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If your one of those feisty guys or girls, even grrls or bois who always seems to be off in the deep end, a under water wedding might be perfect for you.

Tropical islands and coastal reefs and beaches have always been great romatic spots to tie the not. But if you are on this page you are looking for something a bit more unique than being at the ocean. You want to go under the ocean to get married.

There are lots of idea places to do this, My top reccomendations are Austrailia, The Carribean and Hawaii. All three have amazing wildlife from sharks to tropical fish and each country, area or state is always happy to welcome the happy couple wether gay or lesbian on their wedding day.

Costs for a gay scubba diving underwater wedding will vary depening on if your resort or church has a person to perform the ceremony who also has a scuba liscense or if you will have to hire one your self. Either way, the dive should cost under $500 and what better way to have a gay wedding ceremony than with a swirling rainbow of beautiful tropical fish and the glowing rainbows of light being reflecting off of the splashing waves above.

If you cannot live without your cat or dog, and have always wanted them to be a part of your wedding, most of the popular scuba centers have scuba suits for your dog or cat. Now you can bring the whole family down and watch your dog chase a catfish through the beautiful reefs in an addorable scuba suit for pooches and cats.

Here are some links to different gay friendly or gay groups which share their stories about scuba diving and they are also great resources for finding gay friendly scuba dive sites and the perfect place for your underwater gay wedding.

Gay Dive
Under Sea Expeditions
GLUG is a UK scuba diving Resource