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Washington DC is home to hundreds of places that would be just perfect for your gay wedding. Some of the top spots on the hot list for gay weddings in Washington DC are:

1. The Mall in front of the Washington Monument. Not only does it send a tickle through every gay man's belly, but it is a piece of history, just like the gay revolution and the fight for gay rights. I think it is important to make a statement while you creating history. What better statement to make than by reciting your vows on the tributes to our forefathers who were liberal enough to have given us the rights we have today, but unfortunately we went astray and lost them due to right wing conservatives bringing religion into a seperated state. Either way, this is my number one pic. The Monuments make me proud to be american and I would want to say I am just as proud to say I love my same sex partner in a powerful place.
2. The National Cathedral - If you are the conservative type, why not rent our nation's cathedral. Not only does it look just liek NotreDam, but it is just outside of famous Georgetown and you can feel like the late great Jackie O as you stroll down Wisconsin avenue to your future wedding spot.
3. The Tidal Basin During Cherry Blossoms - OK I know I said monuments in number 1, but this is special. The japaneese not only provide us with amazing food and culture, but they gave this great city it's famed cherry trees for the annual cherry blossoms. Although the blossoming is not a set date year to year, if you plan right I am sure you can get in when they are running in near full bloom. Try late march to April for this wedding. You can also recite your vows on the steps of the jefferson memorial, a man who was also known for alternate lifestyles and behaviors, with a gorgeous shower of pink petals floating around you and the potomac reflecting everything back at you. It really is a gorgeous scene.
4. An alternate idea is to take a bed and breakfast in our wine country. It is located very close to dc in Northern Virginia. Set up a gorgeous canopy of flowers and watch as your guests delight in the handcrafted local wineries as well as the large national wine producers. It is definitely a top choice for the gay wedding couple with a pallet and a taste for the mountain and country scenery.
5. DC is home to numerous fabulous 5star hotels. Some of them have atriums, some of them have equisite ballrooms, ponts and fountains. You can always have the wedding and reception in one of them and this way your guests wont have to worry about driving home if they have a bit too much fun. They can just get a room and walk upstairs from the party.
6. There are tons of other famous spots for you to have your good old gay american wedding, so I am just going to list some more of the great attractions here which make great settings for your gay wedding.
Mt. Vernon
Masonic Temple
Dupont Circle
Botanical Gardens
Smithsonian Museums (The hope diamond as a souvenier, need I say more?)
Toulousse Museum
Reflection pool at the Lincoln Memorial
This list will go on and on and on. Just come to DC and you are sure to find the perfect spot for your perfect gay wedding!

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