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So I was looking through some websites as well as walking through the mall and realized something, new parents buy anything and everything, as long as they can put their baby's face on it. I mean seriously it's a scary phenomenon. I swear on this, I saw a stand at the mall where you could actually put a photo on a toilet seat.

Now, loving your kid and liking them around is one thing, popping a squat over their photo when your in the can is another. I mean seriously a line has to be drawn, and that is it! But on a lighter note, I also found this website and made a test purchase to see if it was real, where you could upload a photo of your kid or kids, or pet if you'd like and have your very own custom printed checks made with your child's face on them.

So this is actually a cool, cute and fun idea. Think about it, not only are custom printed checks with your kids photo on it a cool thing to be able to have, but one of every parent's favorite things to do is brag about and show off their kids at every moment possible.

Now not every situation calls for showing off your kid or pictures of them, like shopping at the grocery store, or maybe being at the department store buying a new outfit, however if you use these custom photo checks, now you will not only get to show off how cute your kid is, but chances are the cashiers are going to ask who your little angel or slugger is, as well as where you got the checks and you now have the opportunity to brag and show off. This is a fantastic way to share your bundle of joy with everyone. These checks also can play a very important role in vital times, like if your last name happens to be Lindbergh, when your child gets kidnapped, not only do you know have a way to pay the kidnapper, but you can be sure they will release the right kid. Ok ya, that was a bit much, but you have to admit, it was kind of funny.

Now, not to keep bringing up checks, but I also have some tips tricks and suggestions for you with your checks. A huge problem with using checks, just like with credit and debit cards, is that people can steal them and use them fraudulently. This is an unfortunate part of life, but hey, it does happen. Although having your kids pictures on your checks helps to prevent some fraud and theft locally when cashiers recognize the checks and your kids photos, it doesn't so much help you when you travel, or if the thief leaves town with your checkbook. Here are some things you can do to help prevent fraud and prove fraud in case your checks and checkbook ever get stolen.

  • Do not use your first name, just use your first initial. For example, suppose your name is charles smith (I randomly picked this name and actually do not know anyone named Charles Smith, so if your name happens to be Charles Smith, well it is just a coincidence.), use C. Smith as your name on the checks. The reason behind this is that whomever steals your checks or checkbook, they do not know your first name, if you abbreviate it, how you sign your checks and it also makes it harder to fake your signature since they do not have a clue as to your first name.

    Like in this example the name we chose is Charles, by using C. Smith you may be a Chris Smith, or a Carmine Smith or Carolyn Smith and if they choose the wrong name, then the signatures will not match. This also works in reverse if you only use your first initial in your signature. Maybe use your name on the check so they actually write out your name when signing and then you can prove it was not you writing the checks.

  • The next tip is a slight variation of the top tip. It is to include your middle initial on your check if you do not use it in your signature, and the opposite if you do. The person who steals your checks and/or checkbook may end up trying to use it, or leave it out if they notice it is there or missing in the top, further helping you to prove you had never signed or approved the check.
  • A final tip is to use the custom phrase feature which you can find at when you place an order. Have it say please show ID when cashing. Now this won't work if the deposit is made at an ATM machine, but it will hopefully be effective at a grocery store or at a bank if the person trying to cash it uses a teller or cashier. By having to show an ID with your name on it, you now add in responsibility not only to the peson committing the fraud, but if the cashier or teller at the store or bank does not check for an ID, it also becomes their fault for not doing their job and hopefully helps you to recover any funds that may have been stolen. I cannot guarantee this will work, but hey it is worth a shot to help protect yourself from theft and fraud.

So, now that I have strayed 100% from the actual purpose of this article which was to provide you with a cool product like custom printed checks with your kids picture or baby, babies pictures on your checks, I hope you not only decide to order these cool new ways to show off your kids, but also help to protect yourself from fraud and theft.

Thank you again for visiting Gay Wedding Gear, and I hope you stick around and read some more of our articles, jokes and humerous as well as thought provoking articles....not to mention go shopping in any of our online malls and gift shopping sections.

Have a good one!