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So I went on a drinking binge lastnight and boy am I paying for it now. I have not felt like this in forever. It got me thinking though, why do I go and drink on the weekends when I know what the consequence is? I mean for real, humans, as far as I know, are the only animals on earth that actually eat or drink something if it has come back up or upset their stomach a second time. Prime example alcohol.

This rant is just a way for me right now to really think about why I go to the bars and why I always think it is going to be a good idea. Well actually to list the reasons why we (as in everyone) should quit the binge drinking, not neccesarily the going out.

1. Well I met a really cute and really sweet guy when I was still coherent lastnight and when I was finally tore up, just like he was, his Boifriend came over. What the hell is that about? Please see my rant about open relationships you yutz! Anyways, because I was drunk, I sort of handled it Courtney Love style with voice a flaring and drama a glaring. Not such a good impression. I am tempted to apologize on his blog today. Well maybe just apologize here with a backlink. Meet Justin Anyways, Justin from Meet Justin is a real sweetheart and I feel bad for acting like a drunken fool around him. Ohh well.

2. The hangover after a night of 12 vodka rocks definitely packs a punch. OMG I cannot even sleep my head is throbbing. I fell out of bed and started writing this morning at 6 am even though I didn't get home till 2 or 3ish. This is the only thing I could think of doing which doesn't involve light or noise. Remind me again why a few moments of binging is worth this?

3. The third reason binge drinking is usually a bad thing is that you eventually black out and find yourself talking about how sad life is or how f*d up the world is etc.... or you sit there and start making out with some really fowl person or the opposite sex and sometimes give them the correct phone number LOL. Lastnight happened to be a random rant to my wonderful friend Rubin about depression, funny thing is though I am not depressed. Then again, maybe the alcohol made me admit I was and I just didn't know it.

4. Gay men and alcohol mean drama, Gaymen + Alcohol = Drama should be in every math class, at least with my friends most of the time. We all started out having fun, we all have about 15 or so drinks and towards the end, just 11 vodka rocks and a few red bull and vodkas, we all have different reactions. My one freind ES, ended up not being able to talk much and stubmled to a taxi and went home. AT ended up hooking up with someone who was at least twice his age and I didn't have the heart to tell him that the guy he liked for a while was watching the whole time. Smart move dumb ass. I ended up as I said somehow becoming depressed. I also ended up being nice to three people I absolutely hate! DO NOT EVER EXPECT THAT AGAIN! heheheh. Yes I hold grudges over certain things. Two more of my friends ended up fighting over a boy, not physical fighting but more of a non chelant verbal and mental torture fighting to get the other to back off. You know what those are like. When you have known someone long or well enough that you can really hurt them without letting anyone else in on the joke and usually alcohol and hot men make you do that.

5. The calories. It is almost beach season and my diet had been going soooooo well. Now after lastnight I am sure I gained at least 3 pounds just from the liquor, but hey as we all know after you binge drink, the only thing to do to top the night off is fatty foods and carbs. You also think they are a good idea when your trashed. Looks like another hungover power trip to the gym today. I have seen online personal trainers and things though but I am always skeptical to see if or how they work. ehh who knows.

6. Drunk people and cell phones do not mix. Lastnight I ended up calling someone in a 704 area code and have no idea who or why. At least it was not late in the night and they are a couple hours behind us. I did happen to call my friend Deb, but her number was before the last call and that is what scares me because I thought she was the last person I had spoken too. Luckily I didn't make the stupid random calls many of us do when we drink to try and be funny to friends and family, because we all know how fun it really is when we are on the otherside of those calls. I swear if my best friend does that one more time to me I am no longer speaking to her LOL. You know who you are grrl!

7. You actually have a conversation about something cultural like theatre and then realize it is anything but classy. Lastnight's ended up being John Travolta tyring to play Edna in Hairspray. Hunny it's over, the show is fab but it seems like you hit a low point if you went from Greece to Pulp Fiction to tons of great roles for you to a huge fat drag queen. I love both John and Hairspray, hell i even have the broadway poster for the show on my wall, but I just don;t see John doing a good job in the role. Maybe he'll surprise us though. However, Queen latifah looks something fierce in it. I cannot wait to see her performance. =0).

8. Writing stupid ramblings because you are in pain. Ohh wait I am doing that right now, well its better then puking your guts up, but not much better. Regardless, I am going to stop this post and go drink some water then get ready for the gym. I am sure this list will keep growing with reasons why we should not be binge drinking on the weekends, in the mornings etc..... Ohh ya did I mention the liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, ehhhhhh those are secondary heheheh ;-)

Come to think of it though, drinking really does help though, you feel sexy, you can feel confident and you can forget about the issues which caused you to start drinking in the first place. I know I will not stop drinking, especially with summer coming up, but maybe this rant will help me remember why binge drinking is not ok, even if it is only every once in a while =0). BTW no I am not an alcoholic, just went out for fun with some friends lastnight and got carried away.

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