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So Gay Philadelphia, don’t they wish hahahaha. The city promotes itself to attract gay men and women in hopes that it will revitalize and revamp the city. Think about it, when gay people start moving into a neighborhood the real estate prices start to rise, because the crime rates start to decline, more shops, cafés and bistros begin opening. The streets start to get cleaner and all of the sudden it starts to turn into a prime section of anywhere that is the most desirable to live in.

Philadelphia is really giving it a go by advertising their city in gay papers and by creating gay TV commercials; they even made the street signs around the Philadelphia Gayborhood rainbows and pride flags, however, even with all this, they are lacking a few major things to attract the homo’s. Unfortunately, that will have to go in the rants section. This page is about Big Old Gay Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Where to stay within walking distance to the Gayborhood in Philadelphia Pennsylvania:

Ritz Carleton, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Gay Philadelphia is set slightly away from the theatre districts; however there are two hotels right by the gay bars and Gayborhood. The first is the Ritz Carleton Philadelphia.

The Ritz is just like any other Ritz in any other city, it features comfortable beds, friendly staff, late houred room service and it is within walking distance to many major attractions. You are about a 5 block walk down Market Street to the gay bars and Philadelphia’s Gayborhood.

The prices are very reasonable at this location considering the city itself is very reasonably priced. I would strongly recommend the Ritz, if I hadn’t stayed at the Marriott the following weekend.

The Marriott in Downtown Philadelphia

The Marriott features everything a girl could need. A comfortable bed, a large bathroom, numerous bars, hot men working all over the building, huge flower displays, a 3 block walk to gay town and most importantly, Maggiano’s, Cheesecake Factory, and a hell of a lot more diet killers right outside the door. OMG if I was there during any dinner hour I would soo be needing to call Jenny hahahha.

The Marriott was only $200ish a night which included valet parking and taxes and fees. I find that to be extremely fair, especially considering you will not need a cab, they treat you like gold, your car is safe and you have in and out privileges and the hotel is relaxing. One thing I hate most is when I get to my hotel and I cannot relax. This place does it. It is large, high ceilings, tons of space breakers, calm colors, soft music and a huge lobby. You will be able to fall down and just be at peace.

Now it isn’t anything special and they didn’t try to go all out, but it is a little above average and it is soothing in its own way. I would definitely recommend the Marriott as the place to go if you are going to do Gay Philadelphia and want a great rate on your room as well as friendly staff and an ideal location.

Soo anyways, Philly isn’t just for cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, chain restaurants and theatres, it also has a few gay bars. (I know I didn’t cover the theatre district, but Philadelphia does have three different theatres including a world famous new one with incredible acoustics. Wicked is also currently playing there, but chances are it will be long gone by the time this review hits the engines hehehe. Philly is sure to satisfy your theatre cravings as well as others.)


Woodys has always been a staple of the gay night life in Philadelphia. Woody’s bar features two floors and multiple rooms. When you first walk in, you will be in a very tight space with a bar that covers the room from the center outward making you have to scurry around. If you head left, you will find a staircase which leads you upstairs to the unfortunately repulsive restrooms. Keep walking past the restroom door and to the right you will find a nice lounge type bar with internet access so you can log in and find a trick to come meet you at the bar or text your friend. The thing I don’t understand though is why you think you would look cool playing online at a nightclub, however, to each their own.. Anyways, if you don’t go right from the hallway up the stair case in Woody’s, you will be taken to the main room and dance floor.

The dancefloor at Woody’s is very non stereotypical Pennsylvania. It almost looks like a rollerskating rink. It has the dj booth virtually floor level and set to the back of the floor. There are two bars on each side of the room, and really tacky lighting around the edges. The gogo boys they have on the platforms are nice, but damn quaker laws prevent them from stripping naked. Unfortunately that is one of the only things that would make Woody’s a good time. The music is stereotypical, the crowd is unusually boring, but the drinks are cheap. Although I have had a good time at Woody’s in the past, it has just seemed to go downhill. Speaking of downhill, have you seen Shampoo?


Shampoo was the best and hottest gay bar to go to in Philadelphia, PA. The dj booth is like twenty or thirty feet up above the dancefloor/ There are multiple rooms, vip lounges and over priced drinks. Like most cities older gay bars, it was also in a shady neighborhood which really makes it kind of exciting.

It might sounds weird that bad neighborhoods make it more exciting to go to a club, but when you see and think you might be in danger, or you are in the projects, your adrenaline starts pumping and when you get in and hear the house music pumping it really keeps the rush all night long. I had never had a bad time at Shampoo, the music was great, the guys were hot, the drinks were strong, and now it is a straight bar! What the Fuck Philly, giving up your best gay bar to the breeders, LAME! At least they opened a bar which is NYC styled and ended up being tons of fun.

The Tavern on Carmak

The tavern on Carmak, I think that is what it is called was definitely a hot time. The lower floor has a piano bar with an adequate piano player and tons of people singing along. It is classic. There are also bars down there so you can sit down and enjoy yourself in a more relaxed atmosphere than normal for gaybars. The vibe and energy is very friendly and fun. From the minute you walk in, you will feel warm and welcomed. When you go to the back, you will find a staircase.

Up the staircase you will find the men’s room and the dance floor. The dance floor and dance room are separated through glass doors with a security guard on the outside. The bar inside is lit up like a NYC bar and the dance floor is small and backed by mirror’s to give the illusion of a bigger space. The dj booth is up another flight of stairs and around a catwalk encircling the room from above. The music when I was there was great. They played old skool house and new music as well as a couple of random songs like “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from the new version of the movie Hairspray. It is unfortunate they played that one though because the one from the musical is much better. The crowd is stuck up and slutty, but hey, they know have to have a damn good time. Tavern is a place you can sing and smile down below, or wave your arms in the air and shake your booty till later at night. I thoroughly enjoyed this bar and highly recommend it.


Pure is Philadelphia’s answer to a real club. It is a large scale club set up like a warehouse. Unfortunately for most it is an afterhours bar and in Pennsylvania, that means you have to have a membership. Luckily though you can purchase one at the front door and bring in your friends.

The dance floor is huge and the lights are set up the way they should be. Dark and colorful. Around the dance floor on the middle floor or ground floor are booths you can sit at and a bar to the right side. If you are not a member, make sure you stay near you friend who is because you cannot buy a drink or water without your buddy.

In the basement, you will find another large bar with the same music as upstairs accept it is played at a level where you can actually hear your friends talking. The bathrooms are also down here and are relatively clean.

The upstairs floor also has tables and booths set up for you to sit in. Railing overlooking the dance floor and is a great place if you are too tired to dance, but don’t want to look old or unenergetic. A last quick note about Pure is that it is a smoking bar. It was soo weird to be dancing in a club and people smoking cigarettes. It reminded me of college. In short, the music at Pure is great, the people are friendly, the environment goes from chill to insane and it is right by an awesome late night pizza shop which is sure to kill your diet.

Philly is a pretty cool town overall and a fun place to stop inbetween DC and NYC on the east coast.

Ohh ya, that also have that liberty bell thing.

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