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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, home of many US historical Battles, Kennywood amusement park, Steel city, the focal point for US water travel and much much more offers a rich history and culture. Not only did every American war take place in part in thsi city from the civil war to the revolution, but it was wall street in the 40's when people like Andrew Carnegie built his empire. This page will share some fo the culture spots and places where you just might want to visit and tie the knot.

The Warhol Museum - Located on the Northside in a not so desireable neighborhood, wisit during the day to avoid problems. It is the hosue of many famous Andy Warhol origionals including special exhibits designed by the master of modern art. My favorites are the sponge furniture for giants which you can sit on and just dive in and pass out and the silver clouds room. Hey one of the guys i am still in love with even though he married a woman after college gave me our first kiss there. I only wish he was more comfortable with himself.

The Carnegie Museum in Oakland is gorgeous. I attended a wedding in the hall of dinosaurs and they played the multi million dollar special effects show for the party. They have a ton of famous pieces of art including Monet's lily pads, the tightrope walker and more. They also have a great hall of gems, a doll house museum and a great sculpture and ancient ruins exhibits. It is an ideal place to tie the knot.

Phipps Conservatory is Pittsburghs own botanical gardens. It is gorgeous and my friend Brandy had her wedding here. In one minute you are standing in a tropical rainforest, then you step outside and are in a Japanese bonsai garden, then you visit the perfect collection of orchids and afterwards visit a special exhibition of a butterfly forest or whatever they are featuring. It is a traquil paradise and a perfect place to spend a day, including your wedding day.

I cannot remember the name of it, but Pittsburgh has an indoor bird sanctuary. It has hundreds of species of birds and tons of rooms, some where you are right there with the birds and other where you can see live vultures and eagles only feet away from you. My favorite is the Flamingo sanctuary, maybe it was John Waters videos but her, Flamingos are cool! There are plenty of romatic spots in the building to get married if you'll risk the possible bird flying overhead and leaving you a gift on yoru wedding day LOL.

The renaisance hotel in downtown Pittsburgh has a gorgeous lobby. There is a giant marble staircase which resembles the titanic's grand staircase complete with dome and glamour. It used to actually be a gaybar called heaven and back in 1997 I snuck in to see RuPaul give a performance. It is a great hotel and would make a perfect background setting for your wedding photos. The ballrooms overlook the river and new convention center as well as the studiums.

The Benedum Center and Heinz Hall are two old theatres where broadway shows, the Pittsburgh symphony and the Pittsburgh Ballet all perform. They are a grand remembrance of the beauty and wealth that the city used to and still in some aspects holds. From the giant chandeliers to the handpainted frescos, the theatres are eye candy 100%.

So this isn't really somewhere to just go to visit, but I guess you could get married here or you could at least do a tea or brunch. The place I am talking about is the Sunnyledge Inn in Shadyside.
So when I was in college, one of the people I used to talk to and befriended was an older man who was born and raised and still lives in Shadyside. When he went to college in Pittsburgh, he was friends with an older woman who owned a nice house on Fifth avenue just in between Shadyside and Oakland which is now a bed and breakfast called the Sunnyledge Inn. The woman just happened to be a lesbian and she had a secret lover which is one of the reasons she could afford Sunnyledge.
The woman was said to have been dating Glinda the good witch from the original Wizard of Oz. Now yes, this sounds stupid or like just a rumor. The Wizard of Oz is a gay cult classic and a family favorite of all times, but if you do the research, it actually starts to fall in place. Although I am not validating the rumor or the thought that she may have been gay, I was shown a picture of the two women and you know what; even if they were not dating, they really did make a lovely couple and I have seen proof that she did frequent the Sunnyledge Inn. I have no reason to doubt they had been a couple because I trust the guy I was friends with. But then again, we all have stories we like to tell. The reason I am including this into this page is because it will give you something to research. If you find some of the same things I did when I looked into this, it really leads you to find more and more truth to the rumor. Also, I truely believe it will help you find a bit more of the vast secrets of gay Pittsburgh which you may have never found out about or thought of.

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