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Sometimes when younger couples tie the knot, or even when your not even getting married, finding a roommate, especially a gay roommate can be a hard thing to do. There are a million factors to take into place and each one of them can determine if the roommate situation will work or not. There are sites out there where you can post and read roommate wanted ads, however, there is a good chance that the ads you will find will be gay friendly, or a person using it as a way to interview people and then hookup with no intentions of finding a new roomie. Well, this page is here to help you think of things to ask when your meeting your potential gay roommate and to introduce you to ways to find gay roommates online who are actually searching out a good match for rooming with strangers.

Now when you're thinking about qualities and characteristics of the ideal roommate, you have to be realistic. You're probably not going to find a best friend and you probably should not be looking for one who you could go out with all the time. As we all know, moving in with friends is usually the worst thing for a friendship. It breaks them up and it can take a long time to mend them. When you are looking for your gay roommate, you might want to think about one who has similar interests like a sports team or step aerobics, so that you at least have something to talk about, something you can do together on occasion, and still have enough differences that you will be spending enough time away from each other so that you don't get too attached and end up in fights over stupid things because you are spending too much time together. This also leads me into my next thought about interviewing your gay roommate.

Everyone wants to live with someone hot, or at least when you find an attractive person to live with, you will generally favor that potential roommate above an ugly one. However, if you are basing your living situation on your roommate's looks, you are now setting yourself up for major issues that could arise. For example:

  • You may end up attracted to your roommate and this could lead to a bad situation if you easily attach yourself to people...It could also lead to awkward situations if you both go drinking one night then you start hitting on him or her. If he/she does not feel the same way about you, it could make living together very awkward. Remember, you are looking for a roommate and not a partner.
  • Although it is great when we have a very high opinion of ourselves and we don't feel ugly or have low self esteem. However, if you feel your roomate is hot, you may after a while start to think about things with yourself that you never noticed or thought about before. Also, if the person you are looking at and feel is very attractive has issues, those issues could easily start to pass on to you. You may also start to develop bad habits that they may use such as eating disorders and diet pill abuse. Although this sounds extreme, I have seen it in many roommate situations where one feels the other is hot and wants to try and feel as good looking as the other.
  • The last thing which is a completely stupid thing, but just happens to be something which may arise is if the two of you go out and you both see someone you like....well sometimes the person may be attracted to your roommate, even though you saw him/her first and liked them. Since your roomie likes the person as well, there is a chance that they will hookup. If this does happen, not only will you resent them, you may start to have self doubts because you feel he/she is more attractive or you may just begin to hate him/her. Either way, this happens and makes for awkward living situations. You could also be on a date with someone and if the roommate is home, that date and your roommate may hit it off better and unless you didn't really care for him/her, you are going to be pissed and life will not be comfortable while the other person is around.

These are just a few reasons why you may not want to base your decision or make a decision breaker based on looks.

When you are meeting someone who you will be sharing a space with, you want to consider what their hobbies are. If they enjoy going clubbing, have friends over a lot or enjoy hosting parties, you might want to think about any valuables you have. Social roommates whether gay or straight, might not always think before they bring a stranger into the house who could potentially steal from you, leave a disease on the toilet seat, or in the worst case, harm you. If you are not a social person, you may want to consider finding a gay roommate who isn't a social butterfly either.
Also, when you get the person's e-mail address, you may want to do a search on the social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Linked in and more. You can tell a lot about a person by the friends in their profile and by the way they present themselves online.

Now, suppose your potential roommate has no friends or during the interview never brings them up. You might want to think about why he or she doesn't socialize. It could be that they really are not the best of people and that is why nobody likes them, or you may find out that they are just not social people and he or she just doesn't ever go out to socialize. They may just keep to themselves, and that may also be something you don't want to be living with. Having socially awkward situations because your roommate lacks social skills can be very odd when you have company over, or are hosting a dinner party or function in your shared living space. Think about why he or she may not have friends and add that into your consideration.

Avoid the Fag Hag! Fag Hags are great when you're in college or high school, but when it comes to the real world, the possessive and overbearing gay man or woman obsessed roommate will drive you crazy. Fag Hags are dramatic, will ruin dates for you when they feel jealous. They need constant attention, if they don't feel you've spent enough time with them, they start to go crazy and treat you like crap. There are hundreds of reasons to not want a fag hag for a roommate, but seriously, think about them, overly obsessed women who need attention and can't let go of their gay man. Even though straight roommates could be a viable option if your search to find a gay roommate is unsuccessful, avoid the fag hag at all costs!

So now that we have thought of somethings which we may not want in a roommate, other things you may want to do when searching for a gay roommate who may be a good fit is to make sure they can pay their way and are not going to mooch off of you.

There are soo many times that people are looking for places to live because they have been evicted or kicked out. They will always have excuses if they admit to it, and will promise that it won't happen this time. You may want to ask for their previous two pay stubs, run a background or credit check on them or just flat out ask for the first few months in advance. Remember to protect yourself when you are taking in a new roommate whether the roommate is gay or straight.

There are many things to think about in addition to what I had listed here, but now I would like to tell you about an alternate option to craigslist and random other roommate posting and roommate searching sites. One that I have found works fairly well is Prideroomates. focuses and specializes in providing an online gay roommate matching and finding service. I believe it is free to sign up and use and will also help you pre-screen your new gay roommate from the beginning so you can feel more at ease in that you are not just reading some random looking for a roommate ad posted somewhere on some random, not gay, room for rent board. Anyways, I highly recommend using Prideroomates to find your ideal gay roommate and to have options with a roommate service company run by gay people for gay people. Enjoy and recommend this page of to any of your friends who may be looking for a new or a first gay roommate as I will be adding and updating information on here on a regular basis.

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