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So this is a story which happened in a few different places, one was the majestic hotel in Barcelona Spain, The Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas and The Shore Inn in Rehoboth Beach. It is a mixed story which I will combine the best of all three places and some of my favorite events into one story to save space and time typing. On a side note, if you're wondering why there are so many typos in my stories and all over the site, I don;t really edit this site. I just sit here type and then save. I appriciate the help and offers editing, but I like to type it as I remember it and not have the urge to alter or change it when I read.

Ok so here is the combination of the hottubs which really stood out to get started. The Majestic Hotel in Barcelona Spain is straight and very expensive at around $400 a night, but the hottub and pool are on the roof of the building and you can se everything including the churches and unique architecture which make the city famous. You can really see the storybook designed buildings and unqiue characteristics from this roof, especially at night. Also just because the hotel is straight, the Spanish people are extremely gay friendly and the very handsome and sexy staff definitely make you feel welcome. Well at least one helped to make my trip a bit more special.

The Blue Moon resort in las vegas nevada's hot tub is set underneath a man made walkthrough cave with a water fall going over it. It is lite up at night and the echoing of the water and the light tones of the music which plays throughout the hotel help to really set the mood. I lov the rock feature which the hot tub is built under because it makes you feel like you are in a hot spring or an underground natural spa inside a cavern. It is a very refreshing place. Even better though, the hotel is clothing optional and men only. Sorry ladies!

The Shore Inn in Rehoboth Beach Delaware is also not female friendly, at least not on the majority of the premesis because of its clothing optional rules as well. Although the hot tubs are nothing special, you are sure to find fun in the 10 person one on the lower deck and an intimate setting in the gated upper deck hot tub. Now onto the honeymoon night idea and story.

So I was hanging out with this guy all day and we went to dinner at a nice restaraunt, non botique for a change, and then went for drinks. When we got back to the hotel, it was already around 2 am. Normally I would be tired but I was on vacation and was with a really nice guy. We went back to the hotel and I hate going to bed trashed so I asked him if he was going to bed now and he said he didn't feel like it so we both headed for the hotub. When we got there, there were a few guys going at it so we decided we would go to a different one. That one was occupied as well so we figured what the hey, lets just jump into the first one and rleax while they do what they need to do. So we went back to the first hot tub and stripped down naked and got in.

Now although I didn;t find him very attractive at first, I always like to see what people are packing so as we took our clothes off, I watched as he slowly began unbottoning his shirt and revealed a porcelin chest which was neatly groomed and as I took down my pants and began folding them I looked around my shoulder and watched as he removed his pants and boxers. It felt like a slow motion movie because we were both kind of nervous trying to figure out if we were going to just wear underwear in or if we were about to see eachother nakes. Well I hate to dissapoint, but I don't wear underwear LOL. Anyways I caught him looking and as he finished taking his pants off, he pulled his underwear back up and all I could think was damn, I really wanted to see how he was built down there.

He then said he had to go do something and abruptly left. I was like great, I did something wrong, maybe I shouldn't have been looking or staring. Was I beling to obvious. Then I also realized I was stading buck naked in the middle of a large deck. So I decided to jump into the hot tub. About a minute later, the guys who had been preoccupied decided to take it to one of their rooms.

As I laid back and stared up at the stars, I guess I had dozed off. I awoke to find myself fully aroused and being pleasured by my date while he was underwater. I at first just sat back and was enjoying, then for some reaosn I came to my senses and jumped. Whne I did, I accidently kneed the guy in the face and sort of gave him a nose bleed. He surfaced from underwater and I apologized. I said he had startled me and he said it was his fault, he shouldn't have just gone ahead and taken advantage of a situation. In my mind I was thinking, trust me I didn't mind. So he leaned over the hotub's edge to grab what I thought wa sa towel to get out or at least just to prevent the nose bleed from continuing and when he got up form leaning over the edge, he had used a napkin to stopt he flow but also had a basket with some fruit and champagne in it. The bastard had been planning this all day long. Before dinner he had gone to the little fruit market down the road and the liquor store behind the hotel and put together a basket for us or for whomever he had met to enjoy. I like to think it was for me, but who doesn't like to pretend that romance is something created for them with their likes in mind.

As he slowly popped the cork on the champaigne, the jets and bubbles turned off and he poured two flutes full of veuve. We clinked them together and slowly moved me up onto the ledge of the hot tub. He took out a strawberry from the basket and traced it around my nipple and made his way in between my pecks and down my abdomin to the top of, well you know. Then he took his tounge and traced from below my scortum upto the strawberry and licked every inch until he got to the berry and then ate it. He got another strawberry out of the basket and we both shared it. As I sat there looking off of the rooftop I felt the chill of the corss breeze but it didn;t bother me as I couldn't help but to gaze at the beauty from a hundred or so feet in the air. It was like I was in a dream.

I then felt the warmth of his eyes as he looked up at me and was pulled into his gaze. I'd imagine that this is how a person must feel as they gaze into a vampires mind while the vampire distorts reality causing you to feel no pain, no cold, no shame. Then as I fell farther and farther into his gaze he somehow had removed the opened bottle of chpampage and with one hand, forced my chin up while I looked at the moonlight and stas in the sky while he poured champagne down from between my abs to his thirsting mouth perched just below my balls.

When the pouring stopped, he lapped up the remaining champagne from where he started and continued to lick and lap up any and all moisture from my body until he reached my chin and lips.

He grabbed me by the back of the head and twirled me in a backwards downard twist into the water where he slid on a condom and needless to say, the rest of the night ended in pure bliss.

When it was all over with, we sat in the hottub staring off into space. We never spoke another word after we finished. We just sat there and as the hours passed, we decided without words to return to our rooms. With a small kiss which was also an i love, a thank you and a goodbye forever, I will never forget my hot tub romeo!

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