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Boston Massachusetts is one of my very favorite places on Earth.  It is gorgeous city with amazing culture, good food, and HOT HOT MEN EVERYWHERE.

Anyways, onto where to stay in Boston, as well as where to play in god old gay Boston Massachusetts.

The Intercontinental Hotel, Boston Mass.

My all time favorite hotel in Boston Massachusetts which is not only an extremely gay friendly hotel but classy, has a sushi bar, restaurant and grille, is the Intercontinental on the Waterfront.

 The Intercontinental is a fantastic stay into comfort.  The beds are stuffed with down just like the blankets and the pillows.  The furniture is modern and fits the room well.  The thing that really stands out though is the bathroom at the intercontinental in Boston Mass.  

The bathroom is floor to ceiling marble.  You have both a shower and a tub both made of marble.  The tub is also a full dunk tub where you can actually full submerge into it.  Also, the wall in front of the tub actually slides open so you can look straight into the room and open your entire space up.  The room I had was perfect in that I would sink into my marble tub at night with a nice Absolute Martini, slide open the wall and look through the huge windows out at the water.  It was the perfect way to be able to relax after a long and stressful day.  The food and the service are exemplary and the hotel staff is hot and sooo fun to flirt with. 

 I highly recommend the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston Massachusetts to anyone going.  It is a bit far from the gay bars (except Pie Alley) but cabs are cheap in Boston anyways.  

The Boston Seaport Hotel 

The Boston Seaport Hotel is only so so...the beds are not comfortable but you will be able to sleep in them.  The bathrooms are very spacious, however the shampoos and soaps are not all that.  I would recommend bringing your own.  The gift shop is ridiculously overpriced.  I bought a 3oz bottle of spray hairspray and had to pay over $5 for it.  That was ridiculous.  

 The one good thing about the Boston Seaport is the food in the lobby bar.  The Burgers and Pizzas are gourmet excellent and unique.  I had never had a pizza with actual leaves and everything on it with the wild mushrooms roasted, not baked on.  The food their is what makes the hotel tollerable, and you can get to some of the gay bars for under $10 in a cab.  

The Seaport isn't a high recommendation for me, but it is barely passable.  Ohh ya, and there is a Mortons Steakhouse across the street.  Mortons is always a good time.  

The Renaissance Hotel - This Sucks AVOID AVOID AVOID

Ok, so this hotel isn't that bad.  I think they just tried way to hard to be modern and fun.  The lobby is cute and the bulbs with the liquid above reception is cool, however it goes down hill from there.

The beds are not comfortable, the food is overpriced and of very low quality.  The amenities are lacking and what they do have is not even worth using, including the toiletries.  The hallways and rooms are bright orange and it hurts your eyes, and the furniture in the bedrooms is absolutely hideous.  Especially the day beds and chase lounges.  

Seriously, do yourself a favor and find somewhere else to stay if you are in Boston.  

Boston Gay Bars and Boston Massachusetts Gay Nightlife 

Pie Alley or The Alley 

The Alley or Pie Alley Gay Bar in Boston Mass. is a very chill and relaxed bar which is mainly geared towards the Bear community.  You'll also find a bit of leather, but the people are friendly and it is close to most of the hotels mentioned above.  It is a nice place to have a chill happy hour or just relax in a dim room with a beer and watch people shoot pool.  I recommend it if you are looking to just have a beer and head on home.  

Don't forget to stroll your way back though.  On your way home you will be able to find an amazing Hollocaust memorial, old cobblestone roads, neat old fashioned American Architecture and historic Boston Mass.  


Ramrod is a leather and fetish gay bar by Wrigley field.  The bars are everywhere and the people are great.  The music is lacking and I am pretty sure they have shows on a regular basis.  I believe I also saw a gift shop.  

The bathroom at Ramrod is Peep show heaven, and btw, I do mean Peep show.  The urinals are scattered throughout and the walls are missing so everywhere you look you see a peep.  lol.  The stalls are also scattered throughout and it would not surprise me if there was a glory hole in one of them.   


Machine is a dance club which is hopping on Friday nights.  It is directly next to Ramrod and they play a ton of tribal and tech house music.  The club is set up with a few bars and a nice track light show.  Whenever I see the right half of the place though, I swear it used to be a roller rink lol.  You'll see what I mean if you go.

One thing to watch out for though is that they do have a back room.  It is a large curtained off area by the stage but still secluded.  It can get busy back there if there is no show going on, but be prepared to get caught eventually so play at your own risk lol.  

If it isn't a Friday night though, I would not recommend showing up.  The people will look like they are on drugs and are very cliqueish.  You really have to be into tech-house and breaks to enjoy it if you are not seriously drunk...the only good thing about off nights is that the drinks are strong and cheap and you will be feeling it.

The Roxy in Boston Massachusetts!

The Roxy,,,,,need I say anything else?  The Roxy is a classic.  It is modeled perfectly after the super club that was in NYC.

You walk into a goddy and overdone hallway, then up the staircase to an even goddier entryway and then into the superclub.

The Roxy, is a multi level club with a huge second floor and catwalks everywhere.  You can dance on multiple platforms and stages and the video screens, laser and light shows, sound systems are right on key.  

The Roxy also features Gogo Boys, Drag Queens Trannies, Straight and Gay Men everywhere and virtually everything you would have expected from the original Roxy Nightclub in NYC.  Being at the Roxy reminded me of my college years going out to Twilo, Lime Light, and the original Roxy.  I can't tell you how much fun we all had here and how surreal it was.  It really was like being back in the old days of the club.  This is the bar I recommend to everyone who finds this page.  The crowd is mixed gay and straight even though it is a gay bar, but the straight men are very friendly as they know it is not their bar.  If you only have one place to go on one night out in Boston Mass.....The Roxy is the place for you.  

The only warning though is that it is impossible to get a cab afterwards, prep ahead of time or make arrangements to get picked up at the Ritz Carleton Boston up the street, but make sure you have a way home or you could be waiting in a not so nice, yet fairly safe neighborhood for hours.  

Ohh and BTW, avoid the Boston Ritz, it is the Shithole hotel of the chain and the worst hotel in Boston.