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  Before I start this rant and rave about HRC and many other groups which participated on the panel, these groups in the past really made a difference for the gay community. They opened doors (not just closets) and helped make things easier for my generation. They helped to set up health care facilities during the AIDS crisis and really took care of the communities they represented. Unfortunately most of them have lost track of what is important and now they are mostly just politician butt sniffers. They forget that the people are the ones who vote and pass bills now, and although it is important to lobby in Washington, there is no battle to be won without the community. Who cares if there is a bill in congress and you are filibustering, none of us have heard of it and when it hits the ballots, none of us vote against it because we are unaware. That is what this rant and rave is about. Getting back to the community you are entrusted to protect and getting the 100% focus off of politicians and onto involving the whole community.

So a few weeks back one of my best friends told me about a panel discussion about gay rights and where thought leaders in te gay community including executive directors from HRC, the Log Cabin Republicans, A gay college network, The main Tranny group and more discussed topics. Not only did I find this to be one of the biggest two hour wastes of my life, but it was above and beyond of the most assanine discussions in the world. Before I begin this rant, I would like to just list some of the main reasons this was an abomination and an embarrasment to the gay community. I am ashamed that these people represent our community with the exception of Pam from Pams House Blend. She ta least reaches out to the community and speaks her mind.

1. Most of the statements made were just sales pitches on how great their organizations are. Noone really discussed the future; they just glorified the past and themselves.

2. The guy from the gay black movement did nothing but pitch some small gathering in Philadelphia and flash some unheard of magazine that means nothing. Your job there was to discuss what you ahve done for the gay black community, not pitch your group and Philadelphia get together!

3. The topic of the internet was brought up, and people commented that they have a blog, with the exception of Pam who actually reaches non political sections of the gay community, all of the groups said ya we reach out with the internet but noone mentioned using PPC for PR purposes or recruiting or fund building, SEO, RSS to get messages out, How they use their blogs etc.... If you say you have a plan, elaborate and let us know how we can help, not just syaing you have ab log and mumble a ton of bullsh*t which you know nothing about!

4. A comment was made by the executive from the tranny organization and although I found it funny, (she was talking about a class she had taught where she had a survey and said "one student commented saying I was the best teacher and should teach everything and another one just said, YOUR UGLY") Although I thought it wa sa great was to break up a strong topic, which I don;t even know what they were talking about (let alone they didn't either) It wasn't just funny, but because she made the joke she really enforced a stereotype and made is seem like it was funny to call tranny's ugly. I personally think they are beautiful they way they have the beauty of both sexes, but her joke really damaged my opinion of their representation.

5. This coment isn't fair to make, but hey it is my site and I am going to write what I want. God I love America!!! Anyways, the intro speaker represents a gay and lesbian journalist association. Funny thing is my background is mainly newspapers and I kow a ton of journalists who happen to be gay; especially in the DC area. Funny thing is, his outreach must be great because not one of my friends or myself have ever heard of him or his group. Obviously they are not very good at their jobs in reaching to their target of gay journalists. Try some real outreach and hey, you could have had more than 40 more members!

6. HRC, I hate YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the most pompous of the gay goups in the world! I can go on and on about you for hours, but hey I am only going to do a second short list of reasons why.
a. You publish a list of gay friendly employers, but do not help people find them or help with employment issues when people call. Even groups!
b. I donated money for years to you, yet I never once recieved a letter or email saying how you had spent it. I come to DC to live and you solicit me for money and when I stop in to make a donation some jerk at the front desk acts like a typical queen. What was even more disgusting were the shmucks wasting the money people like me donate while trying to make a training or educational video. However, instead of making the video or focusing on it, they had choosen too fool around for more than thirty minutes. I know because after the rude receptionist, I sat there watching as they stood around making funny faces and joking around for the camera. Great way to spend donation money!
c. How come you have a store, you have the funds to make a difference, you call the close races on the banning of gay marriage a victory, yet you did not outreach here in Nova or VA or Arizona or the other states, especially VA where a few commercials letting the heterosexual community know that this ban would affect them as well? Do you know that in VA the ban could have never passed if you acutally reached out to the voters instead of sticking your heads up some politicians butt?
Ok enough ripping on the HRC. Well, there is never enough ripping those con artists apart, but hey I am done and I am actually feeling better about wasting a few hours of my life at that ridiculous panel. I now no longer feel the need to complain more about it, even though there is a hell of alot more to complain about.

In short, why don;t these groups try reaching the community and to the guy from the gay black rights group. I think you guys have a huge challenge and you might be doing a great job, but use opportunities like the one you were given to speak about what you are doing for the future and not for some lame ass attempt to promote your group when noone is actually within your target. Well ok, three people there were your target, but the point is to say how you were going to represent your part of the community and help move into the future, but instead you made a mockery of it and really looked like a slimy greasy stereotypical used car salesman trying to rip off the world. You now mean crap to more than half the audience and I heard many of the other attendees saying similar things. Stay focused in the future and you will progress your group and your reputation, if you try stupid lame ass attempts like this one, you will only fail and posts like this will pop up faster than you can ever imagine. I am doing you a favor by leaving your group name out of this. Especially because you have no Search Engine rank! But if you see this, please take it to heart. Represent your cause and stop the lame sales pitches. You looked and sounded like a fool. That isn't good for a new group or organization. Especially from a director!

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