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Absinthe is for the peotic and thrill seeking wedding goers or just for the person with an exotic taste looking for a new and repeatable experience. Absinthe weddings are a new and growing trend. The perfect atire is not just green bridal dresses to match the gorgeous green glow of the absinthe liquor, but gold and anything extravegant matches perfectly. You also cannot forget to wear a green fairy somewhere.

Wait, Have you never heard of an Absinthe Wedding before? Try the very last section of this webpage and you will read about my continuin fantasy of an absinthe wedding. Ever wonered where you could buy absinthe online? Have questions about Absinthe? You are at the right page. This page goes into great detail and constantly grows with more and more imformation on Absinthe. I have plenty of outlets where you are able to buy absinthe online by clicking the links and have it legally shipped into the United States from The Czech Republic and from France.

View my Page on Lisse Absinthe

View my Page on Zele Absinthe

Anyways please read the site as you will find random writings about absinthe and who uses it, how it has been used and how you can incorporate absinthe into your wedding day. The first step is to buy it and try it after ready the Q&A and other parts of this page, then let me help you incorporate it into your big day.

Many of the great writers of our time celebrated with Absinthe and were inspired by green fairies who lead them through remarkable paths of life. Why not let your future start with feelings of extreme pleasure and happy thoughts while you go into a lifelong commitment with your partner.

Absinthe weddings are fully legal in the united states and you can order Absinthe the way it was originally created through this site Absinthe This is a trusted source for me for absinthe and you can order absinthe safely and securely online through this site

There are soo many wonderful experiences of chasing the green fairy which you can watch and live vicariously through the movies, or you can try it for yourself bu using my trusted supplier at this link enjoy absinthe for your honeymoon, your wedding, bachlor or bachlorette party or just for any occasion.

Absinthe is a sure way to help make your special event something to remember for years to come!

Please use the links on the word absinthe to order your bottle online and choose from multiple varieties from my very highly recommended absinthe supply partner whose website is hacker safe and secure. Absinthe supply companies are making a presence and this si the one who I have had good experiences working with and the only one I trust as my absinthe supply store.

Absinthe Q&A.

Q: Why do some people spell absinthe with out an e?

A: This is an interesting question and a very simple one to answer, when you drink it you forget how to spell! Just Kidding. Traditional absinthe is created with numerous extra herbs including anise.
When the czech people had adopted the making and distilling of absinthe, I guess they just really do not like anise so they removed it from the recipe and distilling processes. After removing the anice and therefore creating the czech absinthe we know and love today, they also removed the e from absinthe. This is one way to tell where your absinthe is coming from when you buy absinthe or are shopping for absinthe. French will have the e and czech will be spelled absinth with no e on the end.
On a side note, both are still distilled with wormwood giving you the effect you are looking for, the only change is the lack of anise and the dropped e. Don't not buy absinthe because it does not have anise, it will work just the same, and hey some people prefer the taste of anise free absinthe. Buy absinthe for the way you like it to taste and not because it comes from one region or the other.

Q: I am online about to order and buy absinthe, but I see wormwood or thujone, which one should I buy?

A: This all depends on which type of absinthe you would like and which flavor. Although thujone and wormwood have different properties, they will still equally provide you with the wonderful experience you have come to expect when you buy absinthe. And hey there will always be an absinthe supply as long as there is a demand. If you buy thujone and do not like it, then buy wormwood the next time. If both work out well for you, find an absinthe which has both in it. I don't see the absinthe supply in the USA or the absinthe supply in the EU dwindling anytime soon. It seems to be an ever growing and underappreciated market.

Q: What is the difference between Zele absinthe and Lisse absinthe?

A: Well the difference is simple. Zele absinthe has a ton more thujone and or wormwood in it the Lisse. The thujone and wormwood in absinthe makes the effects stronger or weaker and they are measured by the ml/kg. Mililiter per kilogram. Gotta love the metric system hehehe.
Zele absinthe is more for the experienced absinthe drinker. Zele absinthe will usually contain around 111ml of thujone per kilogram. if you plan to buy Zele absinthe, be aware that is is normally for the advanced and experienced absinthe drinker. If you are new to absinthe but are an extremely adventurous person, you might still want to buy zele abstinhe but please use caution as it is a much more potent force and to the inexperienced can really hit you hard. But hey, some are adventurous and some are not.
Lisse absinthe is a weaker version of Zele. Although it is just as fun, it when you buy Lisse absinthe, you can pretty much guarantee a great time without having to throw yourself into the absinthe circle full force. If you have never tried absinthe before but really insist upon trying it like I have, buy Lisse absinthe for your first few times, then if you really enjoy it, you can always move up to and buy Zele absinthe to go to the next level. Either way, when you buy absinthe you are going to hopefully have a great time.

Q: What is chasing the green fairy?

A: The green fairy is the symbol and the mascot associated with absinthe and absinthe drinkers. She is sort of like a make believe tour guide to the world of absinthe. She is your thought leader and your guide through your absinthe induced journey.
The green fairy also gets the term green from the beautiful natural green color of absinthe. Depending on which way your absinthe is distilled or which coutry it comes from (absinthe in France and absinth in Czechoslovakia) you will find it a different but beautiful green. I have seen red absinthe before, but it kind of takes away from the beauty of absinthe. So now that we have figured out why the fairy is green, lets think about how or why you would be chasing the green fairy.
Faries are normally beautiful and mystical creatues in fantasies. Thy love to play games in most stories and also help to lead you through the woods or fields or seas. They are fast little buggers so you must do your best to keep up with them. Think about your favorite childhood pirate story and movie which featured a fairy, especially a fairy wearing green....hint hint. In these same types of stories, and in many books and movies, Chasing the green fairies show you the correct path, show you where adventures lie and show you the way to get through your voyage.
Although noone can tell you that you will see a green fairy, or that she will help you find your way, it is still a fun thought and because of all of the writers who would go to the local bar or lounge and buy absinthe or the ones used absinthe to spark their imaginations, since the fairy is beautiful, playful and smart, and absinthe being green and creating sensations of fun, beauty and playfullness, it is easy to see why people have been able to combine the two to create the green fairy, and because of the roles fairies play in story tales showing you the way, I think that this could be a great explanation of why you might call it chasing the green fairy.

This probably shouldn't be posted here, but anyways, I just bought a bottle of Zele from the store at the links above and when I was about to buy the bottle of zele absinthe I was like, this seems way expensive. Anyways, it is above and beyond worth it. Tonight I have written into many of my online blogs, none of which link to hear and now am about to go draw for an hour. I feel great. I am fully in control of everything and feel wonderful. It really is the perfect way to open your mind. Mine is releasing soo many thoughts I have held in for years and helping me to cope with things I was never able to before. I will now and forever recommend absinthe as a way to help you comfort yourself and deal with things from your past which have always held you down. It has opened my mind tonight and although I have not seen a green fairy with the help of my friend zele, I am happy to say that each of you should buy absinthe from the links above. It can really help you to evaluate your innermost fears and come to terms with things you never thought you could. you can buy absinthe by just placing an order for absinthe with one of the links to a store above. Order your absinthe online or fly to France, The Czech Republic or Spain to buy absinthe. Either way, tonight I would like to say thank you to absinthe and I will gladly buy you again.

Q: Why do you have to be 21 or older to buy absinthe?

A: Ok this is a dumb one, the reason you need to be 21 or older to buy absinthe is because it is a liquor!!!! Duhhh!!! Well this is techincally only for Buying absinthe or liquor in the USA. The legal drinking age is 21 and since absinthe is a liquor and a fun one with wormwood and thujone, you need to be 21 to buy absinthe.

So I have always had a gorgeous picture of what an Absinthe wedding should look like. Before we get started, here are the basics you will need for your Absinthe Wedding and yes in the USA too.

1. An outdoor circular or enclosed circular platform at an atrium or at a botanical garden. The circular area has to be covered in flowering vines or plants and should hopefully be open aired or have a canopy of large flowers everywhere growing naturally.

2. Go online and buy absinthe form this site.
a. Buy Zele Absinthe and Buy Lisse Absinth so that the amateurs or nervous people can have a little while the experienced and adventurous can have a higher dose.

3. A passion for green and light.

4. A great imagination My dream absinthe wedding will start with the bride or groom coming down the walkway into a circular platform with round tables set evenly across from each other in any pattern really. However there is a straight isle with a greenish yellow carpet in the middle for the bride or groom to walk down.

There is absolutely no music playing and as the bride or groom reaches the center of the room, from around the sides of the circle, lightning bugs will be released to fly around showing the beauty of nature and holding true to one of the colors of absinthe.

The dress is a silky green fabric that also reflects yellow and the veil or handkerchief is a very white cloudy color. (as you can tell the color theme is around green and nature and cleanliness like the color and distilling process of absinthe.)

The bride or groom then approaches a large archway of flowers where he or she meets their partner and recites their vows of love and companionship.

The rest of the absinthe wedding is upto you, but one other ritual which I picture a necessity and a reason you will have to buy absinthe in bulk quantities lol, is for the toast to the bride and groom.

The servers will bring around absinthe glasses with the ball in the bottom for measurement. When the person giving the toast raises his glass for the first toast, everyone riases their liquids for the mixture clinks them together, then pours them through the absinthe spoon, over the sugar and into the absinthe together starting the beautiful clouding of the green and white. Then when the toast is finished, everyone raises their absinthe and takes the shot to celebrate the newely weds on their big day. Remember though make sure to know who gets the zele and who gets the lisse so that you don;t give a beginner to strong of a dose lol.

Even if this doesn't seem like the right type of thing for you; Absinthe is still available online and you can buy it from the links within the writing up top. Absinthe really is a spirit of magic and everyone should try it at least once. It is soo simple to buy absinthe especially by ordering absinthe online, so hey give it a go with a small bottle and if you like it. Get a larger one to share or save for special occasions, events and absinthe parties!

order absinthe online!