one, yes up from cubicle land and into shared office space, and I had a tight deadline where I needed a ton of creative writing due and no time to do it. I just love when you get a deadline of the same day someone assigns a project to you, then again, that is part of climbing the corporate ladder. So I started thinking about how to get it done and I decided to help spark my imagination and in order to do this I had to take my mind of concentrating on deadlines and do something mindless so I decided to file and let my mind wander.

Shortly after I started filing, my office mate stormed out and I got a call in from my boss 5 minutes later saying there are complaints of a weird noise coming from my office. Apparently my office mate was also annoyed by my filing while my office mate was trying to sleep at his/her desk (I never give a clue on this site as to where I have/currently work or if I work with women/men etc...).

Sooo, anyways I am sitting at my desk in my office when my phone rings and I pick up to answer my boss and my boss asked what I was doing and I said filing some stuff. My boss didn't see anything wrong with that, which I didn't/don't either, and so my boss said, What the hell are you doing that for, we have assistants for that crap, call one of them in. Anyways, when my boss said to call in an assistant or intern I got excited to know that I could have them help me, but at the same time I needed to do it so my mind could wander and I could be creative, then again my boss did order me to get an assistant to do it so I called an intern in to do my filing....well about ten or fifteen minutes later, my boss comes a knocking on my door and running in and got pissed.

Well, when my boss stormed in I got defensive and when my boss yelled what the hell are you doing? and I said you told me to have an assistant do my filing, my boss said I didn't mean your nails. Well what the hell did you think I meant by filing? It's not like I have any papers, I work online for my job, Duh!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I was required to do my own filing from that point on lol. True story too =0).

I am happy to announce the Gay Wedding Gear Online Shopping Mall is now officially open for business. I am adding more stores and coupons on a weekly basis so check back often.

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