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So I just got back from gaydays in Orlando Florida. Gay Days is I guess the same as the gay pride festival we have in many metropolitan areas accept it takes place (for the most part) on Disney properties. Thus, nudity in the shows, etc,,, is banned.
Although they stole the nudity from shows like dancing with the porn stars (which was absolutely a trainwreck you should never waste money on) and the contests with the sponsors models, you will still have a great time in orlando. Anyways onto the review of Gay Days and Gay Orlando Florida.

The Royal Plaza Hotel

The Royal Plaza is a smoke free hotel on the inside, but they do have ashtrays and urns set everywhere in case you need, or want to light up. The bathrooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable. They have multiple bars including an island bar by the pool and a gazeebo where they set up the dj booth. The hotel has many hallways and ballrooms where you will find the exhibit halls of the expo. The staff is very friendly and accomodating, however be careful of the girls at the information desk. They are absolutely obnoxious and will do whatever it takes to send you to a time share speech or use a cab service which is overpriced. They obviously get a commission or kickback. It was ridiculous. My other warning is the restaurant in the hotel. My friends and I ate there three times and all three times got stomach aches and for one full day some really bad food poisening. Unfortunately we were not the only ones to have this experience. Someone seriously needs to call the health department on their asses. The other thing about the restaurant is that nothing tasted even half decent. You are much better off walking up the road and going to a restaurant.
I did have an overall good experience at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Orlando Florida and will be staying there again next Gay Days.

The Parliment House

The Parliment House in Orlando Florida is a gay hotel, bar, party mecca for Orlando. They host many fun events and have a nightclub, pride and porn shops, a foam party, pool, stages, motel etc.... on premisis.

The parliment house is a damn fun time. It can be trashy as hell because of the hotel rooms etc... but the music is great, there is a ton of different things going on at all times. Fun shows on the stage, great music (old school and new) in the nightclub, strong drinks everywhere you go and fun people everywhere you turn. We spent two nights at Parliment house partying and having fun and loved every minute of it. The downfalls to Parliment house are the bathrooms are small, cramped and dirty with no stall doors. The shops close early and the parking is horrible. You might have to park your car down the street in a store parking lot and pay the weird people outfront to watch your car for you as well as the parking fee. They could seriously use some more parking during large events. The Parliment House is also far away from Disney and The Royal Plaza hotel where many of the other events take place. Bring extra cash for the cab because it is going to cost you roughly $35 - $40 each way in a taxi.

The Red Hot Party, The White Party, The Blue Party

These are all pretty damn similar. The difference is that the Red Party is a new party at The Royal Plaza. It was almost like an old skool rave with multiple djs, intelligent lighting and random shows and people dancing from 11 or 12 to 8 am. I had a blast there, the problem is that noone else really showed up. Luckily we went to see banarama and Kimberly Locke before hand. (P.S. Kimberly Locke was obnoxious. She has a great voice, but no tact or grace. She told this story about leaving a man in her bed while he was still wearing a condom. What a gross person to share that with a crowd. It;d be nice if she would shut the hell up and just sing a few songs then leave LOL.)
The white party was especially fun because noone wore white. I took on my usually black outfit for the party but to my surprise it did not matter as everyone else had the same idea. I quickly changed back into something more fun and went back to enjoy the music. The vibe was great and the crowd had a blast. This holds true for the Blue Party as well.
The Blue party was held in the afternoon by the pool. They had contests sponsored by Bud Light who also co-sponsored Gay Days. The Bud Light boys were not my type of men, however, they were hot and they knew how to have fun with the crowd. The contests were funny and they really got the crowd to enjoy themselves. Gay Days did a great job witht heir sponsors accept for that Damn Finlandia Vodka!
Now I am a drinker and I love my Voddy, however this crap is F*cking disgusting. Not only does it taste horrible, but you get a headache while you are still drinking it. You don't even have to wait for the morning for your hangover. It is cheap, foul and the flavors do not make it any better. Why oh why couldn;t they have absolut or someone else be the vodka sponsor. Every damn vodka in the Royal Plaza hotel was Finlandia and it got to the point that the liquor store up the street had to restock their real vodkas, grey goose, absolut, kettle one, vox, etc... just to keep up with the people who couldn;t stomach the foul liquid they push off as a real vodka. I mean seriously, the slogan could be, "This isn;t just foul generic bull crap, it's Finalndia." I can never see the bottle again without wanting to hurl. Not to mention they kept throwing these damn light up ice cubs and really crappy promotional products into our drinks. I mean come on, those things were sitting in some dirty warehouse for god no how long. I don't want that crap in something I am going to ingest. In the very least, the reps etc.. could ask before they put them in our drinks instead of saying watch this, its cool.

Deborah Cox

God Damn Diva!!!!!!!!!!!!! This girl might have had some bad hair at the show, but she is above and beyond an amazing performer. Her songs are high energy and fabulous, she motivates the crowd. She has the attitude to match the voice and the bitch can sing any style she wants. The funny thing is that she actually even said that she thinks she can. She is someone you will not want to miss if she is performing in your town.