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People are always suffering from stress, regardless if they are in a relationship or not. The difference between the people who are married or have a civil union and have moved in with eachother and the people who don't live with their prtners is that they are more likely to set eachother off because of the space they share and that they have formed a tight bond which leads the other to join in the emotions.

I've been thinking a lot about stress lately with various aspects of my life causing a ton of it, and I also was looking at some of my friends both gay and straight married couples, as well as single and I noticed things that people just don't think to do. I mean, if you see your partner or your friend is really having it rough, worried about a job, waiting for test results to come back, etc.... they are not only going to be working themselves into a frenzy, but they will be bringing you along with them. If you know that a stressfull time is on its way, here are some things that I strongly reccomend doing to help aid the person you love in a period of their life when they can use the extra support.

1. One way you can relieve some stress from your partner and help to birghten the house a little bit is to put fresh flowers in a room the person will be spending time in. My suggestion is a TV room for someone who likes to lay back on the couch, another possibility is to put them on a shelf in a room with a window if your partner reads alot or enjoys looking out at the world to calm himself. A few things to think about with the flowers though are:

Now, My favorite online floral shop (Flora 2000)can be found by clicking here. Their customer service is amazing and they really have a fabulous selection of flowers at very reasonable prices. I have sent Flora 2000 flowers a couple times to people and have never been dissapointed. I highly reccomend them.

Another way to calm and relax your partner is to begin replacing some lightbulbs in your house. Yes this sounds dumb, but trust me it works. Now, many of us just have florescent or halogen light bulks shining bright, but if you take those out and do a light pink glow or all natural lighting light bulbs, you will notice a world of difference. Your eyes will feel calmer and more relaxed and things will just look a lot healthier. This helps not only your emotions, but it is a subcontious way of calming your overstressed hubby or wife.

Another way to calm your loved one if he or she just wont get out of bed, usually my kind of solution, is to bring them something to snuggle. I would say a teddy bear or stuffed animal of some sort, body pillows can work, but make sure it has something special with it so that it means something to your partner. Spray it with cologne or something to help it remind him or her of you. Also, take my advice on the flowers with this. Find the animal they love or get the body pillow in a shade that would make them feel safe and comfortable, not one just because it is pretty.

There are tons of other ways to relax your loved ones, like playing relaxation and meditation cds or renting tons of his or her favorite movies, but what you should really think about is how you can create something that will help him or her without it being to obvious. They will appriciate the gestures and because you didn't blatently do it, they will also know that they found the right person when they found you!

  • The persons favorite color. You are choosing to calm and relax your partner and loved one, you are not buying your favorite color or a color of flower that calms you. Think about where you person goes to relax, if it is the beach, think about if it is the carribean or the meditaranian and maybe go with a light blue, teal or aqua boquet of flowers. If they enjoy camping, maybe do bright yellows, oranges and reds to remind them of the campfire, or buy a bouquet with ferns and tropical leaves to remind him or her of nature walks and hikes. If they go to the mountains to skii, maybe red roses or ice blu flowers with tons of white baby's breath to remind them of the snow and the warm feeling they get inside being around it. Regardless of the colors of flowers you choose, choose for your partner and not yourself and place the boquet where he or she will notice and cherish them.

  • The variety of flowers is going to be just as important in that long stem red roses are very romatic and show love, however, you are trying to calm and relax your partner, not have sex. That is also why I suggest keeping the flowers out of the bedroom, they might lead to sex, but if they are in another room, they will pull the person out of bed and make them feel good about not moping around in their bedroom. But back to the variety, it is important to find the flower that calms them. My cousins favorite flower is a tulip. They make her happier than anything in the world, however because you wouldn't normally think of a tulip boquet, execpt for in spring time, you would go with an assortment or roses. Tulips would be perfect for her and by knowing that small factoid, it will make the flowers and gift that much more special and hopefully help to calm him or her that much more knowing someone cares.

  • The vase isn't as important, but if you are getting the boquet and want to add an extra touch, find a vase in the color or in a shape and theme to match the thought process behind why you are buying them and how it can help to calm your partner.