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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has a ton of great places to eat. Some of them are famous and you'll be able to find everywhere, some are locals secrets. Well I am here to help you find both. Instead of writing detailed reviews, I am just going to list the basics and what makes it worth being put on the map.

Primanti Borthers - is probably the most overplayed Pittsburgh food. It is known for it's overstuffed sandwiches and greasy foods. Everyone knows about Primantis so you will easily get reccomendations to the downtown or oakland locations.

The O - is a great college spot in oakland on the University of Pittsburgh campus for cheap foods. The famous thing which is why you need to go here is O fries. They fry up fresh potatoes and give you an enourmous serving for an extremely low cost. The fries are world famous and a medium can serve three people easy. The cheese sauce sucks but hey not everything about the fries can be perfect.

Mad mex in Oakland - Everything and anything you order here will be good. My favorite is the chicken chimichanga. Most people order the burritos, they are overstuffed, oversized and overly good. While you enjoy your food, the other thing you need to try is the BIG AZZ MARGARITA. The strawberry one is the origional and best. They are loaded with tequilla and overpriced but trust me, much like the food it is more than worth it. Show up early because this restaurant is the size of a large hallway and always packed. Even if you have to wait 2 hours to sit and order, it will be worth it!

Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland - I personally hate this place but everyone else in the world seems to love it. It is just stereotypical food but I guess they have good beers and beer selections. Hey go for it if you want to but it isn't on my top 50.

Gulifty's - On Murray avenue in Squirrel Hill, your mouth will water as you walk in and see the oversized desserts. They are beyodn filling so when you order your meal, order light and save a ton of room. Gulifty's isn't in the top twenty for me but it is a top ten for many other people.

Mineos Pizza - Also on Murray Avenue in Squirrel hill is one of the best pizza shops in the world. Trust me I have eaten Pizza everywhere from Morroco, to Canada, to naples in Italy and Mykonos in Greece. This really is top notch. It;s competitors Aelios and Napolis are very good, infact the owners were all partners but went their seperate ways. In my opinion all three are great but Mineos is above and beyond the best. Get a slice of regular cheese pizza and you will never feel the same about other places again.

Eat n Park - Hey its everywhere in the city. It is just a diner, but it is also a pittsburgh tradition. It is opened 24 hours a day and before you leave, make sure to grab a smiley cookie. They aren;t much but it is tradition. You have to try going to it at least once. I would also reccomend the ranch dressing on your fries, it is a special recipe made by and for Eat n Park.

The La Mont - is on top of Mount Washington and gives you a perfect view of the Triangle. (The point which the downtown area is built on where all three rivers meet) It is one of Pittsburgh's last remaining high end restaraunts and although the food isn't Ivy or Spago, it is top of the line for Pittsburgher's. The view makes it worth the cost.

Max and Ermas - If you love French Onion Soup this is your place. Most of them have cheese skewers and seasoned fries which compliment the rest of the menu. It is one of the places you always forget about when reccomending somewhere to eat, but when you do think of it you are always happy you went.

Fat Heads in the South side features over 25 types of wings and has great specials on them. Go here if you want chicken wing galore. They have a great selection of beers and always offer the perfect amount of grease to clog the artieries that the chicken can't. hehehehehe.

Mallorca - Is also on the south side. It is one of th other surviving high end restaraunts. It is pure spanish food (yes different then mexican) featuring tradidional Spanish foods and hospitality.

The Beehive - is a local coffee shop on the south side which is as much of Pittsburgh as the steel used to forge the city. Go there to see the local flavor. It is also the spot where raves were brought into the city back in 1991 and 1992. Although raves and goth and all the other trends have died, the flavors and uniquness of the Beehive has not.

Dot's - in the strip district. It is open late at night and almost impossible to find. If you do it is a great little diner where you will see what real cooking like your mother made still exists in the most least likely spot.

There are a ton of other places worth mentioning, but for now I need to go get some dinner after thinking about all the great food I have eaten in Pittsburgh. Enjoy the food and please let me know what you think.

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