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Sooo, something that I read is really pissing me off. I read a story about a gay couple who tried to adopt a baby but were denied. I also remember reading a story sometime ago that there was a convicted child molester who was allowed to adopt a baby without an issue. So was a convicted murderer and some other people who might not be as fit parents for a young one. If I am not mistaken this may have taken place in Florida, but I do not know for sure. I also tried to find the stories but they were pulled from the newspaper sites they were listed on so I cannot link to them.
Anyways, the point of this post is why should two people who have a nice life, a good house, money to afford a child, no record and a family to give it a mothers and fathers love be denied while someone who has been accused and or convicted of violent and not so savory crimes be free to adopt?

Now I am in no way shape or form ever thinking about or wanting the whole white picket fence, 2 and 1/2 kids, 1 dog and SUV out in the suburbs lifestyle. That just isn't me. Give me a condo in DC or NYC in a hiserise with the hustle and bustle of the city, but just because this is the life I choose, why should gay people be stereotyped by this? There are tons of gay families and couples who want kids who do have the suburban lifestyle.

These people often make just as much money as us highrise condo people and some of them make even more. Money is not an issue for the gay couple who want a kid. Gay couples usually have much more time to prepare for the kid because we have to set up for it for years to come. There is finding a seregate, or a gay friendly adoption center, then (at least from what I have seen from some of my friends) they spend a good year decorating and baby preparing their houses. They block all sharp edges, make playrooms and buy literally everything the child could ever need for any reason. Then they get the baby. Straight couples just have to decide hey, lets have a kid and then they start having sex to get the female pregnant. Yes this takes a while, but at least they don't have to find a person or couple that is willing to continue to try over and over again just to give the baby away.
Straight couples also have an advantage with having a baby because they just have a condom break, or the pill just didn't work and poof, the girl is pregnant. Fotunately and unfortunately, with having gay sex and a condom breaks, we don't so much have to worry about getting knocked up LOL. Although that would make for a great story. There is always a chance though that if you have both parts and they do work that you could technically get pregnant, even if you have a penis. I don't know what the actuality is of it, but that shark in Ohio seemed to not have a problem popping one out while not having any sex.

Anyways, I am off track, so as above, if you have a gay couple who can afford the child, there is one thing out of the way. So why can't a gay couple adopt a baby but a child molester can??? well, maybe it is because people would think it odd in the public schools?
The only reason people in public schools might think it odd is because they aren;t open minded to see that it is a healthy family and the family is raising a nice child just like they are trying to. Also, don;t you think there is much more for parents to worry about in the public schools than a gay couple sending their kid to class???? Guns, Drugs, Profanity, Sex (straight and gay), Being picked on, etc.... Having a gay couple with a kid at the PTA meeting should not effect you in any way. Unless you are intimidated that the gay guy at the PTA meeting can out bake the other housewives or the BUll Dyke to the Left will rewire your garage door and make it work better than the Dad across the room.
This is very similar to when black people were first allowed to attend public schools and share waterfountains and bathrooms. Nothing bad came from a black person drinking from a water fountain and nothing bad came from a black person attending and participating in school carnivals or bake sales. Yes, you can easily argue that there are violent black people and black drug dealers, but there are also white ones and latino ones and asian ones in the systems as well. Who says these kids would even be that way.
It is the parents who should be keeping control of their kids and every gay couple I know with kids takes their childrens behavior very seriously and I have only once seen one of my friends kids get out of line. These kids deserve a good home and the gay parents should not be penalized because you might feel odd. Gay people are going to have kids regardless and they will be attending public schools as well with your children. If you don't like it, then you should probably take your kids out and place them in private schools where they discriminate against certain types of people. Then again, you will be teaching hate from day one and unless that is what you want, then think about your actions and what you are really teaching your kids.

Another thing that people argue is that gay couples don;t love eachother and cannot stay monogomous with eachother. Because of this, they should not be able to raise a kid because it is not a "proper" environment for a child. To this, all I have to say is again, it is a stereotype.
Stereotypes are there for a reason, sometimes they are true, however there are tons and tons of gay couples who are monogomous and do not cheat on eachother. They are prime candidates for marriage and lots of them have families.
Also, straight people cheat on their husbands and wives on a regular basis. At conferences I watch heterosexuals cheat on their partners all the time and I have quite a few straight friends who are in relationships where one person cheated or they keep their relationship opened. To me it just doesn't seem fair that gay couples get this branding when straight couples have a higher breakup rate then gay. Look at Britney Spears, she got married and divorced how many times in a year or even just a couple years??? Look at all the other celebreties and hetero couples who constantly abuse their relationships and their marriages. Gay or straight, couples and people cheat. Gay couples unfortunately get the wrap on this one and because of that it hurts their chances of getting to adopt.

There are a ton more reasons people will give to say gays shouldn;t be able to adopt babies, however, there are even more reasons they should be able to. If you are going to let someone who has abused a child adopt one because he or she is straight, but you don't let a gay couple with a clean record, a good source of income and a loving and nurturing family to raise it in, I think you need the reality check and to rethink your stance on letting gay people adopt a baby.

Please feel free to copy or paste a section or small portion of this article on your site/blog/etc.... but please send a link back to this site's homepage or link back to this article. You are also free to comment on this opinion in my forums which you can find on the left.

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