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So I was thinking. A long time ago I read about the US census reporting well over 500,000 gay couples living together and I was also reading about the average heterosexual wedding costing nearly $22,000. I am pretty sure I read that figure on msn, but I cannot guarantee that. Anyways, on average, gay people make more and spend more than straight people, and this remains true with weddings and commitment ceremonies as well. Lets just say gay couple spend $25,000 for their weddings as an average figure. If just 10% of the 500,000+ gay couples get married in a year, that would boost the economy by 1.25 billion dollars. (50,000 x $25,000 = $1,250,000,000.00).

Now, it is true, how is a wedding going to help me or stimulate the economy that is going to help us? Well think about some of the things that go into weddings, whether it is a gay wedding or a straight wedding. You have flowers, hotel and venue rentals (for parties), gifts and favors, food and catering, travel, photography, and more...

I'll start with food and flowers. The first people to get the benefit are the caterer's and florists who get the job of decorating and feeding the wedding guests. Regardless of it being a gay wedding or straight, people go for the staples a lot of the time with steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian. The flowers are the flowers and can vary depending on the couple, the color scheme, the decorating pattern, the centerpieces, etc... So, these are two of the more expensive things associated with the weddings, and when the caterer and florist are hired, they then need to buy supplies.

The Caterer goes to the store and places orders for food, the florist calls into the farms and greenhouses. The food suppliers, greenhouses and grocers then get the business from the wedding and also need to replenish their stock and supply so they in turn order which gives purchases to the farmers who raise cattle for meat, grow crops for bread, cakes, food, as well as the flowers for the decorations etc... The original wedding costs have now spread throughout the country helping to stimulate business and help keep people working. By allowing gays to marry, you are now also helping the farmers who would have needed government subsidies and help.

Ok so let's take another example of how the wedding can stimulate the economy and your life or role in the US and the US economy. Wedding favors. The wedding favors and DJ or band giveaways are something you find at most weddings. These are extras that people normally wouldn't buy, but for their weddings they splurge a little. This could be chocolates (yes that traces to farms and factories in states like Pennsylvania helping them), candies, as well as toys and glow jewelry. With edible favors or by ordering trinkets, yes they may be produced overseas, but they get shipped into the USA helping to get taxes paid for the government, they help wholesalers restock their shelves to be able to supply it to the wedding vendors. Favors also help chocolate companies like Godiva increase their production and hire US workers to man their stores, produce their perishable goods, stock the boxes, and more. This not only creates more jobs, but it increases farming, mass production and helps the average American worker's jobs which was outsourced come back to the USA with the perishable goods not being able to be made abroad and shipped back without going bad.

This seems a bit far fetched, but if you think about it, what better way to get a quick boost in the economy then to let people who have the money to spend have a reason to push billions of dollars into the US economy and on a regular basis. Allowing gay weddings to take place will benefit everyone from hotels and travel with guests coming in form all over, to the couple traveling for their honeymoon, and not to mention a wedding venue to the farmers who grow the crops and flowers to decorate and feed the guests, to the factory workers and wholesalers who get the orders to help entertain the guests with toys, trinkets and even cd's records and music for the band to play. My opinion is it is time for gays to be able to get married, not just because of the legal rights which gays are denied, but because gay weddings are quite possible the economic stimulus that this country needs.