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Joanne and Melissa's Big California Lesbian Wedding.

So I got an envelope in the mail today from a very old friend of mine. Miss Joanne. Apparently she is about to tie the knot to her girlfriend Melissa out in California. How exciting, a big old lesbian wedding! Now when I say big old lesbian wedding, I mean it. Joanne was a famous Drag King for years and trust me, she likes it all large (except for Melissa who has a fabulous figure.) We went to parties together for years and she was never once without 65 inch ankled pants and foot long glow sticks, as well as big cars and big trucks. If this Lesbian Wedding is anything like her old personality, she is definitely going to do it big.

Anyways onto the article, we'll start with a couple pictures and then go into how they are planning their lesbian wedding, what to buy for a lesbian wedding, how to book your travel and then afterwards, I'll update you all on how it went. Enjoy this article on attending and planning a lesbian wedding.

Introducing Joane and Melissa:


Now with a Lesbian Wedding, you never know what to expect, judging by Joanne and Mellisa this one will be butch.  I know Joanne enjoys suits to skirts so I am assuming she will go with a tux.  This is fabulous.  Tuxes are classic and women look amazing in them.  

In fact, one of the best movies of all times Fried Green Tomatoes had a Lesbian in a Tux (If you don't own this movie or haven't seen it in forever, use the amazon search box at the top of this page and you can buy it nor for a couple bucks and remember a classic),,,even better she was performing on stage with a straight man in a dress hehehe ;-).  Ok back to the point.  A tux for a lesbian is the perfect way to hide a few curves, to not have to loose or gain or watch your weight before your big lesbian wedding day, and they look classy and you can add and remove pieces depending on the season weather and temperature.  

Ellen just had her wedding and she decided to go with a nice solid white Tuxedo while Porcia went with a traditional wedding gown.  Both looked amazing, but when you get two Butch Lesbians together, Tuxes are the way to go.  Also, wedding gowns always get in the way and get stomped on.  Is it appropriate for a woman to wear a tux on her wedding day and at a Lesbian Wedding?  Of course, it is her big day and she needs to do and wear what makes her happy.

That is actually a huge pet peeve of mine.  People saying, well you should do this with your wedding because it is a popular trend right now.  Screw the popular trends, this is about you and your big day.  Just because others are doing it for their weddings does not mean it properly represents you.

I have no idea why I rambled so much here, but Tuxedos are perfect, fashionable and trendy for women nowadays, especially at a Wedding.

Click here to visit my wedding shop where you can also rent a tuxedo online and get the perfect fit without having to go in to the shop. Just search for tuxedo. 


Now Joanne and Melissa went with a very classic/modern wedding announcement card.  (I left it blurry to protect their identity and date.)  It is on a very nice stock and has a standard two font type on it.  The thing I like a lot is that they decided to keep their own names.  

The thing I am loving about this announcement the most though is that although it is very classic, they took it modern by including two interlocking silver rings on the top of the card with a silver rhinestone.  I am not sure if they were being symbolic with the silver rings by saying something like two circles coming together, two lives joining, or even just showing two wedding bands joining together like their hearts.....I could also make a bad female parts joke here but I'll spare you...hehehehe.

Regardless though, with the off white card stock, the dual fonts and the raised silver interlocking rings, this Lesbian Wedding Announcement and invitation is classy with a classic flair, yet looks modern by it's shape, textures, two unique names and embossed silver rings.  I think it is perfect.  These ladies picked a fabulous Wedding announcement packet. 

You can find similar as well as this one I believe at Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas(I love this store for all cards and invites for all occasions, it is a definite personal favorite for anything paper or stationary) as well as in my Online Wedding Shopping Mall

Now here is the reply card for Joanne and Melissa's Lesbian Wedding. Again I have it all blurry so you cannot make out the actual information but you should be able to see what it important.  

What I like about this response card is that they kept the circles with the rhinestone as well as the simple and modern fonts.  They kept it simple yet classy and the stock of the card was firm so that it is very hard to damage.  It is a perfect choice in style, color, font and because they kept it simple, not overcrowded.  This layout and scheme is the perfect choice as it is classy, gets the point across and makes it simple to fill out and send back.  The only thing I would have changed is adding in a horizontal row of boxes that offer meal types like fish, chicken, steak or vegetarian...then again this lesbian so it could be Vagitarian hehehe....ok I went there.    

Anyways, I applaud Joanne and Melissa in their plans for marriage and I applaud them even more for their fantastic selection in a simple and modern, yet classy way.  It was an announcement, a photographic save the day, a reply card and fantastic paper stock.  If the Lesbian Wedding is anything like these cards, we are all in for a treat.

Congrats again to Joanne and Melissa on their big Lesbian Wedding.  Looking forward to seeing you guys! 

I am happy to announce the Gay Wedding Gear Online Shopping Mall is now officially open for business. I am adding more stores and coupons on a weekly basis so check back often.

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to http://www.gayweddinggear.com. Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.