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Moving in together is one of the more exciting things you can do when you are getting married, however it is also one of the most challenging. From the first minute on, you will begin to learn how hard it is to let go of that favorite chair, or that painting you have had since college.

Some couples are lucky because the one hates their furniture and the other is a fabulous decorator who is also given full control over the house. Unfortunately that is not the case for most of us. This page is here to try and help you find ways to compromise and be able to keep your chair while your partner gets to keep his or her painting.

1. Divide up the rooms by importance to you. Give eahc one a percentage point you can both agree on and you flip a coin and each start picking rooms. You pick one at a time and when you have about 50% each, you then get control over what goes in what room. This works well because some people really get picky with their kitchens, while others have to have the family room or den be darker colors to relax them. Anyways, this is a way to allow you to keep the things which are important to you and have them in the room that matter most. If it is your chair that you want, take the living room or the bedroom and place it in there. If it is a painting, use the kicthen or dining room. Anyways you get the idea.

2. In each of the important rooms like the living room, make it an equal fight, one person gets to pick out furniture, including the end tables, coffee table, shelves, chairs and tables, while the other gets full control over the structure of the room. By structure I mean the color and texture of the walls (wall paper, paint color, paneling), the floor whether it is wood or carpet, the lighting etc.... What you should find with this is that when one person picka couch, if the other person does not like it, they can counteract the purchase with a horrible contrasting wall or painting. After the battles are done, you will quickly find that you can come to agreements on the decorations and furniture and it will also quickly teach you how to compromise with eachother on difficult decisions and topics.

3. Suppose you are getting married and moving into your new home, you both decide there is just enough room to fit bth of your favorite items and hey, they look great together. However, once you have your partners couch and your recliners and coffee table in the room, all of the sudden there is no more room for your endtable with your lamps. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to go Euro. Stores like Ikea, Eurway and Murphy stores are perfect for this. Their furniture is made to fit in small spaces and they all specialize in everything from modern to classic. Contemporary to conservative. Hey these stores make it because they enable people in NYC to have all the essentials in every room even though the space might be half the size it was when you lived in a city like Pittsburgh. The other great thing about these stores is that they are usually cheap. Accept the murphy stores.

As far as furniture, housewares and home shopping goes, here are a few store I reccomend online and they also offer things like free shipping and discounts. Save Up To 40% On Furniture At!

Brookstone Home and Office 120x60

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