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The accessories you wear on your wedding day whether you are gay or straight are something you will remember for the rest of your life. This about it, what are you going to wear to hold your veil on. Are you going to have a tiarra in your hair to hold it in place? With your lapels or sash, what type of broach, cufflinks, etc... are you going to use to hold everything in place. Furthermore... all of these items will be in all of your wedding photos which is something you will show to people for years and years and years. Picking accessories for your wedding is just as important as the dress, the flowers, the tuxedos and the venue as they will continue to show up in videos and photo graphs everytime you watch and share your wedding.

Swarovski - The magic of crystalSwarovski is one of the most famous makers of tiarras, crystals and accessories for your big day. Known across continents, you will find gorgeous and affordable accessories and gifts to wear on your big day. I strongly reccomend looking through here at all possibilities because you know people who are attending will also be wearing Swarovski and you cannot let them show you up. This banner is for Swarovski USA.

Swarovski - The Magic of CrystalAs I said above, Swarovski is beautiful and I reccomend it highly. This banner is for the EU or European store.

Love and Pride is a leading supplier of gay and lesbian accessories including gay wedding and straight wedding accessories. If you need something unique, but pricey, check them out!

Buy Jewelry Online My Jewelry Box is a Jewelry shop offering accessories and lovely pieces to match your outfit to the dot. I cannot say much but I strongly encourage you to check them out just as I do with the rest of the reccomended jewelry vendors in this section. One thing you also will find with their site is that they offer coupons, I also have all the same coupons for this site which you will find online, if you would like one, simply write me at ~ Designer Artisan Gemstone Jewelry JE Gem is a nice site for jewelry and accessories. I am also happy to offer you coupon code JEGEMCJ05 will get you 5% off all purchases and JEGEMCJ10 will get you $10 any purchase after clicking the banner next to this description.

Rings, Wedding Bands and Finger Stones