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Gay honeymoons can take all shapes and sizes, they can occure in exotic and romantic islands or mountains, you can have you gay honeymoon in a bungalow at the beach or a penthouse in new york. Anyways you decide to have your gay honeymoon is fine, just make sure it is perfect because it truely is a night to remember. It is a night of romance, enjoyment, fantasy, fullfillment, envy, joy and passions. A few things to try and remember to make it perfect are:

1. Pick somewhere romantic between you and your partner so it is something you both enjoy. Even if he or she is submissive or always agrees, remember it is his or her special night too.

2. Try to think of the most sensual places on your partners body and create a plan to rotate amongst all of them putting him or her in pure bliss for as long as you can.

3. You are both going to be trying to please eachother, don;t push to hard, take turns and enjoy eachother, this is in fact your first night together as a married couple.

4. Leave all communications out of the door or room, lock them up in the car or leave them in a safe at the hotel. Don't spoil your honeymoon over a cell phone ringing from the office or your mother. Getting them to let gays get married is hard enough and being gay and married can be even more challenging. Don't let modern technology ruin your gay honeymoon, enjoy it and embrace it.

5. An alternate to the above or anything I might add below is to ignore all of this and just rip off your clothes and ravish eachother, embrace your wildest fantasies and make love to your new husband or wife like you have neve done before!

Now that I have given some ideas, let me tell you what else you can and will find here in the gay honeymoon idea and fantasy section of gay wedding gear. I will be writing and posting other peoples dream honeymoon vacation spots and hotels.

I will be posting romantic stories and fantasies about how people want to ir wish they could spend their night. I will keep it completely family friendly, however that does not mean it won't be edgy.

I will also include links to some travel sites, vacation sites and spots as well as online stores where you can find the perfect merchandise and attire to spark the night into an explosion of passion and romance. You will hopefully only have one honeymoon so lets make it the perfect one and let me show you where to find everything you could ever need for your big gay honeymoon night!

One thing I am also now working on is testing herbal supplements including erection pills, diet pills and more. Check it out here!

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