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Although your wedding is supposed to be your big day and a day you love and remember as the best of your life, unfortunately it doesn't always end up that sweet. You may end up spending most of it in your dress taking photos, being greeted by and greeting guests as well as catching up with family and friends who you may not have seen for years. Because of this, sometimes the bride and groom miss dinner, and although they cut the cake and have the first piece, they usually do not get to have a full slice. However, I have a solution for you.

Wedding Cake Box Online

What some married couples do is prepare ahead of time and buy a Wedding Cake Box which is just big enough to fit the top tier of your wedding cake in, or you can place a few pieces in it. You then set the wedding cake box aside and when you get home, you place it into the freezer, or have someone else do it for you where it can sit for an entire year without loosing flavor or taste. The Wedding Cake Boxes which I feature here have special designs and reinforced sides so that the cake inside will not just remain fresh, but it will not get damaged while in your freezer, so when your one year anniversary hits, you can then take out the wedding cake you saved and thoroughly enjoy your wedding cake, just in case you didn't get time to eat any, or enough lol, on your wedding day.

Not only are wedding cake boxes an ideal way to save leftover wedding cake, but it is also a great way to celebrate your first year wedding anniversary with a great memory from the day you truly became one with each other. By preserving a piece or tier of cake within one of our Silver Wedding Cake Boxes, you get to relive the moment and the magical night that you said I do and declared your love forever. Imagine reliving feeding each other a bite of culinary goodness and even taking a one year later photo with the same cake in the same position that you had taken on your wedding night. Come to think of it, what about taking a cake shot each anniversary no matter where you are for a year by year collage. I'm not sure if I am just hungry right now or if it's actually a cute idea, but either way, being able to save some of your wedding cake by storing it within one of the Silver Wedding Cake Boxes from that's my topper, you will be able to re-enjoy your wedding cake a year after your wedding is over.

Silver Wedding Cake Boxes Store Wedding Cakes in Boxes

I hope you found this article helpful and please feel free to browse the site for other ideas and savings tips. have some great stores in the online mall and in the wedding rings section fabulous deals on wedding rings and wedding bands for gay and straight weddings including the wedding vow rings where they engrave your personal wedding vows in the band. =0).

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.