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Much like everyother city which offers at least some open mindedness, Austin Texas also offers a wide variety of Gay Bars, Gay Nightclubs and Gay Dance Clubs. Austin's Gay Bars Range from Chain Drive the leather bar to Boyz Cellar (which I believe was shut down) for the twinks, to OIl Can Harrys for the New York wanna bees but also a fun place to hang out, Charlies where you can chill and relax ro watch one of many variety shows, Rainbow Cattle Company which is a huge gay country western dance bar and About Time which is a friendly hangout for locals just north of the City.

Although I am not a fan of the gay nightlife in austin texas, I do enjoy visiting a few of the establishments when I am forced to go down to visit. Here is my opinion of some of the better ones to go to.

My first reccomendation for gay austin texas nghclubs and danceclubs was actually closed down, however it does still deserve recognition. It was The Forum.
The Forum was the only classy gay bar and gay dance club or gay lounge in Austin Texas. Although one tried to open recently and si still functional it does not compare to the elegent drpaes which hung throughout forum, the high observation deck or the quaint dance floor which was perfectly blended into the flowing fabric and columned decor by the lights and colors. The Forum was a truely fabulous hangout and gay dance lounge in Austin. But then again, you add something worhtwhile in a state that puts bush into office, you are bound to loose it. Soo on to what is opened and can still be a good time for a night out on the town in Gay Austin Texas.


Charlies is a gay bar which is also owned by the same person as About time. It can be foud just off of the gay strip and is a quick cab ride over. It looks like your normal corner bar and features fabulous drag shows and wet underwear contests with hostesses ranging from the fabulous paris chanel to a dj who used to play there then disaooeared named Dj. Preshure (Adam). The ligting isn;t very good and the managers are cheap with shots and costs of liquor, but they are very friendly and very customer friendly. Even though they are sticklers on the prices, they will always make sure you are taken care of regardless of being gay, straight Bi, or a tranny. Ohh ya Lesbians too, Don't worry I won;t forget about you.
Charlies is sectioned out with the rectuagular dancefloor/stage in the back room with the dj booth and gogo boys, then before that going towards the front door you will find the second bar with some pool tables.
If you then go right instead of exiting to the left you will find the third room which is a straight up bar and nothing else, if you want to just sit at a bar and shoot the sh*t, this is your room. Also, off to the side of the bar you will find an outside patio, it is perfect for those cool summer nights to sit with your friends and enjoy some friendly conversation and some even friendloier cocktails. Charlies is one of the only gay bars I would be happy to revisit if I had to go to Austin Texas again. It is also located directly next to and behind the state capital building, go figure!

The next gay bar and lounge I would liek to mention is Oil Can Harry's. Oil Can harrys offers you reasonably priced very strong drinks with sexy bartenders and a very friendly staff. They used to play some good music, but their dj realy sucked and had way to much of an attitude. A strong word of advice is to ignore the dj.
Oil Can Harry's features different events on different nights just like most gay bars in most citys. You will have to call ahead to find out what will be going on each night. Some fo the events and games include, Go Go boys, the mail or post office game, a drag show and a pool table with an unspoken about pool tournament.
I am happy to say that this can be the place to go to just have an all out good time. I particularly enjoy the outdoor patio and back bar.

Rainbow Cattle Company

Rainbow Cattle Company is Austin Texas's Gay Cowboy and Gay Country Western Bar. It offers amazing bar tenders who take the best care of you, a fun karaoke list and the largest dancefloor of all the gay bars.
You can take free lessons on how to Texas Two Step with a member of the same sex for free, then belt out a tune and drink whatever is on special. The prices are more than reasonable and the staff is not embarrased to grab a bartenders bible if they do not know how to make a drink. Lesbians and Gay Men both love this bar alike. The Pool contests and Mr Gay Austin as Well as Mr Gay Texas Paaents are held here and are easy to enter. This is also the gay bar in austin where you can find out about how to join the gay softball teams, gay sports teams and gay rodeo.
Rainbow Cattle Company for some reason will always be my highest reccomended opened gay bar in Austin Texas because I never had a bad time there which is very hard to say about any bar anywhere in the world.

About Time

About Time is Austin Texas's little local gay bar located just north of the city. Tey offer a fun karaoke, food and cheap drinks. It is a very tiny quaint bar which is the best pace to have a few drinks and just relax. During volleyball season, this is where the gay teams and tournaments also take place. They too have drag shows, a small dance floor and a couple of pool tables. There is also a porn shop out back with glory holes if that is your thing lol.

Although there are other ay bars in austin, I was not very impressed with them so I am choosing to not review them. If you would like to review the bars, please send a few sentences or a few paragraphs to adam (at) couldashouldaprada (dot) com

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