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So, some of the things people have the most trouble finding for their gay weddings are the simple gay wedding supplies and decorations that make gay weddings unique. What I have done with this page is gone out to find various online shops where you can order gay themed wedding supplies and gay merchandise that will help make planning your special day a bit easier. Click here for gay and straight wedding supplies or look below for some of my personal select favorites.

Joanne and Melissa's Lesbian Wedding and Invitations, find wedding invite ideas and stores here!

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

One company which I have recently discovered is That's My Topper which is a 100% gay friendly wedding vendor. As their name states, they focus mainly on wedding toppers and they carry a wide variety of gay wedding toppers with the men or grooms as well as two women or brides wedding cake toppers. You can find the gay wedding cake toppers by clicking this link Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers. Now in the past I know people have had to actually buy two sets and cut them in half then recombine them to make their own set of same sex cake toppers, but now you have it easy with stores where you can order your gay wedding toppers online like That's My Topper. The thing I like most about this particular store is that they are not over priced and they offer a variety of ways to display your cake topper with custom engravings, brandings, unique and offbeat figurines for the cake like the Diva bride topper and more. I highly Recommend checking them out.

Gay Wedding Vow Rings

Partner Vow Rings Say More Than "I Love You" Wedding Vow Rings, which is a company based in Rhode Island, is the innovator and originator of creating custom wedding bands for gay couples which inscribe your personal quotes or vows on the inside of the band (They are also the originator for straight people too,,,shhh). Wedding Vow Rings has proudly taken a firm stance on gay marriage and civil unions within the gay community. The owner of Partner Vow and Wedding Vow rings Jerry Biern believes that every couple should have equal rights, especially when it comes to love and marriage. He feels there is no difference between gays and straight, hey love is love no matter who you are. Jerry Biern, who is also a 3rd generation jewelry manufacturer, came up with the concept of gay wedding vow rings when his young daughter asked him to make a special code ring for her and her circle of friends.

Now, with Gay Wedding Vow Rings, couples can choose from a variety of versus with everything from Shakespearean sonnets to a selection of civil, religious and nontraditional vows, or couples can make the rings completely unique by writing their own personal messages to each other and having them inscribed inside the wedding band.

Unlike other companies who engrave rings, the bands from Wedding Vow Rings can contain long passages with up to 225 characters (that's including spaces) thanks to the use of our special engraving tools. Wedding Vow Rings are available in classic 14-karat yellow gold 4-mm- and 6-mm-wide half dome bands, in sizes 5 to 13.

Appetizers, Food Gifts, Catering

Click this banner to visit Artiko Chef Artiko Chef is a new store I had found online and I have to say, they are unbelievably fantastic. They are the perfect place to order food for the night before or for appetizers and snacking food for your guests while they are waiting for the wedding to start. A personal favorite are the mini french onion soup appetizers. Each mini french onion soup comes in it's own mini bread bowl and because it comes from the delicious Artiko Chef, you cannot go wrong with it. Now suppose you don't like french onion soup or you want a variety, Artiko chef offers a ton of other delicious appetizers and they even can send you fully cooked meals for you and your guests. Artiko chef really is the ideal solution for wedding appetizers and preparty appetizers and they are a 100% gay friendly food provider and 100% gay friendly wedding supplier as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.....PS the chocolate cake is amazing!

Wedding Cake Boxes to Store Your Wedding Cake for your 1 year anniversary. Click here to find out more about wedding cake boxes and links to order and buy a wedding cake box online