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Rehoboth Beach has a very special festival in October called Sea Witch. You'd think that a town founded and devoted to christianity would be opposed to celebrations promoting witches and days of the dead, however to my surprise, Halloween and the Sea Witch Festival in Rehoboth Beach Delaware is by far the best time to go.

When you get to Rehoboth in the late fall for Halloween, the one thing that is not on your mind is swimming. Rehoboth will be way to cold, however all the opened hotels will have their hottuns going full blast and that makes for a great wrap up of your night. Although you will be avoiding the ocean for activities, there is more to do over halloween than there is in the summer.

The entire halloween weekend you will find every bar opened with all the regulars and locals pouring into the streets and establishments in full elaborate cosumtes and disguises.

Although you wont find huge cash prizes, you will find yourself having a great time singing along at Partners, having cocktails with the energetic parade at Double L, and during the day you will find the restaraunts and shops all opened for business. The best part about the shopping this time of year is that there are no crowds like in tourist season. Well that and the fact that there is no sales tax in Delaware. =0). Thsi si above and beyond an ideal time to hit the outlets and buy calvin klein, lenox and all the other outlet shops you will enjoy saving at. Lets get back on track though.

Besides the shopping, you have trecked all the way to Rehoboth for the Sea Witch Festival, not for the shopping. Although Rehoboth is a great gay get away, The Sea Witch festival is not gay but it is very gay friendly. On Halloween day, the Rehoboth locals pour into the streets and begin with their Halloween Parade with floats and balloons all dedicated to The Sea Witch. She is exactly what she sounds like, literally a witch who is dedicated and from the sea. I like to think of her as the opened mind which keeps Rehoboth friendly and the trouble makers of Dewey and Bethany beach out. She kind of protects Rehoboth making it a safe place for all.

After the Sea Witch Parade is done, you will see the next parade, people dress up their dogs and walk them down the main drag, then a third parade with all of the kids in Rehoboth follow. It is a wonderfull display of culture, small town and small beach town America charm.

When the parades reach their final stopping points by the boardwalk, you will find a halloween carnival which tickles every sense you can think of. You'll smell boardwalk and seasonal foods, you'll see story tellers reading and acting out scary stories for the kids and families. There are pumpkin patches and costume contests. Virtually everything you relate to Halloween will be in just a few small city blocks with tons of friendly people all celebrating life and self expression with elaborate costumes and their towns friends and families.

I am sooo 100% not a small town or little America kind of person, but the Sea Witch Festival in Rehoboth beach really makes you long for the simple life and really helps you see the joys of small town America which we never even realize we are missing by living in Large crowded and busy cities.

Although Rehoboth is better known as a gay travel hotspot and for its annual Sundance festival to help fight AIDS, The Sea Witch Festival is a sure fire way to celebrate Halloween with a fun loving town and create memories which can last a lifetime.

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