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As you walk down Bourbon Street through straight town you hear everything from the sounds of New Orleans and Jazz to House and Frat Boy Rap music. You'll see drunk men and woman stumbling down the street and depending which season you are there, showing some flesh as well. Now although seeing the forbiden flesh of a heterosexual might be tempting, there is a ton more for you to do and see in the French Quarter Gay Bars of New Orleans Louisiana.

Oz - St. Anne and Bourbon Street

Oz is the first gay bar I found in New Orleans during my first Mardi Gras. It is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always pouring hurricanes and drinks with pride. It is a bit pricey to drink there, but hey you are in a very touristy area so they can pretty much charge what they want.
The Music in Oz in trance, Euro Trance, UK HardHouse, Regular House and sometimes some rock during the day. Well I have only heard that once, but I was the only in there and they were cleaning from the ngiht before.
Oz has a great balcony that you are welcome to stand on overlooking Bourbon St. as well as multiple rooms and corridors upstairs where you can easily find a seat to relax, make out or pretty much do whatever you feel like. hey when in Rome, Do a Roman! Oz will always have a place in my heart because of the fabulous times I have had in there. They also have two bathrooms with seperate stalls, which is nice for New Orleans. They are directly above and below eachother on the first and second floor.

The Pub - St. Anne and Bourbon

The Pub is set right across the street from Oz. It is pretty much the exact same as Oz, accept it is much cleaner and they have the dance club upstairs. Sometimes they charge a fee to get up there and sometimes they don't. The music is more of the gay house music you are used to and just like Oz, it has a wrap around balcony, two floors, overpriced strong drinks and gogo boys on various nights.

Good Friends - (Girl Friends) - St. Anne

Soo head down St. Anne street with your back towards Oz and on the left you will find Good Friends. It is a gay bar that really tries to live up to it's name. Everytime I have been in there I have met great people having an even better time, Dancers who were not ust after you for tips, but for conversations too and bartenders who are stuck up and full of themselves but absolutely wonderfull to talk to if they are not busy.
The bathrooms have troughs like most of the mens rooms in New Orleans and I do not think there is a door on the stall, however, they lower drink prices and the amount you will have had by the time you get there, you are not going to care.
Good Friends is a fun bar to hangout in and I highly reccomend making the stop.

Rawhide - St. Anne and the ghetto

Rawhides is kind of like New Orleans version of a leather bar. During the day it is normal with cheap drinks and a pool table. The people are great to talk to and have no grudges with anyone. They are truely warm and inviting. However, when night time comes around, the bar takes a new turn.
The backroom with the other pool tables turns into exactly that. A backroom with lots of public sex. The main bathroom which is also a trough is nothing less than a place for fetishes to have some fun and along the walls to get into it you are sure to get grabbed, groped and gitty. If the main bathroom is not your cup of tea or you just cannot get to it, there is always a second single bathroom which is very small, hidden and cramped. It is however private with a lock. Sometimes you will be able to get to it, and sometimes you will never be able to find it. It all just depends on how long you have been in the bar and how many people are in there with you. Rawhides is great if your into anything off the normal or anything casual. If you just like to play pool and relax, try it during the day, but when the sun falls on the bayou and the moon rises. Rawhides might be a bit much for the weak hearted.

Across the street from the Clover Grille (Clever Grrl), you will find another gay bar which I cannot remember the name of. It is the video bar in New Orleans. However, since they do not have a dancefloor like the others, they make up for it with traditions in trashing the bar when certain songs come on.
My favorite is when the song "Love is in the air" comes on, they hand out thousands upon thousands of napkins and people start throwing them in the air. It actually is the coolest effect and hey, it cleans the floor as well.
The fun videos to accompany the music and the vast amounts of seating room and fireplaces make this bar the best gay bar on Bourbon St. to just sit back and hangout with your buddies in.

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