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In a city with soo much to choose from as far as where to stay, where to shop and where to get married, It can be soo confusing as to how to select the proper hotel for your stay. Especially when there are shows you want to see and shops you want to visit. That is the beauty of Vegas, you can see a broadway show, a cirque de soleil act and visit gucci and D&G which being in a 5 star resort at half the cost all without ever walking out the front door.

By taking a 2 block stroll you can visit the middle east, then be in paris, do lunch in venice and finish the evening with a shopping trip in Rome. Besides Epcot center, where else in the world can you do this with such ease? Although I do not have the capabilities to provide you with a virtual tour of my Gay Las Vegas destination hotels and resorts, I can however provide you with a list of my recomendations and dislikes. I will start with my favorites and end with the least favorites. This is just my opinion and everyone should try the hotels for themselves. However if you are having trouble making the final decision, that is why this section of exists. Enjoy!

Wynn Las Vegas! Check out the Luxury at Wynn Las Vegas! Wynn Las Vegas is an ultimate dip into lavishness and a delicious piece of extravegance. I highly reccomend staying at this hotel regardless of price. It is wel worth every penny spent.
The buffet at Wynn Las Vegas is above and beyond one of the finest you will find. From the gigantic crab legs which are already split and read to eat, to the flan and candy apples in the desserts room, you are going to find the best of the best and at an amazingly affordable price. It is under $40.00 a person.
The rooms are spectacular with a very high thread count and satin feeling sheets. They are spacious and everything seems to be made of down, however my allergies did not go off at all. They might be pricey but if it is for your wedding, who cares about an extra couple hundred dollars when this is definitely one trip you will never forget. You deserve a great night or great nights in luxury after tying the knot, plus what better way to set the first night together as a happy gay married couple then to do it in the lap of luxury.
If you are looking for entertainment at Wynn Las Vegas! They have a great selection of designer and cotoure shops as well as the famed show Le Reve by Dragone. It is above and beyond an incredible experience. It is a ew type of show which is pure eye candy and set in water. I highly reccomend making it to at least one performance during your stay in Las Vegas.

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The Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas is the only gay owned and operated hotel/resort in Las Vegas. It is not located on the strip, but is a very short ride and an extremely inexpensive cab ride to all of the excitement.
The Blue Moon Resort offers very comfortable bedding furniture along side a gorgeous pool and hotub area complete with a full waterfall and great landscaping. The hotel staff is some of the most friendly and attentive in Las Vegas and I have always run into the owner who is an absoltue doll.
Although it might not be the best place to celebrate or stay at during your wedding because of some of the features like a video room or the steam room, It definitely makes for a nice stay for any other gay trip, but hey if your gay wedding and gay wedding night involves other people or you know you are going to be side by side, the Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada might just be the perfect destination for your big gay wedding night.

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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada is a fun and family friendly place to stay and enjoy. This is a hotel I would reccomend staying at if you have family or friends who have kids staying with you. There is a lion habitat where you can watch trainers play with the lions for hours, our hallway was themed like the Wizard of OZ, they have a great buffet with tons of great food. The bathrooms are large with tons of mirrors and the rooms are very comfortable and spacious. It is the perfect size in that you do not feel cramped but it is just small enough to always feel intimate. I highly reccomend the MGM grand if you are bringing a large party with you as well. They have a ton of rooms, shows for the kids, shows for the adults, I believe they might still have an amusement park and tons of great little eateries all over the place.

Bally's Las Vegas was the hotel I stayed at the last time I was in Las Vegas. It is a bit overpriced for what you get. The beds were not comfortable and the sheets were a very poor quality. The bathrooms were old and definitely need an update. I did however like that there are tons of mirrors all over the bathroom. The room I was in seemed a bit small for a normal vegas sized room, but hey if your not paying for 4 or 5 stars, you should not expect it. The one good thing about the room is that I had an incredible view of the belagio water show, the paris eifel tower and I got to see people walking on the streets. It was a definitely a nice view. The food at Bally's is way sub par. The buffet was dry and nothing was really worht mentioning. It was the first time I had ever had bad food in Las Vegas. However if you cross through to Paris from Bally's there is a cute little pastry restaraunt with sandwhiches and salads. The breakfast crossiant there is above and beyond exemplary. You have to pay $8.00 for it, but it is worth every bite. If you choose to do breakfast in Ballys, I would only reccomend a little food area by the south elevators called Nosh. They have great bagels and serve things at an affordable price. On a side note, to help keep this site up and running, please use the banners to do your hotel bookings and ticket reservations for shows etc... so we can keep the site a free resource and continue to add new and informative stores and adventures to it. Enjoy and as always, if you have anything you would like to add to this section or have a destination, resource etc.... please write me at adam and submit your articles.

Paris Las Vegas - The Paris hotel was alright. The hallways are huge with four corridors breaking off and the views if you are lucky enough to get the strip view, are fantastic. I was able to see all of the action below and since I was in a room higher up in the towers, It made it all the more spectacular. The one thing that stuck out and could have made or broken your trip are the bathrooms at the Paris Hotel. They are pink marble and feature a large bathtub and separate stand up shower. The bedding is comfortable and the furniture is a slight bit above standard. They did do a good job with the decorating though, however the toiletries are also only average. Nothing spectacular.
The casino was pretty crappy in that it was stereotypical, except this is the only one in Vegas I was not able to win at. I strongly advise not gambling there. However, they do have a few fantastic pastry and bakeries throughout the hotel.
The buffet at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas is kind of dumpy, however it is 100% better than Ballys. The crab legs were the small ones and very hard to break, the food was IMO for Vegas Buffets, very sub par, however the service was fantastic. Also, be prepared to wait for a heck of a long time in line as they are by far the most disorganized of the Vegas Strip Casino buffets.

The Planet Hollywood Hotel on the strip

The Planet Hollywood hotel and casino on the las vegas strip was nice. It has replaced one of the other older hotels and still features the miracle mile shops. The casino is good and it seemed like everyone cleaned house.
The rooms are decorated fairly modern and the bedding is very comfortable. The bathrooms have nice countertops, great sink in bathtubs so you can completely submerge yourself and separate showers so that you have a choice. The toiletries here are horrible though, so if you do not bring your own, use the miracle mile shops to go buy shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap.
The buffet here is your standard vegas buffet with good food, cheap prices, the wait was not bad and the service was adequate. I do recommend this hotel due to the friendliness of the staff, an alternative lifestyles nightclub attached to the building, the comfy beds and big screen HDTV in each room and the casino and buffet are good. You are also semi-close to the gayberhood if you need to get out and about at night.

The Riviera

The Riviera Hotel and Casino is an absolute disaster. The beds and rooms are old and I seriously expected to find bullet holes in the walls or carpets. My bathroom and tub were outdated and not cleaned and the amenities are seriously lacking. The Buffet was closed and the only place to eat in the hotel was some horrible diner which gave me food poisening. This place was a nightmare and the only thing good I can say about the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is that it was very gay friendly (besides the other people staying there, most were ghetto and you will probably feel like you will be robbed or mugged while walking through the hotel) is the Peppermill restaurant next door. This is a Vegas classic and the food is always excellent. The Peppermill is very old and very famous as it was the first ultra lounge and still serves the best breakfast in Vegas. Ohh ya, one more thing to avoid in the Riviera are the shops. I was harassed by desperate shopkeepers and employees to buy cell phone accessories and embroided hats. This hotel seriously has it's issues, but if you're into being in a gang or seeing the most ghetto hotel guests vegas has to offer, the Riviera is probably just the place for you.

The Palms Hotel

The Palms hotel was fantastic. I was in room 18-102 and loved it. Although it was not huge, they had Aveda toiletries and my room was a corner facing the strip with huge windows and a fabulous view. Now, with that said, this is not by any means a hotel or casino to go to if you like service or want people who like gays. My first few nights there were aweful. The staff was rude and the housekeepers only came half the time to clean my room. My coffee cups were left dirty the entire stay, however when you do address an issue, that is when they become attentive. Do not be afraid to let them know you are mad, that is the only way to get help there. Now, even though I stand by saying that the Palms Las Vegas is Not Gay Friendly, they did have a ton of guests there from the Gay AVN awards and hosted many parties. I think the only reason I was treated nicely my last couple days is because there was a ton of homos there and they had to be nice.

One thing that is definitely fun as well is the night life in the hotel. Although all clubs are 100% hetero, there is some amazing talent coming through. I saw Paul Oakenfald at Perfecto, Dj Miss Lisa at The Playboy Club and a fabulous light and laser show in Moon. Ghostbar has one of the most spectacular views in Vegas, however you need to remember that these are straight bars and you can/will get gay bashed in them if you are not careful. I did enjoy the Palms overall, however because it is off the strip and the staff was not up to par, they only get a 3 for 5 from me.

The Rio

If you are low on a budget and want a suite, the Rio may be for you. The staff is very friendly and attentive, but then again they have to be because this hotel is also off the strip. Each room is a suite, but the furniture is old and I could feel the springs coming through the mattress. The couch was super comfortable, but it was also outdated. The Rio is pure classic Vegas with show people running around, dancers, singers, lounges and bars, Rub BBQ (I loved this) and slot machine galore. If you want a ton of nightlife and excitment, The Rio Hotel Las Vegas is not for you, but if you are looking affordable suites in Las Vegas in a hotel where you can easily spend a few days, this is your best bet. There is a ton to do and a great staff. Because it is outdated and fairly far from everything, I give the Rio a 3 and a half out of 5.