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This fantasy was written by a buddy of mine who I met in a straight bar one night when we both had a bit much to drink. We have hooked up twice in the past when we were sober, but I recently met someone and am really hoping it works. Anyways he randomly found me online lastnight and said he had to tell me something. He told me how much he wanted me and I told him to write it down. I told him to tell me exactly what he wants from me. He is currently in the military so I cannot post his picture or give you his name, but here is what he sent me. Wow, if I hadn’t met the guy I want to be in a relationship with, my neighbor would be here right now having his wish hahahahah. On with the show!

We're chatting online. We're both horny.

We decide together....we wanna Go at it like there is no tommorrow....sometimes when we chat or find eachother….one of us does or neither does, but this time we both do.

You give me the code to dial up....i walk over to your building and can barely contain myself...I get to the front entry way and begin to dial the code.and without a word, .u let me up...

I come up and the door is ajar...I slowly walk in...there is no talking, I.strip..and walk into your room then lay on your bed face down on a towel.

I lay there for what seems like an eternity hen realy it is about 3 minutes. You come over to the bed...start to undress. I hear you undress. You get the lube out from its resting place..and lube my hole a bit...You press and play and tease my hole until I cannot take the tension anymore and I need you to shove into my throbbing and needing hole….then you put a condom on and lube it.

You slowly get on the bed. You slowly rub your (&^&%(& around my anus and put the head in. you slide in very slowly so I can adjust. I'm on your bed and your P%^*s is in me all the way. You lay there a while then start slowly working me….

You pump my hole like there was no tomorrow then you suddenly explode in the condom…..u gasp for air while collapsing onto my back and pull me up so we are kneeling facing forward….I start working myself into a frenzy and have my own fourth of july show right onto the towel…..We sit there with me in your arms for a moment and just let the feeling set in…..I then get off the bed…look back…..

You let me dress and go…..we do talk after its over the following day but that night and our future are all about you having a pleasure hole when its needed...a neighborly bond which no one knows about...;=)

Well as I said he is in the military so I cannot say his name, however if I hadn’t meant a really great guy recently and one who I want to get involved with, I now know where to go or who to find hahahahah. Don’t we all wish we had a hot military man or woman right by us who just openly comes up to you to admit they feel this way for you. Yes we have hooked up before, but wow, I never knew he wanted it like this!

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