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Live Butterfly Release Kits, Live Butterfly Garden

I was watching TV today and I saw an infomercial for Live Butterfly Gardens where you can get your own grow your own butterfly kit and watch as you grow butterflies from being a caterpillar to going into a cocoon and then finally hatching and becoming a butterfly that you can release. Not only did seeing the Live Butterfly Garden infomercial remind me of my Aunt's wedding from when I was a kid, but it also got me to think about why people stopped doing butterfly releases at their own weddings. Some people still do live Dove releases but barely anyone does live butterfly releases so I figured I would bring it back up and adding to my wedding ideas section of gay wedding gear because regardless if you are planning gay weddings or straight weddings live butterfly releases are amazing and fun for everyone.

So the Live Butterfly Garden commercial got me to remember my Aunt's wedding. I remember sitting there and staring at everything and then my sister and I wanted to stick our hands into the cake. Just before we actually started to try and put our hands in the wedding cake, the wedding planner came over and scooped us each off a flower so we would leave the rest alone. She then walked us to the altar where my Aunt and Uncle were going to be getting married and showed us a couple of containers full of butterflies.

I remember looking at all of them and thinking how cool it was to see all of these butterflies in one place and how cool it was going to be to watch them fly away. During the ceremony my sister and I sat there completely excited for the butterfly launch and since no one else knew except for my Aunt and Uncle, it was a great surprise for everyone else at the wedding to watch as the bride and groom kissed and hundreds of gorgeous butterflies flying around in the background. The thing is that live butterfly releases at weddings are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely affordable.

You can order butterfly release kits and grow your own butterfly kits just about anywhere and you can also select which types of butterflies you want to grow and hatch for your wedding. You can choose from Yellow ones and white ones to ones with blue wings and pretty much every other color. The butterflies will not only start flying around in the background but as they take off when you are about to kiss your partner, the effect will be amazing to see these gorgeous butterflies flying around you with all of your wedding flowers and your dresses or tuxedos.

Live Butterfly releases are an amazing way to really add an additional thing to your wedding and because so many people have forgotten about them or have decided to do a dove release instead, you'll definitely get a great reaction from the crowd as they watch you release hundreds of gorgeous butterflies as your kiss your new Husband or Wife. I love the idea of having a butterfly release at your wedding and because of the Live Butterfly Garden infomercial I saw today I wanted to share this idea with all of you so that you can think about having a live butterfly release at your wedding.

All you need to do is order your live butterfly kits. Follow the instructions and feed them so that they are fully hatched for your wedding. Then let the wedding planner know when you want to release them, during your first kiss or after when you turn around and get ready to walk back down the aisle as a married couple, etc... and then just remember to also tell the photographer so they can be ready to take pictures as the butterflies take off and make your wedding pictures even better. I love the idea of having a live butterfly release at your wedding and highly recommend them.