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I have alot to say and alot that angers me, click here to read my latest rants and raves then respond in the forums.

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This is my little place to bitch moan rant n rave and pretty much say and do what I want while you can look listen and read and keep quiet because until I get the respond feature up and running, tough cookies if you want to argue with me. Anyways, that is what the forums are for. DUH!!!!!

Anyways, onto my rants and raves:

We Put The "FUN" back in Funeral

Wasted Talent in the work place. A company's biggest mistake.

It's all about the fudge, thank you for the drunken laughs Fred

Are Car Share services and companies like actually "green" or even eco-friendly?

Support your local economy and small business, Shop at Starbucks

I applaud Big Oil for the high gas prices and you should too. Quit bitching about them and thank them. Let's support gas going to $10 a gallon and celebrate when it does. Click here to find out why.

Bad Parenting 101 - Only read if you have a dark sense of humor

Custom printed checks for your baby's pictures, pets pictures as well as tips on how to protect yourself from check fraud and theft

Can Gay Marriage and Gay Weddings be the US Economy Stimulus we need?

A funny work story where you say one thing but they think you mean another

Odd and embarrassing yet funny and socially awkward situations and stories...I'll apologize ahead of time. Part 1.

I've had a string of bad dates lately, so I decided to create a short list of places where you too can pick up your own nightmare man or woman

The importance of Renters Insurance. Get free instant insurance Quotes here as well

My 21st, again birthday, not a bitch, but a good time in a forgotten place.

Making him my Bitch!

The Top Ten Reasons To Have Kids, Well Besides Love and a Family

Stop winking and start writing on the hookup and meeting sites! A torso is not a whole person people!

Child Molesters and Murderers can adopt a baby, but gays cannot???

How to Make a Proper Sales Call

Binge Drinking, why the hell does it seem like a good idea? Ouch!

Open Relationships are Preventing Marriage

Virginia Apology

State of The Movement HRC Panel

Don't Ask Don't Tell, Get off my arse and go to hell

Ode to ABC!

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