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Soo I was remembering that one of my favorite things to do in college was to walk through Phipps Botanical Gardens, escpecially when they had their orchid exhobitions going. The orchids they displayed were literally every shape and color, some looked like dragons and some like stars, some were miniture orchids while others had flowers the size of my hands. The coolest part is that you can find most species, although some will cost you a few thousand dollars. The only issue is that Orchids can be very hard to maintain. Anyways, besides the fact that orchids are above and beyond a delicate yet beautiful flower, I thought, why not incorporate them into your wedding decorations....Not only can this be done inexpensively, but they can be the perfect touch, as well as dyed to meet any wedding color theme needs.

1. Orchid Canopies to cover above your head or a dancefloor.

Soo, there are very cheap prchids you can buy cut by the bunch from virtually any florist or flower shop or even grocery store in the world. They are the white ones at the base with the purple tops on the outer petals..these Orchids are perfect for the canopy or streamer idea for your overhead orchid wedding decration ideas =0).

The first thing you need to do is to place the stems of them in water with food coloring so that you can dye the flower the same color as the theme of your wedding, if you have already chosen to do white and purple or a shade of purple, you are set and can skip this step.

The next thing to do (if you don't have a budget to do all orchids or have a huge wedding hall for the part) is to buy white carnations and dye them in the same manner as the orchids. You can also dye the carnations an alternate complimentary color which will be a nice offset from the brides maid gowns and the wedding parties clothing.

When the flowers have died to the color you desire, you want to quickly either store them if the wedding isn;t for a few days, or begin taking each flower off of it's stem. Now is where you will need a needle and a ton of fishing line.

Since fishing line is virtually invisible, it makes this turn into a great effect for your wedding. What you want to do is to measure out the fishing line to the distance and allow for drag if you want the orchid and flower canopies to arc down, and then tie the needle to one end of it.

Now take the needle and pierce it through the base of each of the orchids or alternating orchids and carnations, or 3 orchids then one carnation or whichever pattern you choose. You also may want to make sure that all of the orchids are facing down towards the floor so people see the open flower and the beauty of the orchid. Now when you have gotten to where you need to stop putting on flowers, (you should have left about a foot extra line btw at each end) you need to tie it to either a nail in the wall or to a hoop in the center or to whatever you need in order to make the pattern you have decided. BTW A hoop in the center would be awesome, I have never seen it done yet....

Take a hoop of any size and hang it parallel from the ceiling above the middle of the room or dance floor and make the lines of orchids all meet on that hoop and let the strings of orchids start there and work their way out to the walls or edges of the dance floor....then also string some orchid lines from the hoop straight down to the floor and on the floor put an expensive orchid in a pot, or a wedding photo, or a baby photo or something cerished by you both for sentiment that everyone will see and pay attention to...Kiind of like a shrine.

Orchid Centerpieces

There are a ton of ways to make orchids the centerpieces for your tables. You can do it inexpensively or you can go all out. Here is a short list of ideas for hwo to use orchids as a centerpiece for your special occasion.

simple find a fancy pot with a gorgeous wrapping and set the orchid in the center...noone said you have to have a million flowers on every table.

Another simple idea on how to incorporate orchids into your centerpiece is to get a floating bowl and float the flowers in them with a led light on the bottom which will slowly change colors as the orchids flow across the top...a beta fish in the bowl would also be a fabulous touch...or you can float them with candles too.

Another take on that is to use a taller vase with a beta fish and orchis across the top.

A final centerpiece with orchids is to have a florist arrange a boquet of flowers for each table and make sre they know the focus is the orchids.

Orchid Boquet

To get your boquet of orchids, you can either get out your hot glue gun, or you can simply contact your florist for to create one for you....I would say focus on other things and order your orchids and flowers for the briday boquet and for the grooms mans lapels from a florist,,,online ones can be the best because you will find specials.

Anyways, I have a ton more ideas for orchid weddings, but my fingers are starting to fall off from typing...Below are some links where you can buy everything from the flashing led lights and bowls with lead lights in them, to beta fish and of course florists with orchids and flowers that can help with all of your orchid and flower wedding needs....please use these links for shopping as they help keep this site up and running.

For now I am off, later everyone!

Flashy Blinky Lights has all of your LED light needs from fish bowls to wedding favors and more.

Flora 2000 is the only online florist I trust, I have bought many bouquets from them and they always turn out fabulous, they also ship all over the world...when you get to the site, you need to change it to the country you live in btw.

Pets warehouse is a place to get your beta fish or other fish for the fish bowls at very low costs,,,,,they will ship you the fish alive and you will have a fabulus living centerpiece and a unique take home for the kids or party goers and wedding attendies that will leave them talking for years

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.