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One of my favorite things to do is to participate in wine tastings and visit vineyards. Although Rehoboth Beach does not have any vineyards in it, just outside in Lewes you will find a fabulous private vineyard and winery called Nssau Valley Vineyards. Nassau Valley Vineyards has incredible handcrafted wines which I am happy to reccomend as some of the best I have had. Not only is each varietal different from the rest, but they are all unique to the Nassau Valley Vineyards and if I am not mistaken, this is also the only winery and vineyard in Delaware.
One bottle which I highly reccomend is Meadows Edge. When you open the bottle, you immediatly smell flowers (I knwo it sounds weird but its true) and the taste of the grapes and ingredients which are combined to create this masterpiece white make the perfect sweet and light table wine or wine to enjoy with company.
Nassau Valley Vineyards is the perfect way to spend a few hours whether you are on your honeymoon or just a vacation. Hell if you are having a beach wedding, what is more appropriate than to buy the wine for the guests at a local winery. You'll also get to meet Peggy, the wonderful woman behind the wine.

If wine isn't your thing, another personal favorite thing to do is to just go onto the boardwalk and eat the heck out of it. Rehoboth offers all of your favorites from Canolis, to salt water taffy and chocolate covered strawberrys, to boardwalk fries, pizza, and more.
It is also a great place to people watch and if you go before 9 am, you can rent bicycles and ride up and down it.
Now if that still doesn't seem like your cup of tea, you can visit some of the many botique stores which are all along the streets right off the main strip. You can find designer clothing, hair salons, beach gift shops, restaurants and more. Now if you are in the mood for good quality food, this is also the place where you want to be.

Everyone will reccomend Jake's for seafood and crabcakes or steak. A word of warning, everytime I have eaten there i have gotten a sotmach ache or the food has been absolutely horrible. I would strongly reccomend asking your hotel or at the blue moon where a unique place to eat is. Sure you'll easily spend 60 a person, but the food at the smaller restaraunts is incredible and you will not find it other places. I am not going to mention any restaraunts names, however when you get there you will find plenty to choose from. My favorite one has an arabic theme and the best carrot and ginger soup. Ask for that atmosphere and you are sure to have a great meal and an enjoyable experience.

If you are more of the water person or sports person, there are tons of places as well where you can rent jetskis, charter fishing boats for deap sea, you can go crabbing in the bay or even head about an hour and a half away to asateague island to view the natuarally roaming wild horses and ponies.
Like I said, if your not a surf and sand person, there are tons of other activities.

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