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If your on this page of the Washington DC section of, you probably are not getting married but are looking for something to do while you are in Washington D.C. Your in luck because this is my hometown and the one I know the best. Although there is no way for me to list all of the bars, restaraunts, clubs and lounges in good old gay Washington, I can provide you with some of the more popular ones which have been around forever and will probably never die. I am also going to do this section by night of the week as it is easier for me to guide you through it.


Sundays in gay Washington D.C. vary from season to season depending on what you like to do. One thing which seems to be popular year round though is to go to gay swim at the Plaza hotel in Logan Circle (The same hotel where they host Mid Atlantic Leather each Fall and Bear Week). You can show up strip down and jump into the pool with a bunch of other hungover gay men.
When you finish at the Plaza hotel in Logan Circle, you are only a short walk from the famed Dupont Circle section of the city. However before you get to Dupont Circle, you should detour to the 17th street bars, shopping and restaraunts. Here is what is hot on Sunday Afternoons and evening.
JRs or Juniors - As you get to 17th street, walk past the CVS and you will come to a green awning which says JRs also known as Juniors. They have a great Sunday happy hour with a decent crowd. It is known for being a bit pretentious, but hey you are on vacation, who cares what anyone else thinks. JRs is a staple in the DC gay life and It really is a fun place to go.
If you decide JRs isn't the right place for you, the Green Lantern might be more your taste. There are two floors and I believe they have karaoke on Sundays as well. The crowd is a bit more of the fetish crowd and leather/bear crowd. The drinks are very reasonably priced and you can sit back and relax without anyone bothering you if you need to recover.
I would like to mention a bar which had been shut down but was above and beyond the best for dancing on Sundays. The Lizard Lounge. It was a gorgeous three floor nightclub with classy drinks, an extremely friendly and attentive staff and on the third floor a great layout of personalized cabbanas complete with a white disco square floor and housey lounge music always played at the perfect level. We Miss You Lizard.


I would strongly reccomend heading back to JRs after 9PM for Showtunes. The crowd flips from pretentious to Broadway Diva. If you head in for happy hour you will be pleasently surprised to find a gay bar in DC where you can get trashed for under $20.00. They play a huge variety of showtune videos and the entire crowd loves to sing along to their favorite Broadway, TV and Movie themes and songs of all time. get yourself a drink and become a Diva for the night.
If showtunes aren't your thing, Maybe coffee is. There are numerous coffee shops on The 17th Street area and in Dupont Circle including a popular hangout with WiFi called SoBe. Yes Sobe is way over played, South Beach has moved to Fort Lauderdale, however this is DC baby, and when we care, we'll let you know.
One of my favorite things to do on a Monday evening is to go to Kramer Books right off of Dupont Circle where they have above and beyond the best Cajun Roast Beef Sandwhich you will ever have in your life. Honestly screw the gay bars, lounges, etc... if nothing in dc excites you, this sandwhich will. The service is always crappy so be prepared to spend a long time waiting for food, drinks and your order to be taken. You will also need tokens to use the bathroom which is a few flights of stairs up. However the $14 Roast Beef sandwhich is worht the hassle. It is a book store as well so while your waiting for your server, why not buy a book ahead of time and do some reading.


This is a fun day for all in DC. You can again start with a happy hour at JRs around 5 or 6pm and meet up with the locals. Hell I might even be in there causing some hell. But the real fun is within the next three blocks up 17th street.
Club Chaos - has a unique event every Tuesday. Drag Queen bingo and Trivia is a sure fire way to get psyched up for a great DC experience. "This ain't your grandma's bingo Bitch!" You will be watching drag shows, listening to extremely loud retro house and rock music while playing for everything from digital cameras to dildos to porn. Drag queen bingo and trivia is not just for the gay community either. Straight people have a great time attending as well and for anyone who has gone before knows that bingo for porn cannot happen without the straight men. Hell, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't know if we should play un and down, diagonal or what!?!? Club chaos can be found underneath Universal Gear on 17th street which is a great shop for clothing and accessories. Take the staircase at the begining of the block.
After leaving Club Chaos, head to DIK Bar. This bar actually has four names. Dik Bar, Dupont Italian Kitchen (The restaraunt it is above and a part of), Windows and Widows. Regardless of what they call it, you can stay with the drag theme and visit Gladys on her famed Tuesday Night Karaoke. Gladys is the perfect hostess on Tuesdays and always encourages new talent and old talent to the floor.
So we have played games and sung songs, now it's time to dance. Cobalt can be found just a couple blocks more up 17th Street on the corner of 17th and R NW. Cobalt is absolutely the perfect way to top off your retro drag evening. Although it is not a drag night there, it is retro 80s and 90s night on the dancefloor. Meet an ecletic and friendly group of DC locals while you break it down with the bangles, the gogo's and all the other oldies but goodies. You can also watch 80s movies all night long in the 80 degree lounge below or on the tv screens inside.


Well this is the lamest night in Gay Washington DC so I'll make it short and sweet. Freddie's Beach Bar and Grille in Crystal City Virginia has or used to have reaosnable sky highballs for their happy hour. I am not sure if they still do anything on Wendsdays but hey, if you like Florida and Flamingos, you'll like Freddies.
My other suggestion is Omega (the bar formerly known as the Frat House). They always have great prices on drinks, a friendly crowd of locals and the bar staff is attentive and kind. They play hardcore porn on the second floor, have multiple pool tables and a couple of lounges which open up if the crowd is large enough. It is more of the place to go on a Saturday, but if you need somewhere to relax or have some drinks on a Wendsday this is your place. They also always change up the theme on wendsdays or I just can't keep it straight. If I remember it is Underwear night, shirtless men drink free, drag shows, strippers, or something along those lines.
Titan Bar above Dakota Cowgirl (ex Hamburger Mary's) they have gay trivia night where you can have a few drinks and play a round robin game of gay trivia with multiple question types and lively hosts.
This used to be one of the nights to drive to the projects where they are building the new stadium. The fully nude strip clubs had great specials and amateur nights and contests on Wendsdays. Unfortunately the city shut down all of these bars and one of the oldest gay blocks in the USA for a stadium noone really wanted. It was a trashy bar with the strips clubs, porn theatre, video stores and backrooms, but it was also home to on of the most famous drag shows and queens in the country. We miss you Zigfelds and Ella. You made Drag what it should be, classy, funny, glamerous and fabulous. Ella Fitzgeralds show will always be a part of gay history. Not only did she never age, but I believe she never missed a single show in the 20-25 years she had been doing it. (I think that is what it said in the post.) All I know is it is the only drag show I have ever found to always be entertaining and something new. DC took something special away when they took away Ella's show. We miss you! On a side note, her show was on Saturdays but since we are talking about these bars I figured i would give it a mention. It was also attached to my favorite strip club which is also gone. Secrets was the best for dancers. Great variety, good music and a fun atmosphere. It's a real shame its gone.
The final destination for Wendsday is Halo. The origional smoke free uppity bar in DC. The martinis are $10 - $14 a piece but on Wendesday you get buy one get one free until mid-night. When you are there though, the drink prices aren't the only things that will get you, they have some of the friendliest bar staff and cutest barbacks in the city, but they also have the rudest and most stuck up clientel, go there with your own attitude and don't take the customers crap. Halo is really a good time. They play great music, have a cool modern decor and like I said a very friendly staff who always remains professional.


In virtually every city in the USA you will find Thursdays to be college night. Washington DC is no different. In short: Cobalt - College Night Apex - College Night Omega - Drink specials then off to College night at Apex Jrs- 80's night then off to College night at Cobalt See a theme? College night in DC is a great time to relive your old frathouse or club scene memories. Dance with the boys Cobalt and Apex or take shots at any of the bars around the city. It is the perfect way to build your tollerance up for Friday night's escapades.


Friday is when the weekend begins. Capital Hill empties out, industry and technology shuts down for the weekend parties. Every bar in DC has drink specials, and almost every bar will be packed and if your with the right people, a blast.
Apex - has great dancing and Gladys (from Tuesday at DIK bar) has her best karaoke show in the upstairs Stars Lounge. She really shines here and it is tradition to get up and belt out a tune or two. Sign up early though as the list gets long fast. If you don't have the guts to get up on stage, outside of the Stars lounge are couches and a lrge screen tv with a huge 3 sided bar. Have a few drinks and relax. When your good and toasty, head downstairs to the main room with the dancefloor and some great tribal and regluar gay house music. When you can't take dancing anymore, wind your way back through the back of the room, through the hallway lounges and bar to the back room where you will will find a dance video bar with an eclectic mix of music, another full bar complete with gogo boys on top. A quick word of warning, you will find yourself in this club alone if you show up any time before 11:15, that is when people begin showing up and they stay till around 4am. If you need something to do before hand, you can go to the fireplace which is prodomintely "chocolate" as they describe it to me whenever I go in, or take a few back at Omega.
Fridays can be a great night to hit up Washington DCs gay country western bar Remmingtons on Pennsylvania Avenue. Although the busy night at Remmingtons is usually Saturday, I have always found a large and friendly crowd on Fridays as well. They have great Karaoke and the bartenders are not only hot (male and female) but they can mix some damn good drinks as well. Sing, drink and line dance the night away in gay dc.
Right by Remmingtons is one the DCs Lesbian Bars called The Phase. The Phase is popular for the women. It has very reasonable drinks and a cute petite dancefloor for you to shake what you got to alanis or sarah or whatever the ladies are listening to these days. Also the bathrooms are meant for women, so if yuo go with your lesbian/femalien friends, don;t ask for the mens room, just follow the first woman who can kick your ass and you will find it ;-).


Saturdays are fair game for all the bars to Pull you in. A while ago I would have said to go see Ella's famed show, some of the hot dancers or to one of the top night clubs in the world, Nation, but thanks to the DC government, we no longer have any of the above. Nation was home to many good and bad memories, foam parties, famous performers and performances, great djs and some great times. Then again that can be said for all of the bars and lounges which were in that neighborhood.
To find what your looking for on a Saturday night my only suggestion is to grab a copy of Metro Weekly or The Blade (two of our gay publications) and ook to see what is advertised and what specials are going on that night. There is always something to do on saturday nights and you will be able to find what you are looking for, almost gauranteed!

This page is getting a bit too long so I will end it by saying enjoy my good old gay Washington DC.

On a side note, to help keep this site up and running, please use the banners to do your hotel bookings and ticket reservations for shows etc... so we can keep the site a free resource and continue to add new and informative stores and adventures to it. Enjoy and as always, if you have anything you would like to add to this section or have a destination, resource etc.... please write me at adam and submit your articles.