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I recently went skydiving in Las Vegas with a few of my friends and we absolutely had an amazing time. The company that we had jumped with is Sin City Skydiving. They are not only gay friendly, but they are laid back, very comforting, safety freaks which made us feel alot better, but they are also attentive to each of our individual needs.

Sin City Skydive only does tandem jumping, however that is fine because it is a 2 mile jump and no static line. (Tandem is attached to an experienced jumper with a long freefall, and static line is when your parachute is attached to a line and opens automatically when the end of the line is reached.)

The view from the Sin City Skydive is abosultely breathtaking. You can see the Las Vegas strip in the distance and some of the independent and older casinos right below your feet. You jump out of the plane way above a circle of brownish mountains and then you slowly glide down through the clear Nevada sky until you come to a sand square which is where you slide into safety on the ground and the pickup van is there to greet you.

They offer a video service where your jumpmaster (the guy you are attached to) has a video camera attached to his glove and he will tape the entire thing for you for $68 including taxes extra. I did pay for the video and am waiting for it to arrive. Once I finally recieve it, I am going to post it on Youtube and I will gladly paste a link or the video its-self here for you all to enjoy. I know I look stupid in it but I was at a conference and had a bit too much fun the night before.

One thing that concerned me about Sin City Skydiving is that they did not show up the first day when they were supposed to, and they did not call our cell phones to let us know that they were not coming. We did get ahold of them and they said thy called one of our offices to leave a message saying it was too windy out, so they then rescheduled us a jump for the next day. They also resheduled the jump out of normal office hours to make it up to us which is very commendable on their part. They are definitely a respectable company although they are small.

A second thing which freaked a few of us out was the airplane we jumped from. It is very small and shakes, however that is the norm for thr smaller skydiving companies and it is completely safe. Hey I even put my life on it and I am still here typing this page up for all of you.

A final great thing about Sin City Skydiving is that they have a free shuttle which takes you to and from your hotel absolutely free. Vegas is a hard town to find anything for free in, besides cocktails on the casino floor, and even though Sin City Skydiving does not have a heavy amount of competition, they still offer the free shuttle service which is a definite plus in my book. BTW Archie and Jared were our jumpmasters and Brad drove the van, answered the phones and flew the plane. The three of you make an awesome team, and if for some reason you come across this page. Thank you guys for an amazing experience and an awesome few hours.

I highly reccomend all of you try skydiving at least once, and if you happen to be in Las Vegas, wether you are gay, straight, Bi or whatever, Sin City Skytdiving is definitely a great way to spend some time without spending a ton of money.