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Something that seems to break up many relationships and/or really puts a cramp in your week is when your partner is traveling and you are not good at being away from eachother, especially at long distances. Sometimes jobs will take you away from your family for a month and sometimes it could just be school. Either way, distance hurts when you have someone you love. This page is about different ways that my family and I have learned to cope and function from a distance.

When I was a kid, I never really got along with my dad when we lived in the same house. Luckily I got to leave and go to a boarding school. The thing is though, we never were able to build a relationship and still to this day, we never can have a relationship if we see eachother in person. Now this relates to being seperated from your loved one in that I had to find a way to get to build a relationship with my dad and other family members so that we could feel close and continue to build up our relationships again. When your partner is traveling, especially for extended periods of time, here are some of the things I have begun doing with my family to keep us closer.

Now, the most obvious is set aside a set time each day to talk on the phone. Ya, this helps a bit but it doesn't really help close the boundry and the effect wears off shortly after the call is over. Although it is the easiest way to be able to feel close to someone, besides sleeping with something they own like a teddy bear or a favorite shirt, there are a few things to increase the effectiveness and closeness of the phone calls.

  • instead of just talking on the phone, go to a store and buy a webcam. If both of you have internet access, why not use it to have a webcam session where you can chat and see eachother at the same time. You not only get the vocal comfort of the voice, but you can see your partner through the screen and see that he or she is ok. You can also then share pictures live and let them see everyone back home too if you have kids. You can also utilize the computer to play a game with your loved one or even just give them a virtual kiss. Anyways, you see what I mean. Using a webcam and the internet instead of a phone call can increase the effectiveness and feel of the phone call making you feet closer and hopefully a bit better.
  • Find something you share in common that you can enjoy together - My dad and I found out we both really enjoy wine and wine compliments like cheeses and other things that go along with that. What we do with this to build our relationship is that we take turns and order two of the same bottles of wine online, one for me and one for him, then we will both drink them while we chat for 5 or 10 minutes and then we both also have a wine diary that we record how we enjoyed the wine and the conversation with eachother online. A couple days later, each of us will be able to read eachother's and it has now become an interactive hobby that gives us memories we both share together, something fun to do and really let us find something we had in common. Now even if you aren;t a wino like me, you can do this with knitting and sewing or really just about anything. Find what interests you guys and begin to explore how you can share it from afar.
  • Virtual games - virtual video games are a great way to pass the time with your partner. If you have a time where you would normally be doing dinner together or watching tv at night, sign online and do it virtually. You can turn on your webcam and feel like you are sitting with your partner while you watch your favorite shows or play your favorite board games. It really worksout well because you are doing it simotaniously and you can see eachother. You can also hear eachother luagh etc... and have a conversation without an annoying phone against your ear. Virtual hours at night with your loved one will definitely help to close the distance gap between you and your partner

There are plenty more ways to help close the gap like video emails instead of regular and sending a care package etc... but I am out of writing time tonight, so if I come back to this page I will add more, but until them, please read other articles, thoughts and ideas, and if you would like to reproduce or use part of the content somehwere, please just provide a link back to this page or to my web-site. Enjoy =0).