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So I am still loving wine even though it seems like it is not as main stream anymore. It's almost refreshing that the demand for main stream winos is decreasing because you can now have more access to more hard to find bottles and you can get them on a more regular basis. Now I am not saying that wine is a dead trend or hobby, it is just the fake winos like the college students are not pretending to go crazy over it anymore and not pretending like they can tell the difference between a Cab. and a Barolo. Now, regardless of if you are a wino or not, one thing that is starting to rise into the mainstream and is just fabulous, is a wine themed wedding.

There is soo much you can do with wine for your big day and I love the thought of bringing such an old traditional medium into modern day ceremonies, especially if you are into red wines and really old vines. (BTW, I do consider an old wine (200 years+) as the something old for your big day.) So in order to add some stability to the maddness of this article since there is soo much to cover, I am going to break the wine themed wedding ideas into three sections which you can find. 1. Wine Ceremonies, 2. Wine themed clothing and decorations and 3. Wine themed wedding favors. Anyways, here is your

Wine themed weddings, ideas and favors

Wine Themed Wedding Ceremonies

1. So if you are Jewish you already know that it is traditional to have the bride and groom or brides or grooms drink from the same glass of wine, then wrap it in a napkin or hankerdcheif and break the glass together to symvolize unity. Although I love this, what I don't get is why the happy couple doesn't think to keep the bottle afterwards. Now the reason I am bringing this up is if you are not jewish and have not been to a Jewish wedding, this is maybe a tradition you may want to try for your big day. It doesn't sound that fantastic, but it really is beuatiful, go to you tube and see if you can find some video clips of this tradition.

2. One thing that couples do a lot with wine and ceremonies is to cross your arms and sip together with your elbows interlocked. Although this looks simple and easy, it really does take some work. I would also not recommend it if you have much shorter arms than your partner. It is a beautiful and gorgeous tradition and really makes for the perfect wedding photo to start your album with, but please promise me that you will practice drinking like this before hand so that you don't mess up or stain your clothes on your big day and ruin the rest of your photos.

3. The next wine ceremony you can use at your wedding is to have either both parents of both families pour half a glass so you get one full glass to symbolize the joining of two families before the bride comes down the isle so you can drink it just before or after the I do's. Now, if you choose to do this, I would like to recommend something that not many people think about.
Why not have each side of the family choose a wine from their heritage. If you are Italian, choose a Barolo or Chianti and if you are French try an old Cabarnet, if you are Australian Shiraz may be good for you, etc... Then as the families come down the isle, your parents can pour an old vine and wine into the glass to not only combine and unite the families, but they are also combining and uniting your heritage too. One word of caution, although mixed variatals are becoming very trendy, try the mix and blend your families will create before hand so that you don't have any nasty surprises on the altar. I would also recommend that you actually pick out the bottles ahead of time and try the mixes in your home until you find one that is perfect for your tastes.

4. A final thought for a wedding wine ceremony sort of comes from a sand ceremony. You could use a ton of tubes and have each person in the wedding party have a little bit of wine in each. As they approach the altar, they could each pour their bit of wine into the glass to symbolize that they are happy to give you away and approve of the union between you and your partner. Then after your first kiss as a happily married couple, you can drink your friends and family's blessing as a union of love. I definitely love this idea and think it really makes a statement.

Wine themed clothing and decorations

So I love wine themed weddings and one of my favorite colors in the world is that beautiful deep rich purple/red of a dark rooted red wine. I also love the yellow of a chardonney so what I am thinking would be perfect for the couple that loves wine is to combine these colors into their wedding wear.
Now I am not saying to wear a yellow or even a pale Pinot Grigio colored gown, but there are a lot of things that can bring the beautiful and rich colors of wine together for your wedding.

For example, if you are having a winter wedding, I love the idea of you in a solid white gown (If you are the bride) and the bridesmaids wearing red wine colored brides made dresses. You also have soo many reds and purples to choose from and the groomsmen can each use a hankerdcheif in their pockets of the same colored fabric to accent their tuxedos. Just make sure that the color is deep and rich and very solid. You want it to match and if they are wearing corsages, you may want to have wie charms or little bottles mixed in with the flowers and leaves. You can also have the Groomemen have a mini bottle or charm around the stem of the rose or flower you tag their lapels with. I love the idea and putting the wine accents onto the wine colored clothing really brings the wine theme wedding together.
Another thing you can do if you are having a spring wedding is to bring in the gorgeous greenish yellow tint of some white wines in to your gown by carrying a clutch or handbag beaded with pearls or light peridot gemstones on it to bring the contrast of the white wine into your outfit and gown. You can also match the bag with a bracelet and have the colors flow through your tiarra. Now although I think everyone should use red wine for their weddings, if you are doing it outdoors and it is a ight atmosphere or a warm day, and your gown and accessories and to match a white wine that compliments the white of your gown, why not choose a white wine that matches all your accessories, or even the beads and accents on your gown if you have the colors mixed in and onto your wedding dress.
Anyways, there are about a million ways to bring wine and wine colors into your wedding. You can have wine accessories like charms adding into the clothing, you can choose flowers that match your favorite varietal, you can choose clothing that matches the actual color of the wine or even have the gems and pearls on your outfits and accessories be the same color as your favorite red or white. I love the colors of wine and think that any wino should have at least something wine related in the theme and color cheme of their wedding.

Wine themed wedding favors

I just realized that I think I have a wine section of the gay wedding gear gift and supplies blog, so instead of rewriting it over and over and over again, I can more easily have you click this link and be taken to the gay wedding gear blog where you can find multiple posts, products and vendors for wine themed wedding favors and wine wedding favors. You'll find everything from chocolates shaped and wrapped like little wine bottles, engraved wine glasses and more. Click here to view my posts on wine wedding favors.

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.