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One thing that alot of people forget about, or wish they could forget about is the dreaded combination of finances and bank accounts. It seems like in most relationships you have one person who is good with money, and one person who goes out and blows the money. This seems to hold true in both gay and straight relationships and goes to show that we are not all that different. =0)

In the relationships I normally end up in, I am always the responsible one as far as money goes. The thing that scares me most about having to open an account with someone is my credit rating. I mean come on, I have worked very hard at giving myself a perfect credit score and I don't want to mess it up for anyone or anything. Also, just like all of you, I work very hard for my paychecks and although you love the person you are with, sometimes you just cannot trust them with a joint bank or checking account so how do you go about telling the person?

Here are a few ways you could go about splitting your accounts, whether or not they will work you in particular, will depend on the type of relationship you have.

1. Have a shared account where your money gets deposited into automatically, then an equal percentage gets placed into two seperate accounts for each of you to have to spend freely as you would like. The joint account in the middle you could create a double signature rule with your bank so that neither one of you can touch it without the other.

2. Pretty much the opposite, you can have the joint account and a side account that your partner doesn't know about. Although it might be sneaky and underminded, it is what really works for most people. And hey, even if your relationship is honest and your partner is a stay at home spouse, they probably are saving some money or might have a seperate checking account with just their name on the checks which you don't know about either. How do you think the stay at home husbands and wives survive a divorce until their settlements come in. Not a fun thought, but a true one!

3. One of my favorite methods I have seen couples use to get separate bank accounts without offending their loved ones is to simply order checks the other person would be extremely embarrased to pass out. There will always be a topic or a check design your partner won't like. Whether it is a hobby which you are into but your partner isn't, or it is an HRC design, you can order checks with your hobby or favorite organization on them from companies like am 4 checks, I'll include a link shortly, and be proud of the checks. If you order enough of them as well, the partner might just say they don't want their names on the checks and to set up a seperate account. Sure it sounds to easy and good to be true, but trust me, it works! I would never use a check with hunting or nature on it, just like one of my ex's would never have used a gay pride or HRC check. Well; then again, I would never use an HRC check because I am not a fan of the HRC however I would be proud to have a gay pride or a PFLAG check to use.

Pretty in Pink

Price: 21.90

Express your Parisian style with these Pretty in Pink checks. Coordinating address labels available.

Pretty in Pink Label

Price: 6.95

Sets of 210 sheeted, self-sticking labels; size 2 1/2" x 7/8".

gay pride and gay friendly HRC checks Click this link to find gay pride and gay friendly and HRC Checks