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So if you had read the forums on Gay Wedding Gear you would have seen that I had a problem with Freddies Beach Bar and Grille about a year and a few months ago.  Anyways, I got an apology and worked out the issues with the person involved but still never went back to Freddies.  Anyways, last Friday I was out with some friends and we had decided that I should at least do something for my Birthday which is January 1st, so I randomly though what better day to go back to Freddies.  So I made the invitation above and decided to do a birthday party at Freddies for my friends and I this year.

Anyways, sure enough as we walked in, the person who I had had the issue with was working, however we both acted maturely and were very polite. It was extremely awkward at first, but when we both realized that there is no reason to be rude or bitter with each other, the night ended up being great. About twenty of my friends showed up and we had a great time drinking everything from Freddies Specialty drinks to "Kimmer Shots" (You should definitely try one when you go to Freddies) which are a Freddies only shot made by their GM Kimmer and ordered a few appetizers,,,,btw Freddies has awesome wings, they are a definite thing to try when you are there. Now, I still think some of the prices are higher than others, but because Freddies is like a local bar where everyone knows each other and you really do get customized attention and the bartenders and servers know your order as you're walking in the door, it is worht paying a few extra bucks for the food or the extra dollar or two per drink.

One thing that had also been a pleasant surprise last night at Freddies was to find out that their Karaoke book has been increased enourmous amounts to give a nice selection of music to choose from. The only thing I wish they had was a book by artist and a book by song, or just combine them,,,,,it made it hard for us to figure out what we wanted to sing. Well, most of us planned on not singing at all, but you pump a couple of drinks in a group of people whose intent is having fun, they are gonna take it on over.

The karaoke for our group started out with Greg giving us some fabulous lounge music, then it went onto Paul who ended up refusing to go up and sing Whitney Houston's version of I will always love you which should not be attempted by anyone but Whitney herself, (I was kind of thankful, yet dissapointed) and then onto me singing Don't Rain on my Parade by the ever so fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand...Although I know I could never pull it off like the great one, I sure as hell gave it a good shot and got the applause I was not expecting lol. I thin my favorite one though was definitely when they tried to make me sing Cher's Believe, but the problem is I didn't believe in that song so Monique grabbed the microphone and walked around our group and everyone just kept takign the last syllable and Chering it up with the stereotypical goat sounding voice drops....it was hilarious....Also, Greg and Monique doing love shack worked great too, especially since Greg sounds just like the guy and Monique was drunk hahaha.

Anyways, instead of this being a bitch and rant fest, I wanted to write that I had a great time last night at Freddies Beach Bar and Grille in Crytsal City Virginia just outside of Washington DC and on the Yellow and Blue line metros. Freddies has definitely won me over and i am happy to re-recommend it to straight and gay people alike as it is a great place to find a mixed crowd on many nights, even though it is clearly a gay bar. Ohh btw, the address and phone number for Freddies is:

Freddies Beach Bar
555 South 23rd Street
Crystal City, Virginia 22202
Phone: (703) 685-0555

Anyways, if you decide to go to Freddies, enjoy yourself and enjoy the surroundings, it is built and set like a florida flamingo trailer, but fun and fabulous. If you go in ready to have fun, I am sure you will end up having a blast. Ohh and also, the key lime martinis (although they are about $10 I think) are soo worth it! The grahm cracker rim and frozen cocktail will leave you craving another for weeks on end!

My 21st, again birthday, not a bitch, but a good time in a forgotten place.

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