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When I was 18 years old, I went to Greece for a high school trip. We got to tour the mainland as well as the islands. The first night in Greece is a night I will remember for the rest of my life. This night and if I could have it again would be a true fantasy of a gay honeymoon night with the man I love.

I arrived at my hotel in a town a few hours outside of athens and about an hour past delphi. I don't quite remember the name. When we got to the hotel I found out I had to room with one of the jock boys from my school which was ok for me but akward for him since I was out fo the closet. Anyways I was ok with sharing the room because I had no attraction to him and hey we were sort of friends anyways.

We got to our little hotel which was built down the side of a mountain and each room had a private balcony overlooking huge revines covered in olive trees and in the distance and through the mists you were able to see what appeared to be large glistening bodies of water. I am not going to mention the person who I was sharing a room withs name because I do not think it is right so lets just call him d.

D and I got our key and found our room. We walked in and noticed that they only had a doubl bed in it and when we went ot complain that the shower had no walls and we would be sleeping together, they simply told us that that is just the way they do it there. We both deicded to just deal with it and if I had to see him naked in the shower, hey no loss for me.

That night we all split up accept for me D and a few of the girls from our school, we went to a quiant little cafe where they had the most delicious creame foods in a display as we walked inside. We ordered a lovely bottle of greek wine, and before we could even speak, our server came over and laid a basket with fresh bread and genuine greek olive oil on our table. They then proceeded to turn down the lights and the view of the mountain clifs just somehow appeared and we all went speechless. After we had ordered our meals and finished eating we decided to stay and have a few more drinks. When we were finished, we all split up. D and I went to a local lounge and enjoyed a conversation because we had never really spoken to eachother before at school. It turned out the two fo us had more in common than we thought.

We are both avid baseball fansa nd love to rollerblade, we both went to boarding schools, we both are self declared experts at beer pong, and we were both a bit tipsy. We realized we had been traveling for days literally and we should probably turn in.

we climbed back down the village streets through crowds of greeks while taking in the scents and smells of the bakerys and glanced at all of the gold jewelry being sold in the shops. Stroling through this town was a pure delight and experience for the senses. When we finally got to the hotel, we realized we were both intoxicated and D really needed a shower. To be repectfull of him being straight, I went out on the balcony so he could shower on the platform with some privacy. I went on the balcony and stared off into the revine. I didn;t ever hear the water turn off, but what seemed like an enternity later, although it was only 10 or 15 minutes, D had come out wearing a towel around his hard and chisled body to let me know it was ok to come back in.

He saw me staring off into the mountains and crevases and said is everything ok, and I turned witha tear in my eye and just couldn;t talk because of the beauty of the Greek mountains. I turned my head back to the mountains without saying a word and D slowly walked up and put his arms around my waist and said it really is something to see.

His arms were so warm and comforting like a friend who is always there when you need him. I stood back and relaxed my back into Ds firm chesta nd culd feel the neatly trimmed chest hair brush against my shirt. It felt soo comfortable and that is when D shocked me.

D began t kiss my neck. I took his arms and crossed them across my chest and held him tight. I enjoyed feeling his breath and lips rub up and down my neck even though I knew I couldn't have him all the way.

After about 2 minutes of pure silence and tension I turned around to D and looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and began to say you really don't have to do thi...... and he kissed me. I felt him begin to bulge out of his towel and as he grew, he moved his hands under my shirt and began to take it off. The two of us started to kiss heavier and I felt my heart drop as he slowly undid my pants. I slid my hand into his towel and explored the forbidden fruit of the hot highschool jock which every highschool boy only ever gets to dream about. After D slowly removed his towel and released me from my clothing, he slowly rolled his tounge over my nipples getting them hard and he progressed to please every sensitive part of my body with a true passion for what he was doing.

The two of us were standing in the brisk greek air on the balcony making love and as I opened my eyes to look out into the world, I felt both of us explode into bliss at the same time and as I lost my breath all I could remember was the beautifull cliffs of Greece.

The greek mountains are truely a magical place. You do not need rose petals or romantic music to set the mood for your gay honeymoon. All you reallly need is the country of Greece. From the people, to the views, to the culture to the food and wine, the entire experience takes your emotions by storm and offers an organm without ever having to be touched.

Although being with someone who lusts for you and you desire helps to amke it a better experience, the magic of the greek mountains and hillsides are a sure fire way to have an incredible night of passion on your gay wedding and honeymoon night.

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