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Ok so I looked up at the news and saw that they are revoking or trying to revoke don't ask don't tell or what we all know as the way the military lets us "fags and dykes" as an army guy explained it to me into the military. Or should I say sissy boys as another yutz at Fort Hood who I also caught at their local gay bar kissing a much younger man, or should I say his privates. Ok I went for the stupid joke and I will probably go there again.

Needless to say, my opinion on this is just that it is stupid to have in place for the following reasons. I am for revoking it as it should have never been in place to begin with.

1. If someone wants to defend the country they love admire and respect, and are willing to risk their lives for that country even though the country continues to discriminate agianst them, they are true patriots. This type of person should be able to fight for the country they love, even if the country does not love them back. There should never have been don't ask don't tell, they should let the qualified people who love their country defend it because they would and will do a better job than some insecure idiot or close-minded jerk.

2. The Spartans, Julius Ceaser and tons of other great conquerors and militaries were either gay or required their armies to be gay because it gave asense of brotherhood and belonging to their armies. This in turn gave them the ability to fight the opposition as lovers who watch eachothers backs and therefore they won. I am not saying the american military should make everyone do everyone, although I would love the videos if they make them, but who cares if someone is gay it does not mean they are not tough and does not mean they can't fight like the straight person next to them.

3. Gay Men are sissys. If you think for one day growing up in a town like i did which was white suburbia in a catholic area is easy for a gay jew, you are wrong. I am one of the thoughest bitches out there and you know what, there are thousands of us who could take the beatings and trauma 1,000,000 times better than any of you hetero jackasses who think that because your gay you are a weak, crybaby, sissy. I would love to see you for one day deal with the torment, the baseball bat I took to the head multiple times for being gay in highschool. Not only taking the beating, but then getting suspended for it, or even the trauma that the high school teachers at Mt. Lebanon High School out side of Pittsburgh PA put you through and then say a gay man could not fight in the army. Trust me, many of us have foughten wars every day of our lives protecting ourselves from violent and insecure heterosexuals, from bullies, from teachers, from hate groups, from AIDS, from Violence, from the world and we still come out ahead. We are an army and we will never be taken out by any of you!!! Don't ask don't tell, maybe it is because you know we will show you up when you find out who is gay and who isn't. Wouldn't that be a funny realization to find out tat some of the best if not the best soldiers are homosexuals and lesbians.

4. "Ohh no we need this because gays cause and are a distraction." What!!!! Not every gay man wants every gay or straight man. That is like saying that every straight man wants every straight woman. Get over yourselfs and your damn egos. If you are going to say it is because we can be distracted or it is distracting to others, you might as well get rid of women from the army. There are some very attractive and intelligent women in the army and if that isn't a distraction, then why would a gay guy looking at a straight guy who might only be moderatly passable as cute be any different? Don't you think that the woman being the distraction effects her just like an insecure guy being eyed up buy a gay guy? I don't understand how making female counterparts in the military uncomfortable is any different than if a straight man feels uncomfortable. Also, don't you think it also becomes uncomfortable when you have the straight people staring at the gays as well? Yes that can be an argument for both sides, however the fact is distractions are there regardless and revoking the ban will not change it, but it could lead to toleration and classes built around accepting everyone as your brother and sister instead of as a gay person or someone you don;t want ot associate with.

5. I could go on and on about this for hours but I am drinking a fabulous bottle of wine called Pinot Evil from Santa Barbara County and want to get back to it.

They just need to end don't ask don't tell and let the people who want to defend the country and put their lives on the line do it already. comeon, they are doing what most americans would only say they would do, but never act on.